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  1. 100% Because of ghosting, nobody wan't to look at a smearing mess. If its ok with you maybe you aren't looking around fast enough for it to matter.
  2. If you can't get 90fps at 2160x2160 SS then your not really going to have good detail in anything. Might as well sell the Index and go to the Reverb G2 while you can sell for $1500. Come back to VR in September when the G2 is shipping and try it at 4k and maybe a little hardware upgrade. Personally I love VR but even with a beast of a rig I couldn't utilise the primary reason to have an index which is the refresh rate of 144hz. IL2 is far to CPU bound in VR. Setting horizon draw to max fixes the "bubble"
  3. Very excited for visibility updates. This has been a long standing gripe and the achilles heel of this otherwise great sim. I would love to see a developer diary on just the proposed changes to visibility.
  4. More visibility is needed. The fun of a combat simulator is in the combat and that can't happen when targets can't be found. When I loose targets against the ground it's after I've already spotted them, at that point it shouldn't be so easy to loose. In my testing the spotting at distance does not match real studies I've found on the topic. So what we have now in my opinion is less than realistic and ideally better spotting then realistic would be more fun. Targets at far distances 8-10km sometimes don't even render in and I've found in my testing that horizon draw distance has a big effect. There's some more info on spotting in this thread:
  5. I loved it. However with the Reverb G2 on the horizon and the Index selling for several hundred more then I purchased it for I decided to let it go at a profit. The fact that IL2 is so CPU bound I could never use the 120/144hz modes even with a beastly rig. The amount of SS I ran with the Index matches the Reverb G2's resolution and it's cheaper so it all added up to an easy choice to make. The hardest part is a few months of no VR simming!
  6. Sold my Index, at a profit and pre ordered G2. Lets see if it's the ideal balance.
  7. Re-projection is crap in my opinion. I would use 80 or 90, whatever you can maintain solidly.
  8. You need to go bug them to get the direct X interpolation working. I want to buy one but it doesn't work for IL2 yet
  9. Take a screenshot of both at the same point of the same track and compare, it's obvious.
  10. HDR in this game is mislabeled it actually seems to be a LIMITED COLOR SPACE. Thus makes spotting harder.
  11. I use separate audio devices. Game and voice go to my valve index via the nvidia audio device and the buttkicker via simshaker is fueled by my onboard sound card.
  12. I stuff some foam between the rattly bits. You can see it in the images.
  13. I was streaming simultaneously and noticed a few more drops below 90. So yes, how much I'm unsure.
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