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  1. I have read it all and tried it all. Its the only game i can run on medium graphics settings at 1600x1050 at 150 fps (fast vsync) and still get stutters. I have a gforce 1060 an i7 8700 and 16 gigs of ram an a good chunk of a 125 gb ssd is devoted to il2 and it still doesnt run as smoothly as i would expect a modern game to. I spend more time trying to tweak the damn thing into running acceptably that i do actually playing the game, so im somewhat averse to even starting it up and certainly dont want to spend anymore time tweaking it.
  2. If that were true i wouldnt be able to run Elite Dangerous at 2560x1440 on ultra with exactly the same hardware including trackir at a rock steady 60fps smooth as glass and i start up il2 and get stutters everywhere. I actually suspect this is the same game engine as the original il2, one of its hallmarks was that no matter what hardware you threw at it, it never ran smoothly.
  3. But it still stutters. Just enough to let you know that you are playing a game. Its no good being able to run a game at 120 frames per second at 2560x1440 if it wont run smoothly even at 1600x1050 and 60 frames per second. You guys need to work on porting this game to an engine that can drop frames smoothly and load and unload textures smoothly the way other modern games do. This is the only flight game i play that refuses to run smoothly at any decent level of detail or resolution. While i have tweaked the worst of the stutters out, its still just bad enough to ruin any sense of immersion i might get out of it. First stutter free il2 update i get, i will buy more 1c products.
  4. Idk if im such a big fan of the pacific anyway, the travel times over open water would be ridiculous in single player. The f6f had a range of over 900 miles. Spain sounds interesting.
  5. I ordered some new reading glasses today according to what the eye doctor said i needed. Now i will be able to get a good look at you when you shoot me down in flames.
  6. So after having some teeth pulled in preparation for dentures, i was walking around with the left side of my face numb and stuffed with gauze. I needed to stop for an item at the local getgo and was afraid the clerk wouldnt be able to understand what i was saying. When i went in and asked for my item, the clerk, who had trouble understanding me at first because of the aforementioned gauze and novocaine, turned out to have a speech impediment.
  7. Yeah, thats what got me asking about bombers specifically.
  8. Im happy with learning bombsight operation, im just asking which requires least engine managment. Im running out of buttions Im a terrible online fighter pilot, mostly i think because i have trouble spotting planes, so im thinking i will contribute as a bomber.
  9. No cat sad to say, im allergic and i would rather exit the program cleanly in case it has some cleaning up to do. So a mod making"accept" and "continue" boxes optional would be fine with me.
  10. Joking aside, i just watched a youtube video of a pilot saying that at some particular time he didnt have the "killer instinct", implying that he developed it later. It would certainly change you knowing that if you didnt make absolutely sure, the guy might be back trying to kill you tomorrow.
  11. Personally, i am all for unnecessary shots in that situation. If they are doomed anyway, there is no benefit for anyone to be gotten out of the situation except a little target practice.
  12. Im really looking forward to seeing the new maps and campaigns
  13. I dont have any more lag or graphical issues. The wireless connection had an ip address, dhcp was turned on and so was network quotas. My guess is that windows 10 has these turned on by default. Knowing windows 10, qos was probably trying to meter the bandwidth between two connections on the same machine, two dhcp lease requests were being submitted to the router every how often and for all i know the two dhcp network connections were asking for netbios info, which had to go south because they are on the same machine. Thats a lot of network activity at cross purposes that i stopped with the steps i followed. At any rate, my problem is solved, i just posted the above in case the information might be of use to someone else. And i doubt that the connection to il2 servers is just to generate mission files. Time, careers, game assets, and awards probably need to be kept track of and that means ongoing maybe continuous monitoring. Ack and syn packets being transmitted back and forth and the game waiting to receive and process them, is my guess. I do. I spent some years doing neworking for various clients as part of my job. If you are using a windows machine for online gaming and you feel confident doing it, you will very likely see a difference in online play. And what i did might not be the cause of the drastic improvement im seeing, thats why i posted it to get some feedback from someone who was having issues and might be willing to try it. Otoh i dont see how the steps i did could not have had at least some positive effect. I just want to add to anyone who might try the steps i did, you do them at your own risk.
  14. Im getting that as well. Have to hit f2 to watch a flight record. Some consolation in knowing it isnt my hardware. I thought it might be a problem with trackir.
  15. Bought BOK last week and just got a chance to fly a couple of missions on it today, absolutely beautiful Hats off to the art dept.
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