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  1. I've ordered from SLAW Devices, Paid via PayPal and he shipped from Croatia I think. It was painless and easy, shipped promptly and was packaged well. There were no hidden or import fees. I don't really see the problem. Buy the best product for your needs regardless of origin. Anything else could be considered racist or nationalist
  2. Are you driving the transducers with the same card that's running your headphones/speakers? Different cars will have differing latencies. Also if you are on the same card check your surround effects the DSP's could be adding latency to the bass. I've never had transducers just sharing what I know about sound systems. Sometimes even on the same card the differing outputs will be run by a different DSP they may not be identical and on many higher end cars are swappable. If yours aren't you could just split off the headphone speaker output to the transducer amp to make sure the signal is identical by using a cable solution.
  3. I was really excited for their yoke when they were talking a 350-500 price point, of course it skyrocketed..
  4. In real flight school they do teach you to roll and pitch the plane slightly to help check your six. Just apply the same principle.
  5. Just stop immediately when you feel yourself getting even the earliest symptoms. When you feel normal again go back in. Keep at it and eventually you will become accustomed to the sensations and no longer feel ill.
  6. Anything with g-sync if you have an nvidia card.
  7. I haven't tried to list it on ebay or anything so I still have it. Send me a pm if your interested.
  8. They should free to play turret gunners and tanks. Might help sell real copies. I would prefer having the random troll to the shitty gunner ai any day
  9. I needed to bend the spades to make a more solid connection. This is a problem throughout the g940's construction.
  10. I'm retiring my G940, it's been extended had the bearings upgraded and all the potentiometers that act up have been upgraded or repaired. If anyone is interested I don't mind shipping it so send me a PM. If this isn't allowed please delete.
  11. Just started considering this as I'm moving away from my G940 as I've already replaced most components it came with. I sure do miss the feedback from stalling etc. Has anyone tried one of these in FFB compatibility mode? Anything to report?
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