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  1. And if you get out the tank bunker and move , and you can be hit by ennemy shot this time too.
  2. You can see the distance if you choose ENNEMY ICON in yours parameters...
  3. Really great work , but for me I waiting for T34 STZ like this. I like the turret profile better...===
  4. Better in Afrika corps ...🤣😁
  5. WOw....nice work....Very fine Thanks..!!!!
  6. A big respect to those like Maillon 21, Tomy _099 and the others who give us their precious time to make us benefit from their talents .... BIG THANKS "". Un grand respect a ceux qui comme Maillon 21 , Tomy _099 et les autres qui nous donnent de leurs temps précieux pour nous faire profiter de leurs talents ....GRAND MERCI"".
  7. Oui, en effet...correctif apporté....ca roule..!!!
  8. LA question est, va-t-il falloir refaire le meme exercice a chaque nouvelle mise a jour..???? 🤨
  9. It will be funny if somebody can translate what the tags mean....!
  10. Maybe somethings wrong with my parameters...!!
  11. It seem to affect all of y roster, not only the Tiger.....And all missions not charge since last update..??
  12. By the way , in game , the shovel , pliers, and tools seem to be not texturize, they appear all black..?? But the rest of machine is a piece of art..!!
  13. WOW..Great work...Thanks for all players...!! I think I will be better with this skin now....😁
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