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  1. So: 8 gen Core i3 8100 (3,7gHz) should be OK? (even if it isn't listed at the game requirements table?)
  2. thank you for your advice. But I would like to know if will have technical problems with the game (for example crashes, low performance) if i will use the computer equipped with AMD Ryzen 7 instead of Intel architecture.
  3. AMD processors are much cheaper than Intel now so I think about buying Ryzen 7 for my new PC. My question: Should I expect the problems using AMD Ryzen 7 during plyaying IL2 BOS?
  4. I would like to buy one or two modules during autumn sale, but I haven't bought yet the computer able to meet the requirements of the game. What will happen in I will buy Stalingrad or Moscow module today and install it some time later? (for example a few weeks or months) - is there any limitation of the time before first instalation?
  5. I would like to know: is it possible, that after fight against AI (fighter group Vs fighter group) both sides will be able to return to base? (with only few casaulties or even without loss of any plane?) I ask, because I remember from older Il2 1946, that fighter clashes ended each time by the same: total destruction of one of the sides. (so it was impossible to attack bigger group of fighters - in one pass - and escape, because it was certain that my "team members" will always prefere brave fight until death, rather than return safely home. It was annoying and unrealistic, so I would like to ask, before I will decide to buy the game.
  6. thank you for the quick response.
  7. I have a few general questions (because I haven't the game and the suitable computer yet, so i'm not able to check them myself) - before I will decide: to buy or not tu buy 1. Is possible to buy only one module and play the game? (Kuban, Moscow or Stalingrad) 2. Is there any "base" module required for the others? 3. Is there any "schedule" for another modules in the future? (I know that the Bodenplatte will be released soon, but I would like to know what should I expect for the near future. 4. The most important for me: Is the module for Finnish pilot planned? (with Finnish radio voices, and with the map o Finland) 5. Is planned the career for French Normendie Niemen pilot? (with French radio voices) 6. which nationalities with radio voices should I expect for the Bodenplatte modula? 7. If I will buy more than one module: is possible to merge the career by connect chronologically two or more modules into one long carrier? (If the pilot will "survive" of course) 8. The career in new Il2 is online (as in Rise of Flight) or offline (as in older Il2 1946)? 9. If I choose the pilot for the career it will be the pilot with the "history" created by the game (as in Rise of Flight) or empty data record (as in Il2 1946)? 10. Is there any career option with majority of bomber intercepting missions? 11. which module has the biggest quantity of playable missions?
  8. 1. Is there a possibility to "fly" as finnish or french pilot? (or only russian and german) 2. If yes: is there french and finnish radio voice? 3. Are there the careers or campaigns for units other than russian and german? (for example Normandie Niemen) I don't have the game yet, so I'm not able to check.
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