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  1. vx111vx111swift

    Clash at Prokhorovka

    Thanks IRRE THERION.
  2. vx111vx111swift

    New update problems

    For some unknown reason it starting working about 1 am this morning. No idea why but thankfull anyhow, And thanks for your help.
  3. vx111vx111swift

    Clash at Prokhorovka

    Is this an upcoming map or was it supposed to me in this last update. Had problems with update so not sure.
  4. vx111vx111swift


    Let me thank you for trying to help last night. About 1 am it decided to load correctly. Not sure why but thankfully it now functions as it should.
  5. vx111vx111swift


    After the down load completed, the loading screen came up. I clicked on play , it went to the IL2 Sturmovik page and says Loading Please Wait. But that is were it stays Hung UP. it will not enter into the game.
  6. vx111vx111swift


    I updated . But the launcher freezes . Tells me please stand by loading but it never comes on . Hangs up the PC I believe it is a launcher problem. It went one time into tdhe game but then would not allow me on as it stated no internet. Which is false internet is working fine. Now it. fails to launch at all.
  7. vx111vx111swift

    an not sign on

    The last update we had today 12/5/18. I can not sign on. Launcher comes up says stand by loading. Never come on. It did one time then stated I am not connected to the internet which was not the case. AS OF NOW I CAN NOT SIGN INTO GAME .
  8. vx111vx111swift


    Anyone having problems since this new update today. Launcher nnotd working for me.
  9. vx111vx111swift

    New update problems

    1st it locks up on screen IL2 Sturmovik . Control Alt Delete will not take it down. Have to shut down PC and restart. 2nd try it opened up but constantly states I am off line. #rd attempt it locks up PC again. Can not sign on to game at this point.
  10. vx111vx111swift

    Tank Sight

    Is there a way to illuminate the tank sight. Early morning or low light it is with great difficulty to locate center of sight.
  11. vx111vx111swift

    Gyro gun sight

    The multi function key no longer works since last update. Several people have the same problem. All other function of tdhe Gyro sight are ok. Can not change sights as we did before the update.
  12. vx111vx111swift

    Gyro gun sight

    The various modes for the Gyro gun sight no longer function in the sight. Has it been changed . Or is there a way to turn gunsight on. Distance works , selection of air craft works. But you can not change to the 3 types of sights we had earlier . Unless this is a change . In other words the selector switch no longer functions.
  13. vx111vx111swift

    Failed to update...

    I had similar problem's in the past few updates. Close the firewall if you have one and it is on. This helped me.
  14. vx111vx111swift

    Gyro sight

    Ok thanks . It works real well.
  15. vx111vx111swift

    Gyro sight

    Is there a way to move the airplane identifier switch. I seem to recall someone had a video on it. Is it in fact useable if so how >