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  1. Just to be sure, an icon will appear when I'm in the right position, or?
  2. Just visited J5 Flugpark and flew a recon mission but need some things to be explained to me. Apart from bringing a camera is there a specific height interval to be in and will a camera icon appear like it does in Rof? I did not get any icon on 10k height.
  3. Got the same, please let us know what/if they respond.
  4. Unable to attend I'm afraid, but,...Go entente, Go!
  5. Won't be able to attend today/tonight, but......GO, GO, GO Entente!
  6. Luckily, it was too late (in the evening for me to try) so it wasn't too late...! That fixed it and was simple enough for me to handle. Thanks!
  7. Ok, thanks, will try that
  8. I keep getting this message when trying to login and the update starts. Has anyone possibly an idea what might be wrong, (I've contacted support but that might take a while.)
  9. I might be interested and it would be nice if more from the same timezone were.
  10. Just noticed it'll come up in quick mission when hitting "M" so it must be server controlled I guess.
  11. Okay, thanks, it's not just me then.
  12. I can't get the map up by hitting "M", by hitting "O" I'll get it and the mission briefing but then covering the whole screen. Any ideas?
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