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  1. I coulda sworn I was knocked out of the sky by a 19 pdr on the back of a truck in QMB, but it must have been a 37. That's good to know!
  2. I come across mentions of blacking out fairly often. Especially in later war aircraft going into dives from high altitude. I think, in real life pilots have a pretty immediate sense of Gs so they'd never do the joystick jerk that sim pilots develop as muscle memory. As a result they fly smoother and don't go into these sudden high G blackouts. I imagine it's worse without forcefeedback as well -- both factors probably contribute to spikes in G. The only thing that needs to be toned down imo is the grunting sound, either that or introduce some heavy breathing or blood rush sound leading up to it. You know, what the french call 'foreplay'
  3. I noticed while sightseeing in the p51d on continuous, the motor gets a sort of 5 second 'death march' sound in the background of the motor noise repeating over and over again.
  4. Can't believe the zoom and floatiness of such a large aircraft, and the sound of the turbos spooling up make it feel like a jet fighter. Matches pilot accounts pretty well! Cockpit is great in how far down the nose you can see, which makes this thing the king of deflection shots and high angle bomber attacks. I hate the cessna style joystick though, it's without a doubt the hardest plane to read dials in, worse than the hs129. But those 4 50s packed together with the 20s really tear sh*t up!
  5. I love it. It's very evenly and thoroughly done, makes the game that much more immersive, and has completely changed fights against the ai. No more max-G turnfest to the ground. Flying against 109s and 190s I noticed they'll only perform turns for so long before leveling out, and the sequence of turns was more varied, ai seemed to actually hold onto energy. The coding definitely making itself felt. The G system also forces you to fly more fluidly rather than yanking the stick around, I like that it doesn't go black immediately when you do, but it feels much more like now you're limited by your own physiology and how you handle that, not just the pure performance of the plane. Also it's nice (lol) to see all of that red when your plane flips over or hits a tree during crash landings.
  6. It's SPOOOooooOOOooOOOooky Woooooo WooooOOOOOoooooooo OOOOOOooooOOoooooooooooooooo WOOOOOOOooooooOOOooooooo Edit: Flies like butter though. Even flipped out on me and went tumbling from a bad negative G input, really cool to see that instability behavior because it flies otherwise like a tie fighter. I think it's the most maneuverable P51 FM I've flown.
  7. Super happy to see the icon occlusion! Thank you! Almost downloaded, can't wait to fly around Arras and the rhine 👍
  8. Get opentrack or trackir, makes it much easier to adjust to the cockpit swing.
  9. I think it absolutely would unless certain factors made things worse. A lot of great aces had histories of doing death defying things or running around in fast vehicles or cavalry. Undoubtedly that would have given them an edge in training and control of their bodies, and spatial understanding, as well as having quick reactions and knowing how to handle speed. On the other hand they also would have learned or had a great amount of courage necessary to fly these things in war, which is not something that factors into flight sims. I can say flight sims definitely helped me when I started flying remote control aircraft, especially in emergency handling when something went wrong, but I still had to learn how to fly from a fixed position on the ground, and the safety factor is much higher. IL2 would probably make most of us reckless, on the other hand I think most of us would have a better chance of scraping through difficult situations. I think most of us would probably lawn dart in the bf109 as well after accelerating in it too fast. The question's sort of moot because there were so many unexpected factors (not to mention ground fire being totally random) and you would still have to go through the training program to actually learn the aircraft. Riding a motorcycle might be more advantageous in some ways. On the other hand if you survived the initial acclimation I think flight simmers would have a huge advantage over the large number of unexperienced pilots in WWII. That's always what kills immersion to me the most in fact, online every pilot you meet is an ace, whereas in real life most kills were achieved through bounces of unsuspecting planes. Flight sims really teach you to always look around and be on constant alert from attack and I bet in RL flight sim pilots would have certain behaviors that both made them difficult to surprise and gave them a tactical understanding of air combat where they would tend to attempt hit and run and 'safe' attacks, which were historically successful as well. Though you'd still have wingmen without that experience so you'd still be pretty limited to whatever squadron you were placed in.
  10. I like Rise of Flight's mechanic in career where getting captured was more like extended leave and you'd eventually escape, but after maybe half a year or more unless it extended past the end of the war. 10% per kilometer sounds pretty realistic as well. On the other hand it does give you an incentive not to hang out over enemy lines more than necessary. Considering the orders were to kill captured pilots in some scenarios it's also sort of off to me to see pilot captured. It might be more immersive to have some larger set of values that might include the pilot getting killed or wounded on the ground while evading capture, any sort of narrative beyond just 'you have been captured,' which is what was nice about RoF's handling of it, regardless of whether its appropriate to have WWII pilots escaping captivity with anything over than a slim chance...
