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  1. It's not giving me time to adjust anything, the engines are 'damaged' immediately after T/O. Should I be selecting a prop pitch other than 100% BEFORE taking off?
  2. I'm taking off into the wind with two heavy bombs and a medium fuel load. Props are full forward, radiators about half open, Flaps 17 deg. It is August at Kalach. The plane won't 'unstick' until about 190kph and then I am immediately told that my engines have exceeded their takeoff limit. I retract gear and flaps and throttle back to 1.2 ATA, even though we're only doing 200kph, but am then told that my engines are damaged and then failed and to prepare for a crash landing. Then I get a 'wrecking penalty'. Any hints on what is wrong with this?
  3. Thanks for the advice, all. I am gradually picking this up.
  4. I'm doing most of my flying on Coconut Normal at the moment, and having a thin time with ground attack aircraft. I see an arrow on the map with trucks or tanks marked, and fly there and search, but I can't find anything except AAA. The first time today I was flying at 1000m up and down a road and could see nothing until a flak burst from nowhere ruptured my fuel tank. I came back at 500m (the old Falcon 4 maxim of fly low OR high but not inbetween) and flew over a AAA gunners' reunion in the middle of nowhere. So should I be flying at treetop level and should I be concentrating on the roads, like in ROF? Should I have the canopy open (on a Sturmovik) to improve visibility)? is the AAA excessive or is it a consequence of flying alone and not having the guns divvied up between several attackers?
  5. Thanks for the feedback. I must admit that my speed often decays to 210 or so on the climb. I have climbed in steps on the Kuban server but I thought this was because I wasn't very good, not that it was a legitimate technique. I tend to reduce propeller pitch a bit after takeoff in a bid to get down to the 'recommended' 260 rpm.
  6. Technochat keeps wobbling on about adjusting the fuel mixture, so I do this, watching RPM, and trim back to a value just before the one which would cause RPM to drop. But it keeps urging me to do some unspecified thing with the fuel mixture, while also telling me to watch the coolant temperature. All four temperature gauges are about 2/3 across and the water radiator is fully open. So what does it want me to do? Is it telling me to RICHEN the mixture in order to extract some heat? Also the Requiem video says that mixture is adjusted on a variable prop pitch plane to maximise airspeed, but elsewhere I am told to use RPM. Which is correct?
  7. Thank you. Next question.... is there a command to close the sun roof? If you are flying with complex engine mode it can get hard to see when the sun is on the instruments. Edit: You were right about the double-mapping, I had set b2 and b3 on my Sidewinder to toe brakes (so you don't need three hands to take off) without realising that b2 was already mapped to bombs. I don't remember being warned like IL2 1946 did. So if you drop bombs with the bomb doors closed, do they then roll out if you open the doors. Flew a bit on a Kuban Summer server and the engines seemed less powerful than Stalingrad Winter, is this a function of ambient temperature?
  8. I flew two missions, one on-line and one off-line, with two internal bombs selected. When I got up to altitude and went to the bombsight, no bombs were present. So I selected the big external bomb and checked it was there in external view before I started the engines. When I got to the runway, the bomb had disappeared. What gives? Also... I'm climbing to a height of 3k. At some point in the last k or so of climb I find that 100% throttle only gives 0.8 ATA, even though RPM is around 2100. What am I doing wrong?
  9. Thank you for your advice. I am preparing crib sheets for the four BOS aircraft I am likely to be flying (the bombers, I am hopeless at dogfighting and don't have the kit some players do), and have done the HE 111 and Ju 87 so far. In my sole attempt at divebombing I was shot down by AAA immediately after inverting for the dive, so I guess the flak is a big factor in this game. Probably why Requiem drops his bomb immediately in his training video rather than doing the characteristic prolonged dive. I intend to make sure I can take off, hit the target, and land reliably before I go MP. Probably won't need to land as some kind person will help me to the ground first
  10. Thanks, I'll have a look there. When you start on a new game, you are in a hurry to see if it all works on your spec of PC.
  11. No mate, what I am saying is that the technical advice I get is contradictory. Technochat: Don't fly around in combat mode, reduce throttle. <Reduces throttle by 1%> Technochat: Increase throttle to climb mode. <Increases throttle by 1%> Technochat: Don't fly around in combat mode, reduce throttle. ….and so on. There is no visible sign AFAIK of whether you are on WEP or not.
  12. I've just realised that FC doesn't have the display of throttle position, mixture and radiator setting that ROF does. Is this a good thing? A real pilot has hands, and can feel where the controls are without having to look down in the cockpit. You might have to look down to see the gauges, but you know where the levers are. I've noticed this after recently using my discount to purchase BOS as well, and finding that I miss those displays there, particularly where there is no indication of where WEP begins on the throttle.
  13. Thanks for your reply. By 'tech chat' I assume you mean the stuff that appears on the righthand side of the screen with messages such as 'Raise flaps' when I'm actually trying to land! This only gives you control settings at the instant when you alter the controls. The displays of throttle position, mixture, radiator opening in ROF give you the position all the time and I fly on a 'reality' server there. As I've said elsewhere, this 'chat' tells you not to fly around in WEP but doesn't tell you where WEP ends on the throttle.
  14. When flying the HE 111 offline, I get alternating demands to increase the throttle to climb mode and reduce the throttle to stop flying around in combat mode. Which should I react to, bearing in mind that there is no visible WEP indicator on the throttle stand?
  15. I recently purchased BOS on the back of Flying Circus, and tried to see if I could do a mission on an unpopulated MP server (to avoid spoiling things for experienced players). I tried Coconut Normal, New Wings, and 'training' servers, but it seemed that wherever I went there was no mini-map or airspeed display, and you were required to manage complex engine mode. 1.Is there a way of telling what is allowed on a server other than getting halfway down a runway and finding that you lack sufficient thrust to take off? 2. If complex engine management is mandatory wouldn't it be good to have on-screen displays of throttle position (with WEP marked), mixture and radiator(s), like ROF? It's not cheating, a real pilot can feel where his controls are without looking at them. 3. In MP, is there any convention on TO/landing direction?
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