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  1. Nothing like flying JU52 online, hugging the ground, going from one small hill to another with a delusion that they will provide some sort of cover and seeing how far you can get before the bullets rip through your fuselage. It is actually pretty fun, I'm not being sarcastic.
  2. Later in the war the german military had to start supplementing their meat rations with beans, and, well...
  3. Maybe it's reflecting that the H Stab was loose and warping up and dow, which would account for the sudden severe up and down motion while you were still able to use the elevator.
  4. It's a really bad bug, completely destroys the game when there are clouds as you can just pop up to cloud level and look around to find other ac, and flying into clouds online is a sure way to get spotted rather than the opposite. It's a little crazy to see in a flight sim, I hope as well the devs are working on it.
  5. Last night in a career mission with JG2 on the stalingrad map, after a 'transfer' flight, saw the same thing; 109s landed, did a spin, then turned off their engines and disappeared. I thought they were having spinning/ground loop problems, but usually when that happens they keep spinning around. I also noticed they were all landing on their own without going around or waiting for the runway to clear.
  6. Yes, definitely seeing the planes now both at distance and against the ground.
  7. Are you using the variable stabilizer? Putting it all the way down will orient the plane into a sleeker position and decrease drag. If it's trimmed you won't be pulling up on the elevator constantly either and it will be flush into the airstream. edit: =FEW=fernando11 already pointed it out, sorry
  8. I disliked the 'enhanced visibility' for two reasons, the first you mentioned about the planes looking huge, and the second being that it didn't quite synch with zoom, and it became incredibly difficult to guage how far away a plane actually was and their size changed with zoom so I kept losing visibility anyhow. I agree, I'd rather have warthunder's approach. It isn't perfect though. I think they're too apparent (for il2 at least; for warthunder they achieve what the game needs) and they do sort of just hover for a long time, though the transition into LOD models is pretty good. But it does make you feel like you can spot aircraft as well as a person could. If the dots were smaller and slowly zoomed into shape it would work better though. Most sims have used shaped dots at distance, I was surprised when they decided to fully model the aircraft instead. I feel like losing close planes to the ground is more of an issue than distance spotting though. I haven't had too much trouble seeing far off aircraft when they're in the air, like on the FC server where people like to fly high and you can usually see the dots against the sky. Conversely I had a career mission in BoS with a bf109F escorting low flying he111s and was losing them constantly. I've always heard that ground based camo was found to be largely ineffective in the air, and had more to do with masking them while parked. In IL2 it seems to be extremely effective. The devs intended this based on their comments, did they go too far?
  9. I wish they would at least put some 'intercept ju52' missions into BoS. It was a major part of the air battle, kind of disappointing to not even see them unless you fly the planes yourself. Couldn't they at least station a squadron at Ptomkin just to represent all of the ju52s and other cargo aircraft that wound up sitting there?
  10. Based on what others have said here the reason is that at around 400kmh there's a ram-air effect in the jet engine that increases its thrust. At lower speeds there isn't enough airspeed to get this effect.
  11. This mess is why I would prefer to have an intelligent icon system that simulated what the pilot would see or notice, rather than leaving it up to the user end and their equipment. You're never going to simulate actual visibility with a screen, it's not just a matter of pixel size but parallax and the effect of seeing a moving object against a non-moving background vs a screen that is constantly moving around. At least the devs are looking at it. I don't think there is ever going to be a graphical solution that matches realism. I'd argue that an icon system that doesn't cheat (ie you only see the icon when your pilot would see a plane, and it changes its fidelity of information depending on how well the pilot sees them) is better than a graphical system that does (ie altering the natural appearance of the aircraft to make it more apparent.) Graphically, they could do something to make the outline of an aircraft more apparent, either a lighter or darker edge or a motion-trail/blur of the object to sort of cue the eye that it's seeing something moving rather than static. Icons wise, they could use something less obtrusive than glowing red/blue letters, like dots or distance-lines, or they could to some sort of pure dot or aircraft outline, and have them fade in and out of view depending on the pilot's accuity. It might look sort of terminator-ish but you'll end up with a more accurate simulation and the code could be used to improve ai visibility as well. Though I think the community largely prefers no icons, so I'd hate to see them waste resources on something no one uses. But then again, how much of that is simply due to the fact that we have a somewhat rudimentary icon system?
