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  1. Nothing of that kind was reported in the sortie log and I'm quite sure I never was lower than 5k feet when firing.
  2. Observed a minor glitsch today, after landing I recieved zero points for firing at friendly. The parser got it right though so don't really know why since there were no friendlies around, just a distant SE5 AI.
  3. Is this meant to be, I can follow my flight on the map
  4. I am definitely recommending it Picchio.
  5. Pat, after several missions I suddenly seem to have lost the option for a new mission. Combat report for the last has been done.
  6. Ok, thanks that works, what key would then be firing only the overwing gun?
  7. I don't seem to be able to find the keys to elevate the overwing gun and to fire it. I know that ROF has got it but I've been unable to sort it out in FC.
  8. Won't argue with that..............
  9. In RoF I have a steady fps of 144 but in FC it varies all the time, around 75 apart from looking up to the sky where I reach 140. Can anyone explain why it is so to me?
  10. Just to be sure, an icon will appear when I'm in the right position, or?
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