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  1. Related note about the sun: the "sun shields" on the gunsights in this game appear to do nothing except give a yellow tint. The brightness of the sun is pretty much the same either way. Does anybody actually find the sun shields useful? Otherwise: love the patch, love the ME262 (when I can start both engines correctly). Thanks, Devs!
  2. The dimpled surface of the metal looks fantastic. Can't wait to get in my silver P-38 with 4k textures.
  3. Not specific to the JU-52, but as long as you are figuring out controls...another thing about binding for this game is that some controls don't overlap across planes and can be bound to the same axis. For instance, because right now the P-47 is the only plane to use these two controls, I have "Supercharger" bound to the lever I use for "Water radiator" (P-47 doesnt use this) and I have "Intercooler" bound to the axis I use for "Inlet Cowl Flaps." Likewise, for an obvious example, no plane has both Elevator Trim AND Adjustable Stabilizer, so that can all go on the same controls.
  4. Seconded on wishing for Plane Specific profiles...that's probably the biggest problem with the Ju-52 having 3 engines. For those of us with too much old gear, you can bind the engine throttles to something like a Saitek 3-lever Quadrant and use the Hotas for everything else as normal, just ignoring the throttle on the HOTAS. I'm using a custom GVL device with 8 axis-controls on it, and there is still no way to do a universal binding that works for the JU-52 and other planes too.
  5. I can't even get a biplane to stick in the trees, congrats on managing to do it with a JU88!
  6. Will this game use two pairs of RAM (32gb) efficiently, or is it the Mobo/clockrates on one pair that matter? Obviously the game will not use anywhere close to 32gb, or even 16gb, but will it use 4 sticks of 8gb? Or just two of them? Also, does it utilize separate cores on processors? Is it one of those games (like Arma 3, or Cities: Skylines) that only uses one core?
  7. OH. I see. I don't play Multiplayer, sorry for not getting it. Yeah that does suck, and one more reason I am not too interested in Multiplayer with these timers.
  8. Ah, I see. As Rekt said above, if you check "Instrument Panels" on, then you will see the messages. IIRC Expert difficulty is just a preset for the most difficult settings. So if you choose Expert, then check Instrument Panels on, you will now be in Custom Difficulty, which is just Expert with the one thing you want changed that doesn't affect flight model, AI, or gunnery at all. It bothers me how each plane is different, but not all planes have the Specifications mention why. The K4 specs tell you the Timer lengths AND exactly how that engine recharges. The P-40 specs, known as a difficult plane to fly, list the Timers but NOT how they recharge. So, since I don't fly the P40, I never would have guessed that 2 minutes of "Take off Power" takes 10 minutes of Cont to recharge as Rekt says. So if the devs are going to keep the timers, I think new flyers would appreciate if all the Specs for all the old aircraft were updated with a section at the bottom that says how the timers recharge. If there were such timers/recharging IRL, engineers and pilots would know all about them, how they work, what to expect from them, because of extensive testing. It's extra work, but not that much...because I assume there is some code for each engine that states recharge rate. If the devs themselves don't know how it works for each plane...
  9. As far as I tested, and it was one thing I was specifically looking for, it does start recharging immediately. I did this by using the stopwatch function on my phone. For instance, I would run 2:30 in boost, then 5 minutes at Cont, and I would have the full 5 minutes of boost before the message. At least, IIRC. I threw out the scratchpad with my data on it. I might have to try this one test again in the Jug to see if you are right or not. Autolevel at 1000m, fly boost for 1 minute, fly Cont for 2 minutes, fly boost again to see if Boost timer is 5 minutes until technochat message. It should be. That's what I recall seeing. Am I reading right that some of you don't think you are seeing the "Time Exceeded" message? I saw it every time right at 5 minutes.
  10. It might not make sense to always do it on a public server, but Re-arm/Re-fuel will be really great for events like JG1 and J5 will be running for FC. It can be part of the rules that pilots must RRR their airplane if it can be repaired. I'm pretty excited for the potential new campaigns in FC!
  11. I tested the P-47 for this and found out that this is how it works: 2 minutes of continuous recharges 1 minute of Combat. 2 minutes of Combat recharges 1 minute of Boosted. Boosted consumes Combat time, has the 5 minute timer, and consumes water. If you manage to recharge your engine timers well enough to use all 15 minutes of boost time without the timers killing the engine, after that you can still hit the boost button and overrev the engine, but cylinder head temperatures will spike significantly and the engine will die of natural causes. Boost time does consume Combat time as well, so you can go Boost for the first 5 minutes, then Combat for ten minutes will recharge Boost, but if you then USE boost, you are still going over the Combat timer. Note: Pushing the timers past the limit results in highly variable breakage. In one of my tests, I got 9 minutes of Boost before any damage. In another, I got 5:30 and it died immediately. In another test, the engine took some extremely minor damage at 5:45, the RPM started to fluctuate down from the redline by 50 but no real power or speed was lost, and then the engine quit around 7:30. Honestly these timers really bum me out and keep me from playing the game as much as I should want to. I even looked at War Thunder "sim" recently. *shudder* I think the best way to use Max power is either running away in a straight line (so you can focus on the timers) or using 10-20 seconds at a time when needed, such as in a climbing turn or to complete a loop. A note on technochat: If you exceed the timer and get the message that you've exceeded the timer, then you will get the message when the timer is fully recharged. If you use 4 minutes 55 seconds of boost, then let it recharge, you will not get the message when it does. Quirk of the code.
  12. Yeah, each plane needs to be set up independently. There are guys who do that for every single button in a DCS plane, it must take forever.
  13. I just read about this this called Virtual Button Box. Haven't tried it yet, but if you want to spend some time learning how to make each 3d button-space for the planes you want to fly, it looks pretty neat. Basically you create areas on the screen that trigger button presses, and set these areas on the buttons in the cockpit. These guys are using it for VR hand controllers, but I assume a mouse works just as well. https://www.reddit.com/r/Vive/comments/61nzoz/virtual_button_box_keyboard_emulation_software/
  14. That's exactly the sort of thing that we should see in these games. Coming from a WWI background, the plane dictates the tactics as much if not more. A Spad trying to fight like an Albatros is an idiot. That is how it should be. As US aviator Joe Foss said, "If you are alone against a Zero at the same altitude, go home, you are outnumbered." Game balance in IL2 shouldn't be about one-on-one duels. That is a fantasy. It should be preserving the historical environment in which pilots operated. So yeah, Americans flying big, heavy, powerful planes needed to expand fighter doctrine to achieve their maximum potential. That is part of what I love about that era of fighter combat.
  15. I've also received a couple gifts and paid it forward to another guy later. I've never encountered anything like that in a gaming community before, and I don't even fly MP yet! All I did was ask which module to buy, and somebody awesome sent me one of the ones I wasn't going to purchase. Maybe Tzigy has everything, but I am sure he would appreciate it if you get a plane or a module for another new player sometime.
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