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  1. I should say the best setting for spotting is: Alternate Plane Visibility ๐Ÿค“
  2. God I wish the internet would stop proliferating this garbage. The human eye can perceive persistence of vision to 1000hz or more. Resources to save myself pain in the future (in addition to citing myself for taking so much biology in college): 1)http://amo.net/NT/02-21-01FPS.html 2)http://amo.net/nt/05-24-01FPS.html 3)http://www.ualberta.ca/~chrisw/howfast.html 4)http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frame_rate If there are any biology majors/professors out there reading this and notice any egregious errors, please point them out. I'm not in the game of deceiving people.
  3. They both work. Use them in multiplayer to get home after every mission.
  4. If you need some more FPS try using balanced or even low preset, no grass and no far city blocks. These all create extra draw calls on the cpu rendering objects at longer ranges which is probably where you are most limited.
  5. Most importantly strive to get as good a frame rate as you can steadily hold. I chose 90 even though I can get 120 or more in the air. When in fur-balls the last thing you want is to be distracted by the frame rate being cut in half. Lower frame rates increase persistence of vision. There is nothing harder to identify then a plane that's doubled from a low refresh rate or re-projection as it streaks across the canopy. Which I also have forced off and I recommend every one does as well. HDR just decreases available contrast. I think it's miss-labeled and isn't actually a higher dynamic range more of a limited range. I Use the lowest draw distance you can successfully navigate. I have no problem with 40km and the haze is easier to spot planes against. It's the same reason people recommend blur for the landscape filter. Sharp plane on a blurry background stands out. And so does a plane on a non pixelated texture. Use the 4X LOD setting if you can. I like balanced preset the low preset has to short a draw distance for trees and ground units. Higher only makes more trees to loose planes against. Sharpen: Yes, gives more contrast. Use as little AA and then SS as possible to be able to Identify the planes you have spotted and not be distracted by the shimmer. Avoid FXAA if you can. in Steam VR advanced SS is sharper for me and has better performance. I didn't see what headset you have so take % of SS with a grain of salt, it really depends on the headset. Reverb I ran at 100% which was almost native, Index at 100% which is actually super sampled, and O+ I ran at 150% Straight from an engineer at team green: Contrast is more of an issue of color frequency differences between adjacent pixels. Contrast will always be reduced on edges as AA reduces the frequency differences. Less samples will be better edges when sharper blending. More samples will result in more blending and reduction of contrast. Different methods give different performance trade-offs for better AA. My balance for spotting and identifying is 2X MSAA. I found far contacts harder to see at 4X MSAA. If you are finding specks OK, but having a hard time identifying a silhouette because it's to jagged then you need more AA and vice versa. If it's closer then silhouettes you struggle with like identifying targets that have their textures rendered and you're trying to see roundels or other markings then more SS will help. Same for in cockpit gauges use SS and sharpen for those to be more readable. I was tweaking settings a little every flight and contemplate the changes but this is where I have settled for the past few days. I fly several hours a day and feel like I've got a good handle on spotting though it still is a challenge despite what anyone will tell you.
  6. Thanks for verifying everything I read says MFAA needs to be enabled by the developers. Personally it's old tech and with the advent of 4K AA isn't needed.
  7. Despite the potentially contradicting video the same pilot wrote the report
  8. As I've been playing IL-2 with the heavy Index for several hours a day I've started to think my neck is getting a bit more flexible and even a little stronger ๐Ÿ˜„
  9. Realized I hadn't dropped a review for this game on steam yet. If anyone hasn't yet I'm sure it couldn't hurt to give the game the 'ole thumbs up and describe how good the VR experience can be ๐Ÿ˜„
  10. Nothing wrong with that best way to quickly learn how far to lead targets. You need both icons and aiming help enabled.