  12. The new damage model is fantastic. Cannon shot seems to really chew through aircraft rather than just causing 'explosive damage effects' to the paintscheme, machine guns seem to do a good job knocking out vital systems and filling aircraft full of holes. Flying the P40 in career mode I find it only takes one or two on-target bullet streams to cause the enemy (109F and G) to bug out and eventually crash. It's also really cool seeing all of the pieces fall off of aircraft like you'd expect when firing 20mm, and the 30mm blasts against targets are devastating, but look like what you see in photos -- widescale damage and huge pieces taken out of the skin. Overall it feels more accurate and less 'hitpoint'ish and random. The game has needed this since ROF, it's great to finally see it implemented and vastly increases the fidelity of the overall simulation. Hopefully they can adjust for some of the issues, though it's hilarious now to blast away at the WWI airplanes with moddern weaponry, as any competent pass with even small caliber machine guns turns them into a cloud of tumbling pieces. But I do wonder just how 'off' the WWI damage is though, as one of the primary complaints about biplanes was how vulnerable they were to structural failure due to all of the little wires and struts all interdepnding on each other for wing strength.
  13. Yeah online flying formation is not nearly as difficult as the FL will usually give a throttle setting below maximum cruise and stick to it, so that you can adjust yourself if needed and then settle in without having to constantly adjust. The AI seems like its caught in an oscillation or some sort of random accuracy mode where its constantly changing throttle. I see black smoke a lot as well meaning they're pushing it to max for a short time and then hitting the mark, rather than slowly easing the throttle forward. They also abruptly change speed with every waypoint, rather than turning in formation, which makes it even harder (aside from everyone in the flight taking their own route each every time they turn). I notice this most in the waypoint after takeoff climb. If the ai could just stick to a throttle setting (maybe adjusted for altitude as needed) for discreet legs in a flightplan instead of trying to hit a speed target it would make things easier. It would be nice as well if there was some lag between hitting the waypoint and changing to a new speed setting (with a called out throttle/rpm, as suggested above) so that you can perform the turn together. I would think that's how it was done in real life -- hit waypoint, make turn, then once the flight is stabilized adjust to new speed.
  14. I'm must wondering how realistic the effect of canopy scratches are when you're looking for contacts. Since the new visibility system makes distance planes flash when at proper angles, I'm always looking for white specs that look exactly the same as the scratches on the canopy, so I'm constantly rolling the aircraft to check for parallax. Was this a problem encountered by real pilots? Considering that in real life with binocular vision and focus, your eyes would be able to discern between near scratches and a flashing plane in the distance, are they overstated? Or is this not a problem with VR or better systems? I'm running at 1680X1050 on a low end system so it could be a resolution issue as well. Or are scratches on the glass that problematic to spotting?
  15. I think it has the best DM as far as feeling like your rounds are effective. I especially like how the 50s and light machine guns are handled. 50s are respectfully lethal in pairs and meat shredders in bunches, and 30s do a decent job of causing critical damage (fires and leaks) and pilot kills. In ROF at least however, the wings were modeled as 'hitboxes with health bars,' rather than spars and ribs covered in fabric. So rather than the fidelity of the round either passing through skin and causing no damage, hitting a rib and causing structural weakening of the wing, or hitting a spar and causing immediate failure, you had a case where the first few rounds would basically do nothing no matter where they hit, and a wing failure was guaranteed if you got a certain number of hits on any hitbox, so you have a generalized model of wing failure where the devs have to basically determine how many hits on average it would take to hit something vital. But this stops players from making lucky hits of the spar. I don't know if they refined things in BoS. I think they've improved the pilot DM as well. For the same reasons with the wing, the pilot was just a health bar in ROF so it seemed unusually difficult to make pilot kills since you could never get a headshot and had to wound the pilot several times before killing them. I still don't see instant headshot deaths in BOS but the added lethality and effects makes the wounds feel much more like wounds and something approximating getting hit by heavy caliber fire.
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