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  1. What is the 2nd sight for . It does not move. is it a range finder??
  2. Thanks to all of you . the down load worked an your help saved a lot of aggravation. For some reason I have to reinstall the game for every U[date (Past 3 updates). If this continues it may not be worth staying any longer . But may thanks
  3. Do you delete the input folder on the new down load or just past the saved folder into the new folder.
  4. How do you save the folder …
  5. How do you save all your key settings if a new download is needed.
  6. Any Ideas how to get the launcher to work. cant sighn in as it launches about 1/4 to half way . Then locks up.
  7. Martin my pc is a digital storm $3000, gaming PC. Never had an issue with anything other then these down loads. It downloaded but the launcher is not working. So I can not enter the game.
  8. AGAIN A FAULTED UPDATE. The update installed and states play . If I hit play it goes about a 1/4 ways into loading it stops and hangs up the PC . Will not work when the game button is hit.
  9. How do you get the full size map dto work. The M key activates the small map in lower riht corner the 2nd press makes it slightly larger. There was a way for a full screen map which I can not locate.
  10. I have tried evreything including what the DEVS had instructed me to do. NOTHING out of it. comesup and says (UPDATE failed. never HAD A PROBLEM ON UPDATES PRIOR TO THIS. BEEN HER SINCE THE BEGINNING WHEN YOOU COULD NOT EVEN FLY THE bBF109. NOW I CANt FLY ANYTHING. Bravo for such a mess.
  11. 7/26/19 still not working. Can not sign on or update it just hang up with this downloading game client(2.16kb/200gb).o/s. hangs up at that point Will do nothing else ……..
  12. I have tried evreything all suggested, However if I attempt to update it hangs up and will no update at all/can not enter the game . AT DEAD END NOW WHAT A MESS .
  13. Not sure what that is, How doyou go about doing it.
  14. Failed to up date yesterday and Failed to update today . Seems like many problems. Are their repairs going to be done to correct this .
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