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  1. Looking on the bright side, the problem of every German being in a Tiger has just been solved by the latest update. 😉
  2. Presumably this is a what-if Battle of Normandy because IRL the Luftwaffe weren't a factor. Bearing in mind the predilection of on-line players for the German side we can look forward to hordes of AR-234s blasting the invasion beaches while a handful of Spitfires try in vain to catch them.
  3. We had to lock the gunner stations in FC because we had idiots 'humourously' jumping into the gunners seat and shooting your own tail or engines. Just what you need when you've spent twenty boring minutes climbing to altitude.
  4. OK I've got it back now. With RCtrl <Cursor keys>. Not sure why it didn't work with RShft <Cursor keys>, allotted, but it doesn't matter.
  5. I know this. I am 2/3 of the way through a Ju52 career. It has worked in the past for me. But now it has stopped working. Landing without flaps is 'interesting'. The trim axis keys no longer move the stabiliser. I tried assigning some joystick buttons to it but they still had no effect. Rudder and aileron trim still works.
  6. The Ju52 flaps control has stopped working. I press F and the 'broken flap' icon appears on the right side of the screen, but RShft <cursor> then has no effect. There have been a lot of updates recently and I wonder if they have affected it. The only things I have done are to enable Autopilot and allot 'Auto Enable' to 'A' in order to try out the new tank commands, then reallocate 'Auto Enable' to 'LCtrl A' when I went back to flying and found that full Autopilot can get invoked accidentally when you try to get Level Autopilot via LShft A.
  7. The gunner is very accurate though, and he identifies the target for you. Will be interesting to see if he refuses to fire at friendlies. It took me a minute to twig that AI gunner doesn't work with the T34 because you ARE the gunner. Perhaps the relevant Tilde menu keys should be greyed out.
  8. .... and assign a key to it. Thanks. I had autopilot disabled because it is always annoying when you try to go Shift A for level flight and the combat autopilot engages instead.
  9. Seems like somebody got their fingers caught in the keyboard when they were entering the data. 'Bertangles' is misspelt twice in two different ways.
  10. So I open a quick mission with a T34, go to the driver view and press 'A' and then go to the commander view and investigate the Tilde menus. My commander issues the commands and nothing happens. Should there be some indication after pressing 'A' that Auto mode has been entered? I've got a feeling that issuing commands via the Tilde menu is going to be too slow anyway. By the time you've gone through all that, you're dead. How about something like 'Click once to move at half-speed, double-click to move at full speed? I also wonder how well you are going to be able to click on destinations or targets when you are buttoned up.
  11. No, I wasn't aware this was a problem. Obviously having come from ROF any recon can go to any target. Should I have read this somewhere or have you found it by trial and error?
  12. I've tried a recon mission on Flugpark AGAIN, selected a recon, loaded a camera, flown over the target at exactly 2100m and..... nothing. Zilch. No icon, no text, no ability to initiate photography myself. Really frustrating when you've spent 30 minutes climbing to altitude and locating the target. I tried two targets, the second of which was definitely 'activated' according to in-mission text. I don't know if it is an IL-2 problem or a Flugpark problem, but it would certainly to be handy to have some ability to interrogate the software and find out why you can't take a picture (no target, wrong altitude, wrong attitude, no camera, out of film, etc.).
  13. Thanks for the help, guys. My problem was RPM, I have half-page crib sheets for every a/c with the keys and important gauge locations and T/O/landing speeds, and for some reason I had RPM down as 'Auto'. If you take off with RPM manually set to 100% you don't even need rudder trim as per the Requiem vids, you can get away with slight rudder correction during the takeoff roll. I am using an old MS Sidewinder (so old that the rugous coating has degenerated into glue).
  14. I have full right yaw trim and it still veers left, even with max right rudder. What am I missing?
  15. Happened to me today, the first time in a while. Stopped after I reloaded the game.
  16. A small thing, but do you mean 'Bastion' (part of a fortification)?
  17. I checked this and it looks like it applies to Luftwaffe only, oddly enough. I have been flying a lot of VVS recently as I usually join the smaller side.
  18. Mmm. If the only way to tell is look at that picture before takeoff then there is surely an opportunity to improve the bombsight screen to include this info. As for altitude, you never have to calibrate your altimeter for barometric pressure so presumably it's always adjusted so that your home airfield is zero. On the Moscow and Stalingrad maps, targets will usually be at a similar altitude to your airfield. On the Kuban map, not so much. One depot was on top of a mountain.
  19. 1. Since I have no external view on most servers, how can I tell whether my bomb load is internal or external? 2. I believe the altitude in the bombsight is ASL. How do I know what the altitude of the target is so I can subtract it to set the bombsight?
  20. Better still we could have an M17 and let fly at some of those wretched aircraft that are always circling over the tanks. Even the friendly ones......
  21. Additionally I'm not sure repair is possible in all tanks. I think it only works with the newer ones.
  22. Like a lot of players, I switch off the engine from time to time to listen. This tactic doesn't work quite so well in the Tiger these days because it hampers turret traverse. Anyway, if an enemy tank is in the vicinity I hear this whiny synthesiser type noise rather than rattling or growling, and it doesn't seem to be particularly directional or distance-specific. Is this the general case or is it related to my sound set-up?
  23. When I play multi-player on the Attention server, the crew position lock doesn't seem to work. There is a box saying 'unlocked' with a tick in it and there is nothing I can do to change it. I've just had an incident where I suddenly couldn't access the commander position and while I was fiddling around trying to figure out why I got 'killed'. Then I took another tank and after a while it happened again. This time I checked and a guy had jumped in. I aborted and went for the early Panzer III on the grounds that it effectively has a combined gunner/commander, only to find that I was now stuck in the driving seat and unable to leave it. Multi-player tanks don't currently work for reasons we have previously discussed, and they certainly don't work if the players are not on TS. I should at least have the choice of disabling this in 'my' tank. Why didn't I just stay as commander? Because without the commander's binoculars function (also previously discussed) the only way of checking out long range targets is via the gunsight.
  24. I'm doing a Ju52 campaign at the moment on the Moscow map. It's a little boring as you just do a paradrop or touch-and-go at the destination and then accel time home. EXCEPT last time there were two Russian fighters at the destination and they pursued me. I found that if I flew at treetop level they would just overfly me firing their guns, and I was eventually able to shoot down both of them with the popgun at the rear.
  25. Yeah, what I was thinking was should there be advantages to the drums in order to make it a trade-off? Since we now have repair you could provide the one-off capability of 'repairing' 'out of fuel' after a time delay if you have the drums. Or perhaps the devs will say that it was doctrine that everybody carried the drums in this period.
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