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  1. you guys did get us the Yak1 to play With tho ;-) And no problem looking forward to MP NeXT week ;-)
  2. 1. QMB 2. MP. 3. IL2 ...................................
  3. He he thx ;-) And hello Goblin <S> Th Gents for verry interesting info <S>
  4. thx Bongodriver, Ok all is Automatic but you can also turn on manually if wanted? Pitch/roll my bad :D ment Prop Pitch ;-) - Prop-pitcth - Mixture - Radiator etc.
  5. Regarding manual handling like Radiator, Pitch/roll, Prop Pitch, etc.
  6. Nice find exelent manual, you dont have one in on for the Me109 :D
  7. Thx Tatarenko, if no satisfaction or enough News from 1C/777 Team we have you to make the day :D <S>
  8. If we get QMB on tomorrows update they have a hole week intil NeXT Friday for MP :D
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