  11. I've only tested in VR and saw no improvement. As I understand a driver level override won't work if it's not implemented by the developers. Though you can set the game to MSAA X4 and then run a benchmark with MFAA on and off to see if you see a performance improvement that would indicate it's working. MFAA isn't better quality it's more like: MSAA 4X > MSAA 4X w/MFAA > MSAA 2X > MSAA 2X w/ MFAA So MSAA 4X with MFAA can give nearly the quality of MSAA 4X with maybe a litter less movement artifacts and some better performance because you're only sampling each frame at 2X but then also sampling in the opposing 2X samples of the past frame as well.
  12. So you can play IL-2 in max FOV with no problems? How is the vertical FOV compared to the Reverb? I imagine it's worse then my Index but the horizontal FOV upgrade would be an improvement. Have they estimated any time frame that the headsets will start shipping?
  13. I don't understand the point of the picture, he's obviously looking out of the corner of his eye. So wouldn't this equal looking at the edge of your screen to see behind you? He would have to turn his head another 45 degrees in the same direction to match the owl necks in game lol
  14. Hoping for axis or scroll binding of zoom in the future so we can choose how far to zoom in. Hard to read gauges due to over zooming now but that's far less important than being able to identify planes.
  15. I keep looking at these and wondering if I should by one. I've heard reviews state that when at the widest FOV it feels like the world is zoomed in to compensate, is this correct? I really wan't an 8KX but I'm worried about all the problems I've heard.
  16. Thanks for taking the time to explain this more thoroughly. So I guess smallest sustained turn radius is the key ? this is the video I was referencing around 56 min and much later talks about angle of climb
  17. Found his from another thread. My experience flying online matches this pilots description of the hits damage and amount of time fired. https://combatbox.net/en/sortie/654834/?tour=22 Considering I hit 181 times on 5 targets, 2 burst into flames, one pilot kill and one bailed after leaking everything. I only put a second or less of fire into each target. I don't think there is anything wrong here. Move on. If you put even 50 or more 12.7mm holes into a plane and don't hit a critical system sure they will fly away. Being on the receiving end, I've had a hell of a time staying aloft and definitely couldn't continue the fight. Most of the time end up crashing on the way home or attempting to land. I wouldn't expect six or eight holes to do much.
  18. biggest cpu draws in this game seem to be the presets "low" "balanced" etc, the grass distance, draw distance and distant buildings. All these affect objects being drawn. The things that hit video memory will be shadows, textures like landscape detail, cloud quality
  19. Clouds only really shimmer at distance. I reduce the view distance to 40 km which got rid of the shimmering clouds for me by not rendering them and hiding the horizon in fog. Easier to see plains against the smog as well. Still quite easy to navigate.
  20. So, MFAA is a form of MSAA alternating the samples that are used. It basically takes half of the 4 samples of MSAA 4X and one frame and the other 2 the next. So you essentially get nearly MSAA 2X performance with MSAA 4X sample size. It shouldn't even work with FXAA as it is a post process effect. If the sharpen filter is so strong you need FXAA to tone it down why not try MSAA X2 and no sharpen filter and no NVCP junk. You will likely have better spotting, a similar image and performance. If anything is going to crush tiny planes into obscurity it's surely an end of render chain blur.
  21. I think it boils down to pixel density for a given FOV. The reverb has a relatively small FOV for 2160x2160. Increase the FOV and you need more pixels to maintain the same density.
  22. I believe that is also textbook. I noticed if I'm gentle with the throttle I don't need to switch it out of auto for taxi or landing because it stays in the fine position.
  23. @Mad-Moses You need to use application controlled or enhance. 16X AF doesn't do anything as far as I can tell in IL-2. The more AA you use the worse spotting will become because polygons that make up the planes are sub pixel in the sky will get averaged down by the other samples in that pixel that are just sky. You're probably shooting yourself in the foot, switch it all back to application controlled and use the minimum MSAA in game to get rid of the jaggies this will depend on your resolution. If you are on a 4K screen you may find you actually don't need any.
  24. I think technically manual mode 12:00 should be used to startup and taxi.
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