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  1. I was just re-calibrating all my BoX planes to have a good view distance, and I noticed something: when my FFB stick would pulse/stutter on normal flight, I could fire the guns (MG or cannon) and it would remove the stutter completely. This makes me think that the FFB stutter bug has something to do with an inverse of the effect we expect to feel when firing guns. (IE not firing guns = the pulsing of firing guns). Flying normal = stuttering as if 20mm were firing, but actually shooting the 20mm guns resulted in smooth flight. If I restart the FFB in BOX with the menu->selected->Input>Close, it works ~50% of the time to reverse the pulse precursor. Otherwise I have to try again. Eventually it works normally. So, perhaps you should take a look at the code behind FFB vs FFB-gun-firing. If I experience the stutter in my MSFFBS2 stick, and then fire weapons and the stuttering goes away...that should tell you where the bug resides.
  2. II./JG1_EmerlistDavjack

    Tzigy's Happy New Year Gifting Extravaganza

    Thank you so much for the giveaway, @SCG_Tzigy!
  3. II./JG1_EmerlistDavjack

    Tzigy's Happy New Year Gifting Extravaganza

    I'd like to fly the MC.202...or the LA5.8 if nobody else wants the second one. Happy New Years! In any case, thanks for doing this giveaway. All these generous members make a great community!
  4. II./JG1_EmerlistDavjack

    U-2VS or Not?

    This guy gets it. PO-2 is for virtual pilots who are just waiting for Deadstick to release. 😄
  5. II./JG1_EmerlistDavjack

    Polikarpov U2 ❤️"Kukuruznik" Fan Club & Help

    Anybody else seeing wonky ForceFeedback behavior from the plane?
  6. Force Feedback centering force is off for the U-2 in flight and on taxi/takeoff. On the take off roll, the centering force of the MSFFB2 (usb, grey trigger) is forward and to the left. This does result in aileron deflection as shown, so it is not "centering" the controls with this force, it is pulling the control surfaces that direction for some reason. Once flight speed is achieved, the stick centers the ailerons, but is canted forward at ~30ish degrees (see photos). This does not result in level flight, as a very slight forward pressure is required to keep the nose down. On the ground, fully stopped, there is no FFB pressure and the controls swing freely. Once you get moving, the stick pulls into the position in photos 2 and 3, and once you get airborne above stall speed the stick centers to photo 1. I have tested my stick with the 109G6, as well as the Camel, and they both work fine as usual with the FFB reacting properly to the adjustable stabilizer on the 109 and both planes taking off/cruising normally and reacting normally at all speeds/AoA. First photo: Normal cruising flight center of force. Second photo: stick at fully bugged deflection shortly after take off roll. Third photo: during takeoff roll, showing the aileron deflection from stick force as it recenters as the aircraft gains speed. (paused, stick left in the position of centering force for the photo).
  7. II./JG1_EmerlistDavjack

    Force Feedback Induced Camera Movement Stutter

    What a weird bug.
  8. II./JG1_EmerlistDavjack

    Polikarpov U2 ❤️"Kukuruznik" Fan Club & Help

    I love the sound of the engine! Flying sewing machine indeed.
  9. Purchased U-2 immediately. If you release it...they will come. 😄 Whether or not the time involved to make a high quality pair of Night Witch models seems worth it, I will say that it would likely generate a bunch of free press from the Leftist side of gaming media, and the Right-wingers can't complain because it is historical! Win-win! I don't think the addition of historical female pilots will translate directly into sales, but it will get free positive coverage and put the game in front of people who might not have seen it before.
  10. II./JG1_EmerlistDavjack

    Developer asking feedback on damage model on russian forum

    It seems like they need to tweak the HE damage up a bit, but overall I like the change to the wing damage; emphasizing which angles will hit the longeron is pretty important. One of the major things I like about it, is so far playing offline against AI, I see a lot of fires. The first head on pass with a 109K4 vs P47, I hit dead on the engine with a single burst of 8mm MG, and set the P-47 on fire. So yes, it can be done. Second fight with a P-47 I got behind it and my cannons killed the pilot immediately. So yes, it can be done. Look at the guncam footage from WWII and you will see at least 5 fires for every wing lost. That's just a guess, it's likely more biased towards fires. Aircraft fuel tends to burn when exposed to air and high explosives, it turns out...
  11. II./JG1_EmerlistDavjack


    I would like the game to conform to the manuals, so it seems like setting every plane at a fixed WEP time is wrong, but perhaps it works as a game balance issue. When in doubt, follow the manuals, I would say.
  12. II./JG1_EmerlistDavjack

    Roll Call

    As Hellbender says, please do check out the events put on by J5 and JG1: from what I have been told, it is likely that we will fly a Winter Flanders in Flames campaign after the start of the new year. Currently on the last Fall FiF mission, every Saturday we get around 40+ people showing up at 7pm GMT for mission oriented gameplay. It is really the best that RoF has to offer, and it is still a gorgeous and high fidelity sim in my opinion. Flying Circus will have its day...next year.
  13. Foo fighters, I believe we called them in the West.
  14. II./JG1_EmerlistDavjack

    Iron mechanic (Throttle) motor control (axes)

    My Christmast-present-to-myself is coming in the mail. I'm very excited. Thanks again, Vitalj!