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  1. Its a trade off between smoothness and quality. For me, anything below 120 fps or so seems too jerky to want to play, and this game has always been this way for me. Other games, that are supposedly more challenging for hardware, may only get 40 some frames per second, but run smooth as butter (quake 2 RTX free now at steam) Even other flight sims with head tracking, ie elite dangerous, run completely smoothly on ultra, no mater how many other ships around, nailed to 60 fps, with adaptive vsync on. I dont every actually recall having as much trouble with any other game getting smoot
  2. 32 gb ram, i710700kf, eight cores, that top out at 5100 mhz.
  3. Havent played in like 2 years. Now i got a 2070 super and if i play at 1920 x 1080 and dont get too crazy on the eye candy its pretty smooth. Mind you it seems to needs to run at least 120 frames per second to achieve that smoothness. This game just eats hardware imo. Now that its working i guess there will be a graphics update and i can start saving for my 3080.
  4. Did you try Paypal? I recently purchased BoM with a promo code and used paypal, you may see a small international transaction fee on your bank account, i beleive the fee for me was 0.75 USD.
  5. Found them. Thanks. Silly me looking for them under "Sound" in the settings menu. Its nice to see the yelling german man from the earlier il2 games is still getting work
  6. It would be nice to be able to turn down the npc voices in game. The yelling german man especially sounds like a meth crazed lunatic, and while i appreciate that being historically accurate, i would just like to be able to control npc voice volume seperately. Its especially jarring imo on the bom german careers. Thank you
  7. You guys actually got me curious enough about the Mig 3 that i think i will give it a spin.
  8. First that came to mind were Skyrim and X3TC. Popping into the Boron home system for the first time was magical, in large part due to the music. Elite Dangerous also has a good soundtrack, not so much for standalone listening, but with the way its synced with the gameplay really deepens the atmosphere of the game. Speaking of skyrim, bethesda games are 60-70 percent off on steam right now.
  9. I might try the yak, iirc i had a brief intereest in the i-16 but i never really got the hang of the engine managment. The p47 is on my list.
  10. I start out to try to learn new aircraft against new adversaries, get the bindings down do the homework etc and by the end of the play session, im in a 109, usually the f series, with the windows shot out, trailing black smoke, trying to pick off one more yak, before sneaking across the border with whats left of my engine and bailing out. I have been doing that since the very first il2. I think i need a new routine. Im swearing off the 109 till i at least finish a spit career.
  11. While i dont care either way about clickable pits, I would very much like to see per plane control assignments.
  12. I dont see the point of that feature in il2, except in those ww2 circa aircraft that were equipped with mice.
  13. Normal is green check boxes? Because there are only green boxes, red boxes and boxes with no color code. The preset buttons otoh are green for normal and orange for expert. There are no boxes with orange outlines. So since there are no boxes with orange outlines, there are no options selected with expert?
  14. Im having trouble noticing a difference. Is there a list somewhere of options turned on in expert mode in single player? Thanks
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