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  1. Aero Ace --instead of assisting someone ,you come up with a negative attitude. Rekt. Thanks for the answer worked as stated.
  2. Which keys bind the RPM controls for start up on ME262.
  3. Many thanks that was the problem. Simple fix ..
  4. The problem I am encountering is the throttle control only moves the 2 white levers marked with a P .. Actual throttle does not move unless I place it in the auto mode. Then I cant throttle back.
  5. How do you get the throttles to work on the A-20B. Throttle works ok on all aircraft bombers and fighter but will not function on A-20b INSTEAD THE 2 WHITE DECREASE LEVERS WORK???
  6. Getting this message when I attempt to sigh on DXrenderee 11:end frame{..} DGI-error-device-removed-(0887a0005)
  7. 77.cont zero went to profile did as you said and it worked. Thanks very much for that info. thanks to all for the help
  8. tried that several times to no avail. I requested a new down load and will try again tomorrow if they send one.
  9. Tried what you said but that does not work either. Is there a way to update this again .
  10. I am connected to the internet Evreything working correctly. But getting the following messages 1. No connection with authorization server 2. your connection to master server was temporarily lost.
  11. Getting can not connect to current online server message . What to do?
  12. Getting a message (No connection to internet server) can not sign on. Is this a new problem?
  13. Thanks for the help. It was the upper engine cowl not closing.
  14. For some reason the pitch trimmers on tail of aircraft are shaking causing the plane to shake violently . Is there a way to stop this . I got the throttle working but now this is something new, it does not do it in quick mission only in Havoc Over Kuban
  15. The throttle in the GUI indicates it is working. It also works on all other planes. For some reason not in the A 20B in scripted modes or any other single mission etc mode,
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