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  1. Very sad news, Lucas. It's always difficult to lose a close friend and a well respected member of the community. Blue Skies & Fair Winds, Rahon. R. I. P. Regards, 4 ~S!~
  2. Pass (and voted accordingly). Best wishes to all who fly the event. Past events have been nothing short of excellent, and I have every confidence that J5 will do the best they can with the available content to try and make it workable... That said, my personal feeling is that FC, in its current state, is but a shadow of what is needed to make this event even a close approximation of its predecessors, and I'm not particularly inclined to fly it in this product (as it sits, currently). That doesn't mean it shouldn't be attempted, and I wish all of the participants well, but, personally, I'll give it a miss until FC is significantly more mature... Happy Hunting. Regards, 4 ~S!~
  3. This. We've been around since the beginning of BOS, but quite simply, the FC product is nowhere near the point where we're interested enough to pull our hair out with the same old %@$#@% mission editor to try to port / build meaningful Wargrounds-like missions for FC. Whether it ever gets there or not remains an open question.... We'll see... Regards, 4 ~S!~
  4. Ahhh, perhaps that explains it. Updated our BoS server install, and now I'm getting "Login Failed"... Will check again in the morning... Cheers, 4 ~S!~
  5. Hi Bugsy, The fellow who made those missions for us has moved on to other things a bit more than a year ago. While I'm fairly familiar with the RoF mission editor, and alhough it's also the original starting point for the BoS editor, I must confess that I'm really not very knowledgeable about those BoS missions or the BoS editor, so I suspect that JimTM's advice, along with his excellent editor manual will likely be much more helpful to you than I can, currently. Regarding your first question, and knowing how QuQi did things in our RoF missions, I'd suspect that the rear bases may be locked pending completion of some objective. If you look at those bases in the editor, and if there are different plane set indexes, then that is the issue, and you'd need to figure out which triggers flip the base state to the proper index (hope that makes sense to you - if not, look into "capture the flag" missions for better clarification). Finding those will either A> show you what task must be completed to open them, or B> tell you what triggers to remove to unlock them from the get-go. Other than that speculation, I don't have any other advice on those missions as I've never flown them or looked at them in the editor -- sorry. Going forward, when FC matures significantly, we'll be considering converting our server to FC missions (as none of us have any interest in the other BoS offerings), but that's likely to be somewhere down the road. Regards, 4 ~S!~
  6. The RoF Dolphin can definitely be recovered from any spin provided three things: A> an undamaged aircraft B> sufficient altitude C> proper recovery technique With regard to C all of the planes that you can spin in RoF, can also be recovered, usually with some variation of P.A.R.E... In most (RoF) cases, the most common variation is usually: Power - Idle, Ailerons - into spin direction, Rudder - Opposite spin direction, Elevator - full forward. In some cases, Elevator position may need to be less than full forward (or in a couple extreme cases - Pfalz DXII, slightly aft of neutral), or you may need to rock the elevator back and forth to add some oscillation to the nose (Sopwith Pup, Camel, and SPAD 7-150). Still, these are just slight variations on the basic PARE technique. There may be some quicker recoveries that some folks have found for specific aircraft, but the above is usually the most reliable approach for most of the aircraft. Some of course, simply won't spin at all unless you force them to (HP400. S22), or they'll recover by themselves if you just let the controls go (Dr-1, Sopwith Tripe). Regards, 4 ~S!~
  7. Thanks Arthur, As it happens, I was able to contact QuQi (the former NW Admin who made the missions), and he had backups on his computer (rather than on our server) which I was able to have him send me. I was able to resolve the problem with those backups, but thanks for your post nevertheless. Regards, 4 ~S!~
  8. Yep, I know that (and I have them all for our RoF servers), but the gent that was handling our BoS stuff appears to have been less rigorous about it (or, if he did save them, they're on his own PC instead of the server). I'll email him on it, but since he moved on at the end of last year, it's doubtful he'll still have them... I may still have an older version of BoS on another machine that can still read the .msnbin file, but if not, tfb. We've never cared all that much about BoS from the get-go, so it's more irritating than critical, I suppose -- there are plenty of BoS/Kuban servers already. if I have to do missions from scratch, I'll wait until there's enough meaningful FC content to proceed, and start there (since RoF was our focus in the first place, and FC is intended as its successor). Regards, 4 PS> It would have been nice to have any sort of head's up from the devs when they're making radical changes to the file structures ahead of time, so there would at least, be the opportunity to prepare for it before it's too late, but Sh*t Happens, I guess... In the meantime, we can save server resources by not needing to run a BoS server for awhile...
