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  1. II./JG1_EmerlistDavjack

    Iron mechanic (Throttle) motor control (axes)

    Here is my humble commission. Big thanks again to Vitalij, because it took me three weeks of emails to settle on this design. It is the compact form factor of the "IL2 Sturmovik" commissioned by Jason, but changed to have more stuff and a better "work flow" to the control clusters. Should work great with DCS as well...if I don't feel like re-memorizing the controls, I can make card-stock cut-outs with other labels (note the rear R1 R2 NAV radio encoders).
  2. II./JG1_EmerlistDavjack

    Community Q&A with IL-2 Discord Community's milopugdog

    Discord eats bandwidth in my experience, probably because of the increased functionality. For people on slower/rural connections like myself, Discord can take enough bandwidth to negatively affect latency, especially at peak hours.
  3. II./JG1_EmerlistDavjack

    Iron mechanic (Throttle) motor control (axes)

    WOW! And I thought I was asking for an involved build. That is going to be quite the pit.
  4. Wow, what is that film, some old German thing? I'd rather watch that than CGI any day. What the hell are the Entente flying? It doesn't look Entente. It's like watching an American movie where an M60 Patton tank takes the place of a panzer. Still, very neat.
  5. II./JG1_EmerlistDavjack

    My ownership badges aren’t showing in forum

    However, it seems like Flying Circus has no badge.
  6. II./JG1_EmerlistDavjack

    Which version should someone buy? Steam or non steam?

    One thing to note: check your Steam notifications settings. I am a member of a group that puts out Event notices, and by default those will minimize some non steam games. Happens to me for IL2 and RoF so I close Steam when I play these.
  7. II./JG1_EmerlistDavjack

    Which version should someone buy? Steam or non steam?

    Non steam! The only reason to go Steam AFAIK is if you want to tie the game into your Steam Friends. Il2 and ICGs don't seem to have the same problem, but I went Steam for DCS and feel like I got a bad deal. Modules aren't available immediately, Steam does not get the same sales. There was a huge sale on a bundle of Helos recently that never even made it to Steam.
  8. II./JG1_EmerlistDavjack

    A Thought on Pricing

    Relatively, yes, and it sucks that some really good planes are hidden behind that wall (LA-5s, 109G6). Others, though, are just bonuses, like the Macchi or the HS-129. Hell, even when the PO2 comes out, I will get why it is a niche part of the game. Not as much incentive to make the weirder stuff if you can't charge a bit more for it. JU-52 was their first 3 engine plane, so I get why it costs $5 more. Otherwise, we could just not have it.
  9. II./JG1_EmerlistDavjack

    A Thought on Pricing

    You may not be complaining about the overall pricing, but it still is a negative way to think about it. I prefer to think that, since the game isn't a game without the client, the client is free and we are paying for the content. A positive way to think about it is that the 1CGs is giving us a choice on how we enter the game. I didn't buy BoS, I bought BoK, and either way I get the play the game online if the server has those planes available. In the future, BoBP players will be able to buy both the client and those planes, but they won't be able to play on Eastern Front MP maps unless the servers owners add late war German stuff to their scenarios. But that's okay if all you want to play is Western Front. You get the choice to spend $50 on BoBP planeset, and get the client, without having to spend more on Eastern Front stuff you don't want. The alternative is a literally free client with 2 planes, like DCS or RoF, and then paying the exact same amount of money for the planesets ($50 per module, because that's what it is worth). In that case, unless you only want a free game with only two fighters, your personal experience of buying the game would be no different. You choose 1 (or all) of the planesets to buy and you play the game. You spend the same amount of money, it's just that when you spend it, you already have the client downloaded, instead of downloading after you spend. There is no problem, not even really anything worth discussing. It's all in your mind. EDIT: Heh, if anything you are arguing that the game needs to cost more, because the client should be separated out as a value in and of itself rather than being the basic necessity for using the planes. We do not get the client 4x. We get the client, period.
  10. II./JG1_EmerlistDavjack

    New Players start here ...

    Shameless plug for my Opentrack + cheap TIR setup guide. Get started for around $30 USD.
  11. II./JG1_EmerlistDavjack

    Your own WW1 fighter ...

    While not nearly as impressive, I like the price and simple look of these Dumas balsawood-and-tissue builds. Thanks for the link! A $20 17" Eindecker is tempting. https://modelexpo-online.com/Balsa-Airplane-Model-Kits
  12. II./JG1_EmerlistDavjack

    BoBP: Knife fight in dark phone booth while driving Ferrari's.

    Oof, if it is indeed different for online and offline, that is something we need to know. I was observing in a practice on an online server and I was in the free camera, and planes definitely blinked out at a around 10km (no icons, but they were not 15km away for sure). I am running 1080p, that also might matter.
  13. II./JG1_EmerlistDavjack

    BoBP: Knife fight in dark phone booth while driving Ferrari's.

    Apologies for being daft at you yesterday. I have a major peeve about people excusing bad mechanics for whatever reason, which you weren't doing. Kneejerk reaction, emphasis on jerk. I don't have the time right now to learn the editor, and since you have the mission created and all that, could you add yourself in as an aircraft at 9km away from those planes, then fly away as you look at them from the cockpit and see if they stay visible for a good while (until out of range), then look forward, look back at where they are? I believe your test, I would be very interested to know if being in the cockpit matters, and I think that this test will prove a very important thing: If we encounter an aircraft at the edge of the 10km range, see it, and we we separate beyond that range, and look away for a split second, will the game force us to lose them until we close back to within 10km? Because in a real situation, as Zach is saying, spotting is the hard part. If you need to glance back at your instruments for a second, you don't suddenly forget where the other plane is at such far distances.
  14. II./JG1_EmerlistDavjack

    BoBP: Knife fight in dark phone booth while driving Ferrari's.

    You may have tried this, but once you acquired the target at 10km, then pulled the camera back to 15-20k, and still saw the dots, did you turn the camera so that the planes left your field of view and then tried to re-acquire them? The swapping camera thing makes me think of how smoke had to load back in if you look away from it and then back. Maybe once you acquire the aircraft within the 10km limit, it persists as long as you are looking at it?
  15. II./JG1_EmerlistDavjack

    BoBP: Knife fight in dark phone booth while driving Ferrari's.

    Heh, I see what you are saying. I was, of course, talking about the distance to See the target. Usually when ATC called it out. As for Spotting, that's an Operational problem, not a Physical problem. Ideally the game would replicate the physical conditions correctly, and the pilots do the best with em that they can. Unfortunately some will also have better monitor setups. If that's one of the arguments for capping everybody at a certain distance, I guess I can see where that is coming from.