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  1. Thanks for taking the time to explain this more thoroughly. So I guess smallest sustained turn radius is the key ? this is the video I was referencing around 56 min and much later talks about angle of climb
  2. Found his from another thread. My experience flying online matches this pilots description of the hits damage and amount of time fired. https://combatbox.net/en/sortie/654834/?tour=22 Considering I hit 181 times on 5 targets, 2 burst into flames, one pilot kill and one bailed after leaking everything. I only put a second or less of fire into each target. I don't think there is anything wrong here. Move on. If you put a even 50 or more 12.7mm holes into a plane and don't hit a critical system sure they will fly away. Being on the receiving end, I've had a hell of a time staying aloft and definitely couldn't continue the fight. Most of the time end up crashing on the way home or attempting to land. I wouldn't expect six or eight holes to do much.
  3. biggest cpu draws in this game seem to be the presets "low" "balanced" etc, the grass distance, draw distance and distant buildings. All these affect objects being drawn. The things that hit video memory will be shadows, textures like landscape detail, cloud quality
  4. Clouds only really shimmer at distance. I reduce the view distance to 40 km which got rid of the shimmering clouds for me by not rendering them and hiding the horizon in fog. Easier to see plains against the smog as well. Still quite easy to navigate.
  5. So, MFAA is a form of MSAA alternating the samples that are used. It basically takes half of the 4 samples of MSAA 4X and one frame and the other 2 the next. So you essentially get nearly MSAA 2X performance with MSAA 4X sample size. It shouldn't even work with FXAA as it is a post process effect. If the sharpen filter is so strong you need FXAA to tone it down why not try MSAA X2 and no sharpen filter and no NVCP junk. You will likely have better spotting, a similar image and performance. If anything is going to crush tiny planes into obscurity it's surely an end of render chain blur.
  6. I think it boils down to pixel density for a given FOV. The reverb has a relatively small FOV for 2160x2160. Increase the FOV and you need more pixels to maintain the same density.
  7. I believe that is also textbook. I noticed if I'm gentle with the throttle I don't need to switch it out of auto for taxi or landing because it stays in the fine position.
  8. @Mad-Moses You need to use application controlled or enhance. 16X AF doesn't do anything as far as I can tell in IL-2. The more AA you use the worse spotting will become because polygons that make up the planes are sub pixel in the sky will get averaged down by the other samples in that pixel that are just sky. You're probably shooting yourself in the foot, switch it all back to application controlled and use the minimum MSAA in game to get rid of the jaggies this will depend on your resolution. If you are on a 4K screen you may find you actually don't need any.
  9. I think technically manual mode 12:00 should be used to startup and taxi.
  10. Would it then be called the best sustained turn speed? This should coincide with the point where lift, drag, and available power all meet the is optimal to climb. I'm no expert, just what I learned from that video, which was actually about the P-47 not the D9. Stall speed doesn't take into account available power so 1.3X that speed makes no sense. Glide slope is the AOA where lift and drag are optimal and also doesn't take into account the power available. I use this from Han's notes for the K4 and climb out at 280 km/h indicated. Maximum performance turn at sea level: 24.2 s, at 280 km/h IAS.Maximum performance turn at 3000 m: 33.0 s, at 280 km/h IAS.
  11. Might work if I run it in extended mode instead of direct mode. Not gonna try though.
  12. I don't think 130+ FOV at 2160x2160 is out of reach for current gen hardware. I render more pixels then this already. Despite this games recent upgrades in the rendering department it still only uses 3-4 cores and no simultaneous multi-threading. Other VR titles that are more optimized could fully utilize more resolution and FOV. I can crush HF:Alyx at 144hz with more then double the pixels of this game. Yeah it's apples and oranges but I don't think it's pointless to offer better headsets because only the best machines can run them. How can you blame hardware when you're only using 30-50% of it?
  13. I'm blown away a zoom fix was delivered so quickly. This is by far the best flight sim in VR. Looking forward what they deliver next. A big thank you to the development team!
  14. Tied to override the MSAA in game to 2X, 4X, and 8X with NVCP via both the override and enhance settings. Neither work in VR. Likewise I don't see any difference using MFAA in either setting. For me the best spotting is 2X MSAA in game. More contrast is lost at 4X MSAA. For sub pixel polygons the only solution is more actual pixels. But I think we all already knew that.
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