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  1. I do. It's not as much of critique to you, than to the discussion going on in here. First there was the ai gunners. They were too this and that. Then there were balance by playercounts. After that the problem was the 262 is so op its not even op anymore. As soon as an 262 was spawned everyone on allied side instaexploded. Now there is this chute killing. Devil knows how many of these i have mussed. Can't ppl just be happy that taw is running and quit being [edited]
  2. I personally think someone might take this game and server a bit too seriousely, coming to forums crying about evil men shootin their imaginary pixel chutes. Almost like little Johnny is running to mommy crying his hearth out. Mommy then asks what is wrong? Little Johnny answers "well, me and Little Mikey were playing fights". Mommy then asks what is wrong with that? Little Johnny answers "But he hit me for reals!!! 1!".
  3. I'm really crappy pilot tbh. Way below the average. So i die a lot. But even then, it just drives me to play better. To be fair, occationally it is possible to die without it being bad flying. Internet problems, wife agro etc. And i do get annoyed if i die for a no reason of mine.
  4. To kill or not to kill? HTFU. If the server has pilots life as a resource, the OFC the pilot will be killed if an opportunity is given. The amount of pilot's lifes and total amount of flyable dudes has significant effect on the ongoing of war. Oh yes, this is a simulation of war. Not simulation of "lets go play golf together and drnk some tea and talk of vegan things". In war you kill people. In war you might even get killed by people. I really dont get this "uuh, i'm oldschool honorabru superhuman" talk. Ya'll going to do whatever it takes to win the war simulation in here. You try to kill the opposition without risk every time you take off anyways. You try to get better position, higher altitude, more energy, surprise by location, vulch the opposition, kill him/her in takeoff or landing glides and all of the sudden, when you fail in your killing and the dude jumps out you get this honorabru-hard-on to not finish the job. Almost like you'd be fine killing ppl as long as you don't haveto look at them in the eyeball. As long as you can do it from a place where no evil internet honorabru-hard-oners cannot judge you. Personally IDGAF if I get shot in a chute. I failed already in the first place to end up in there. But it seems i'm one of the rare ppl's who understand, that me ending up in a chute and be killed hanging there ain't nothing, but my own fault. It ain't none, but me failing. Failing to see enemies, failing to evade them, failing to be aware. Ps. I will shoot every chute i get presented to, if i have the time to it. I first check my surroundings to see, if i got time. Then i judge if i have time to. I also try to pilotkill crashlanded planes every time if possible. Ain't war a bitch? edit: grammar
  5. You have three lifes. When you run out, you get 20h penalty until you re-generate new life. All the kinetic energy ammunition needs to get direct hits to critical parts now. HE is more effective to unaccurate shooters.
  6. So i read from the wiki, that with some future timetable you are planning to add ffb to this project. That kinda is the last straw for me to hop from mmjoy2 to freejoy. I already have planned all my controllers to mechanically accept ffb, in the hope of a future day use to it.
  7. If you talk with ddrake, i suppose you might get yer own subchannel with project like this
  8. So, following this with great interest. Is the bluepill board the only board to be supported, or did you plan to add arduino pro micro, teensy, leo bodnar or other of the common boards used in joystick building? Also, pls join (if you are not allready) the HOTAS discord. The DIY section is an active community with lots of peeps building their controllers.
  9. PANIC All flying was for nothing at all, if tve stats didn't register!!!1!!1 There is no reason to fly, unless stats are shown, no reason. Better stay in ground. Better not start computer at all. Better.....
  10. Pm Kathon, and he'll usually fix things within a day
  11. Not only that, but they also volunteerily took korona, full toe amputation, cork screw in left nostril, three pounds of grapes in their butt and eat each others left testicles just to avoid fly the other team. This is true to the bigger finnish squadrons LLv22, 24,etc number too.
  12. I haveto say, that even taw has been good and all, the finnish virtual pilots has done many things way better lately. I think i will not participate to this taw.
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