  11. I'm really looking forward to flying along the rhine river starting at Mainz, buzzing Weisbaden (will the palace be there?). I did a small bicycle trek near The Rock, it's pretty and it'll be fun to dip below the hills and follow the water the whole way.. I'm hoping they added castles too, or at least a few, as they're all over the place in that area. The entrances of railway tunnels should be appropriately disguised as well. Cathedrals as well. I visited Metz and Verdun on the same trip as well but it looks like they're sightly south of the map, oh well. The Battle of Metz would have fit into the time period for Bodenplatte too, would have been fun fly assaults against the fortress there. Sort of wonder why the map stops where it does at the southern border (Paris or some other large city they didn't want to bother with?)
  12. No no no, the BEST way to win is to fill the sky with F2bs and overwhelm the enemy with sheer numbers!
  13. Hi folks, I've got a Saitek AV8R that was my main joystick until I tracked down a FFB2 sidewinder, and I just wanted to share how well it fits into IL2 as a throttle quadrant after a few mods. The first mod was to fix a problem with the throttles, one of which was loose and moving on its own. I had some sticky velcro and after opening the joystick up and removing the clasp that holds the shaft where the throttle pivots, I lined the inside with hook-side velcro and screwed the clasp back into place, which fixed the problem. While I had it open, I tried removing the joystick itself because it always got in the way of my hand. However to do that I had to disconnect it, which stopped the entire thing from working. The solution was to disconnect all of the electronics, feed the connector through the post, reattach everything and stuff it inside. Amazingly it all fit inside so I have basically an av8r without the joystick, instead having a kind of atari like controller that also stays in place. The two throttles plus the one on my FFB2 give me enough for the standard fuel/prop/throttle controller, and I've found that the AV8R post works as well for both supercharger control and stabilizer trim. The four toggles also give just enough to manage all of the radiators and oil coolers and cowlings if you set it up right. (I have water coolers, oil coolers, inner cowls and outer cowls in that order left to right, many planes have different 'types' of these but they all fit into the same four categories.) If someone wanted to get really productive I imagine you could find things to do with the unused buttons from the joystick as well. The mode selector also provides inputs but it's a little tricky. Anyhow that's all, just wanted to share a really cheap solution for a throttle quadrant.
  14. Joining the remote and isolated tribe of a Storch/Grasshopper supporters here. Especially if it includes the introduction of artillery. Americans relied pretty heavily on it in Europe and FC needs it as well. Going to be a lot of disappointed aroda-mossie-ites if that's the case though : D
  15. I'm not at all saying I won't support the game, I'm was more than happy to support ROF through the years and keep finding excuses to throw my money at this sim. It is silly to be all or nothing over 4 engine bombers. My point is I do think there's more than enough 'business potential' for them to invest in the B17, and that the issues that keep the B17 from being modeled need to be addressed anyhow. What good is modeling the ai gunners so intensely now when everyone complains about them as being too accurate and not behaving realistically? Why do they take so many more resources to model than they did in other games in the past, what could have possibly changed wrt the coding of gun positions to make them so much more memory intensive? And what is the point of modeling ai planes at as high a fidelity as the player when 1) we don't have ai that puts that performance to full use as it is (though it's good to see work being done, but honestly what needs to be done with ai is not getting the best performance out of an aircraft but behaving in a realistic tactical way to the situation.) and 2) it's completely unneeded for bombers that are either going to fly straight or go down in flames. Enemy fighters the player is engaged with, I can see the logic in, but why do it for aircraft that are 20km away and could just be represented with a simpler FM that approximates what they're doing? The thing is this game relies on continuous development, and if it starts having limitations they will start running out of 'appropriate' battles to model and as the game grows with more aircraft more people will want more battles that won't be doable. I mean, how are they going to ever model battleships or carriers when each one has batteries of dozens of AA guns? Are the guns on ships at the moment given the same ai as planes? I think they could also easily generate interest and sales just with a flyable B17, on account of its iconic status. If they could make an entire game series on the B17 in the 90s I doubt they're going to have trouble attracting interest. Then they can open to other large aircraft in other campaigns. In the mean time I think the advantage of being able to show larger numbers of airplanes would itself make a huge improvement for the sim and open it up a lot more to realistic large scale aerial battles. I am enjoying this game immensely for what it is, and I hope it's doing well with its business model. The product is definitely superior and worth the money. I just have to say when you play it there is a feeling of lost potential, and like you're doing something loosely representative of the war that's just made to give you something to do, and I'd like to see the game achieve as much as it can because the alternatives right now are basically arcades like war thunder that will never give you the FM and graphical immersion that BoX provides. It's kind of between older games like Warbirds, Airwarrior, 1946, targetware that had a ton of WWII aircraft with no limitations and DCS which is a one plane at a time venture. I worry something else with the same graphical look and an inferior FM modeling system, like Microsoft combat flight simulator could easily wipe it out if it had any sort of monetary backing, and I feel like the game could be a lot more popular if it fielded a more robust single player experience and something a little more gamey/grindy just to keep a sense of achievement in the game. It is ultimately their decision though, no one is making demands here... so far they seem to have made the right ones. Whatever keeps development going and money coming in seems to be the deciding factor in the success of these games, despite forumite rebellions and individual ultimatums...
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