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  1. You need to go bug them to get the direct X interpolation working. I want to buy one but it doesn't work for IL2 yet
  2. Take a screenshot of both at the same point of the same track and compare, it's obvious.
  3. HDR in this game is mislabeled it actually seems to be a LIMITED COLOR SPACE. Thus makes spotting harder.
  4. I use separate audio devices. Game and voice go to my valve index via the nvidia audio device and the buttkicker via simshaker is fueled by my onboard sound card.
  5. I stuff some foam between the rattly bits. You can see it in the images.
  6. I was streaming simultaneously and noticed a few more drops below 90. So yes, how much I'm unsure.
  7. Things like that goes to show the Developers don't play the game in VR as much as this community does. So when the developers them self's get it wrong imagine how you appear preaching to us.
  8. Are you getting solid frame rate when this happens? I have a sneaking suspicion that frame drops causes positional errors in IL-2
  9. I guess you just come here to shit post in the VR section and don't read patch notes. You can stop spreading that filth now, it's identical zoom since the 05/28. It's not more or less. It was in the past FAR less.
  10. @RedKestrel @blitze In my testing FXAA reduced spotting distance by 4-5KM of a JU52 against the sky vs No AA
  11. It's 30 degrees FOV on both monitor and VR. It's far less pixels per degree in VR then on a monitor. I think the zoom levels have parody my self. Migoto zoomed in a different way which made the planes larger. Actually makes me think there is some planes size scaling in the game by default not just with alt-vis.
  12. Yeah, many of us run the desktop resolution smaller as gives a minor performance increase.
  13. Your headset will run at native resolution regardless of the screen resolution setting.
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