  9. So, I suppose the other side of the coin for this little pita is that if you don't actually *have* the .mission files (QuQi deleted them once they were put on), but only the .msnbin and lang files, you're pretty much boned... ☹️😡 4
  10. I've restarted it. For some reason(s), unlike our RoF servers, this one just gets "stuck" and hangs periodically, without any sort of obvious or easy indicator that it's FUBAR. So far, the only way I've been able to realize it is if I see the same list of names in there over an extended period (I typically check it twice a day) -- I haven't had the time as yet to try and dig a little deeper and figure out what the underlying cause is, although I'm wondering if it's something acting up within one of the missions on that server (when it hangs up, it's the only issue -- TS, our Rof servers, etc. are just fine, so it's specific to that game server only). In any case, I'll try to look in on it a bit more often. Sorry for the inconvenience. Regards, 4
  11. Unfortunately, that is all too often the case... Interestingly, for all the various posts lamenting the seeming unavailability of a North American server, pilots either are unaware that ours is in USA, and has been from (almost) the very beginning of BoS, or still prefer the European / Russian servers, despite having one available in North America. <shrug> Perhaps the best way to change that is to take the plunge and fly around in it for awhile -- Typically, pilots will join a server if they see other people on it. MP pilots will usually go where the people currently are, but someone always has to be the first guy in... Regards, 4
  12. Hi Thrudd, My partner QuQi has been responsible for running the BoS side of things for New Wings (I handle RoF). I'm aware that our Basic Training server (BoS) hasn't run in quite awhile although our Wargrounds server is active on an ongoing basis. I don't know if the Training server is a permanent thing or if there simply wasn't any perceived interest in having that server active. I would imagine, if there's sufficient interest, that it could be started again, but I'd have to chat with him about it to see if there are any other reasons (I'm not aware of) for it not running anymore. Regards, 4 ~S!~
  13. Since 1980 for me with SubLogic Flight Simulator for the TRS-80 (loaded from 500 baud cassette tape - Egads!) which was the forerunner to the MS Flight Simulator family. (YouTube) I've played pretty much every version of MS Flight Simulator from the 1981 IBM PC days all the way up to current day FSX. I also enjoyed a bunch of others in-between: F15 Strike Eagle, Yeager's Combat Flight Sim, Red Baron, Stealth Fighter, A10 Tank Killer, Gunship 2000, several of the Star Wars series (XW, TF, XvT, XWA), Mig Alley, MS CFS1, and a bunch more I can't recall off the top of my head, culminating of course in the current crop: RoF, WoFF, DCS, Falcon BMS, and at least a couple times, BoS. So, 37 years ... and counting... Cheers, 4 <S!>
  14. New Wings - Wargrounds (for BoS) is located in New York City, USA, and has been around (almost) since the start of the game (Jan. 2015 to be exact), and it is listed on the online server page (and always has been), since that timeframe. That server is the BoS counterpart to our RoF Wargrounds server - which is intended as an open, mission-oriented, pvp server. The missions for it were made by QuQi, so it's his 'baby" though I am the guy who usually checks the forums and or applies game patches and such (behind the scenes). My primary interest (and focus) remains on the "RoF" side of the house, so I don't get too involved over here, but given that this thread has gone on for several pages, I just thought I'd point out the obvious. So, the idea that "there aren't any US - East Coast servers" is pretty much incorrect. Whether folks choose to fly there or not is up to them. Regards, 4 <S!>
  15. I appreciate you gents reporting it. Frankly, I don't fly in BoS,X,Y,Z etc. (absolutely no interest in the product). Unfortunately, when the DServer process looks like it's using a typical amount of cpu & memory in taskmanager, and it shows up on the "online" screen, and it is not throwing any errors on the console screen, and I can login to it with RCon and get a playerlist, and a normal looking SPS report from it, it's a bit difficult to tell that it's dead, *unless* people mention it here (or the software starts putting out *useful* information for admins to gauge its health) <shrug> In any case, I've restarted the server, so hopefully, it's working fine now -- Please report back if you continue to have trouble with it. Thanks & Regards, 4 <S!>
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