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  1. A lad of the salt looking to take on us landlubbers eh? Buckle up navy boy and get to learning, there ain't no decks here to dawdle on nor time to swab up your puke! ..just joking big Chief, hopefully the devs can polish this baby up and give us something worth poking around in for a couple of years.
  2. Something that would help the immersion factor without overly complex ai. Trench objects prefilled with men. Gives us an actual front line, or pockets of resistance. Big trenches, small trenches, joinable in the editor. Easy enough to intersperse the trench with AT positions and make fortified positions and lines as in Kursk and any other battle. Add tank traps and you end up with a decent fortified line that makes tanking more interesting and challenging. Flanking becomes a tactic. The need to find or blast a gap through a line. Have the AI bail from the trenches or surrender in certain scenarios, tanks overunning the trenches for example. The AI is going to need to offer a modicum of resistance, even just offering rifle and mg fire to spice up the battle a bit. I'm all for immersion as so far the ground game is very stale. Yes it's early days and the maps atm don't offer much in the way of hull down positions or chewed up areas you can sit in and plop away at the enemy. Hoping the new map solves that:) I think something like the above offers at least a bit more life to a ground mission or campaign and would not be a far reach as opposed to attempting to add infantry AI working with player controlled vehicles.
  3. Ugh. No setting to adjust this? No game file? Running windowed. No ssao or hdr and the menu mouse is better, still not as responsive as a normal game. No difference in game though.
  4. Any chance of Tiger 332 of Panzer-Abteilung 503? I just finished the Tamiya 1/35 kit two weeks agoand have grown close to her 😍 I noticed in your skin pack you have a Panzergrau 321 that is already pretty close. Nice skin collection, looking forward to more! TIGER 332
  5. Happened to me with the Tiger last night, constant reload without actually reloading for about five minutes. Exiting mission and reloading mission cleared it.
  6. Win 10 64, i5 7600K, GTX970, 16GB, game on SSD. Tried from lowest to ultra, one player tank in game, no ai, no buildings etc. Is there no conf.ini in this game to be played with like il2?
  7. I have searched far and wide on the interwebs and found a few people with the exact same issue but no solution. Mouse and keyboard (have a hotas but don't want to set that all up until i decide to dive into planes) using wheel for zoom. Accel and sensitivity are ramped but any setting with those makes no difference, once i get about half to three quarters zoom the movement is like i am moving my hand through a vat of syrup that is thickening. When fully zoomed in it turns to half set cement. Zoomed out fully i become the Flash and movement is like a skitzed out cat. There is no middle ground. The menus are the same, syrup, syrup everywhere, dragging the mouse around the screen feels like the arrow has a weight attached to it. Fps in game is fine, no issues with that. No lag, no spikes, no stutters. Any ideas? Is there an ini type file i can play with or another setting i am not adjusting?
  8. Left Ctrl + c should move you around the Tiger to all positions. Since i am not worrying about planes for the moment i simplified all of mine so Side button on my mouse changes positions, H opens hatch, space enters sights etc. Fairly sure there is no movement commands as in Arma, wishful thinking Question for you, when zooming in the tanks does your head movement speed with mouse go glacial? I cannot figure out which control to change/modify to keep my mouse movement the same as when zoomed out where it is fine. The more i zoom in, the slower my mouse goes, painful. I have seen a few people ask this question now regards tanks but not seen any answer.
  9. Thanks Thad, that'll keep me going for a bit:)
  10. Hey Thad, just grabbed TC after many years away from the IL2 series. What or where is the best up to date manual for the Mission Builder regards the ground forces side of it? cheers for any help
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