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  1. Yes, of course. Installation of various equipment or weapons had an significant impact on flying caracteristic and changed aircraft role. But Yak-9 still was a base for all this changes. I just want to say, what all of this modifications was highly specialized and it was no sence for further modify it. That's why i don't expect a lot of mods for Yak9 and Yak9T.
  2. With Yak-9 all complicated ... in broad sense, Yak-9T is modification of Yak-9 itself .As well is Yak-9DD, Yak-9B and so on. Maybe different loading for Yak-9T gun, or bombs and rockets for Yak-9 as modifications. Just few at all, I suppose. Because Yak-9T with 45mm cannon modification, for example, will already be Yak-9K :). We need to wait for anounce
  3. About Hurri he says "in 5 modifications", what rather means 5 modifications of Hurri itself, not just 5 mods for it. I mean, by modifications they can model Hurricane II A, B, C, D + Hurri with 2 SHVAK guns and 2 UB 12.7 mashine guns (VVS field model), like they made La5F from La5 by engine mod. But maybe I just I want to think this way or i translated it incorrect - sorry, english not my native language.
  4. Let`s make DD ourselves:) Next patch in september not final one. We get p51, p38, new physiology and, possibly, Bodenplatte map. Final patch in october with Tempest, Bodenplatte career, new Marshal mode and FC release. Next project announcement in november. Hurricane will be made in 5 modifications, include lend-lease one. (It`s hard to understand what Danila bear in mind exactly, sorry) Be aware - it`s all subject to change, as always. From Russia whith love, guys
  5. Holidays from 9 till 13 may in Russia in this year Maybe DD will be today, like it was in last week.
  6. Wolololo not working anymore...we are doomed:(
  7. In Russia long weekend now - from 8 till 11 march .We celebrate International Women`s Day. Sorry for my english
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