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  1. I don't. Let me put it this way, If you turn SS down to match the 2160x2160 resolution you will be below the pixel resolution of the panels in the portions of the screen where the image is stretched by the lens distortion correction. If you want a minimum 1:1 panel pixel to rendered pixel resolution in 100% of the viewable area then you absolutely need it set to 100% It's touched on here: http://doc-ok.org/?p=1694 Not only will the center of the lenses render below 1:1 you will also sacrifice chromatic aberration correction if you try and set the s
  2. Mine failed with flickering and the problem was the headset. I've just received a new headset back from HP with the original cables.
  3. You need 100% SS to have proper lens distortion correction.
  4. I think if you hear the loud noise then it's clipping and you need to turn it down or risk damaging equipment. However if you have loose objects near or connected it can amplify the noise.
  5. Started the RMA process by phone with HP. I give them credit for quickly shipping a box to send the headset in for repairs at no cost to me. It's unfortunate that the return time is spoiling my experience.
  6. +1. Managed to sell the CM2 on ebay for the same price. Patience pays.
  7. Update. I've been informed I won't receive my replacement until the 21st+ of Jan. Really awesome I rushed to be one of the first preorders to get stuck in the back of the line with a defective unit. At least my CM3 throttle will be shipping around that time..
  8. I thought at first but I was no harder on the cable then my Index. First it worked in 90hz then I switched it to 60hz to test. A day later it wouldn't switch back into 90hz. At this point I thought it was a software bug. After much troubleshooting for no reason really it started working at 90hz and then shortly after one eye went dead and the working eye was garbled. Switched it back to 60hz and the screens completely stopped working. HP has had it for a week now, they were quick to send a return box.
  9. Well, day 2 of using my G2 and it's broken. Flashing screens and garbled images.
  10. Initial impressions are: Color and Resolution is awesome, better than G1. There are god rays but less then Index. FOV does stand out as worse then the Index. FOV feels same as G1.
  11. Looks like my G2 is prepared for shipment. Looking forward to comming back to the sim. Couldn't play in 2D while I had no headset
  12. It's a shame you can't disable one eye in the headset to save come computational power.
  13. I'm very excited for this the current model was a bit harsh. The pilot could always make a noise like a sick "ugh" "sigh" or "gasp" sound or something when he is getting exhausted to warn pilots who are not using a hud or on harder difficulties if you want to keep that information present. A little audio que can go a long way.
  14. 100% Because of ghosting, nobody wan't to look at a smearing mess. If its ok with you maybe you aren't looking around fast enough for it to matter.
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