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  1. There is a map error on the Kuban map coordinates 428-5. The bridge is misaligned with the road. if you follow the road, your tank sinks.
  2. If you go to commander view and press 'T' to use the binos, when you return to the gunner view the gun will centre before you can take control and use it. As stated in the previous post, this delay can cost your virtual life.๐Ÿ˜
  3. Now you mention it, I did notice with the Sherman that if you use gun sight view with your gunner then switch to commander, the commander comes up holding the AA mg and has to drop it to use the binos. This isn't right, the gun sight status should be separately stored for each crew position. I assume that with a multiplayer tank the commander isn't prevented from using the binos while the gunner has the gun sight, which suggests that gun sight status is currently stored per player. As it would have to be, I suppose, as it would be stored locally rather than on the server.
  4. My experience, also from the Finnish server, is that you should try to avoid targets next to an enemy tank spawn because their players see the attack icon flashing on their map and can simply spawn and attack you. If they win you have a long drive to get back, if you win they simply respawn. Flat maps where targets are surrounded by trees are difficult because the foliage is set to block your commander's LOS (not sure why we can't use the SU-122) and the boxes of the treetrunks sometimes block your shots while providing no such impediment to AI fire at you. If you can do it, getting next to the enemy positions and using them to block AI fire is good. Best is undulating terrain which can be used for masking: you slide round the side of the hills to engage part of the enemy position rather than mounting the hill to go hull down against all of it. I'm not sure that the T34 gunner/commander is a big disadvantage for a single player tank because you can go from unbuttoned commander view to buttoned at the gunsight with one key press. There is however the annoying gunner/commander killed result which seems to happen with almost any hit; a major improvement would be to allow other 'crew members' to substitute at lesser efficiency.
  5. But will there be a flyable V1? ๐Ÿ˜€
  6. Server currently shown as available, but down. Exiting the Download message doesn't work, you have to reboot Il2.
  7. This is actually a controversial topic, one argument being that on an open plain the Tiger could shoot a number of T34s due to superior gun and optics, but in an urban environment the advantage is a lot less. What we want is German players considering taking PzIVs, the workhorse of the German army, and Russians feeling that the points haul from killing a Tiger is worth the effort. Some people say that the Panther was at least equivalent to the Tiger as its gun had more armour penetration, its sloped front armour was better than the non-sloped Tiger armour, and of course it was faster. So I'm going to say at least 2.5 as the multiplier. Unfortunately the change that would make more difference is to increase the supply cost so that if the Germans keep taking Tigers they run out of tanks quickly and need a paradrop (imagine Tigers being paradropped). While we're at it, what is the rationale for excluding the other vehicles? The Russian assault guns aren't really the counterparts of the Panther and Tiger, but it would be fun to lob a 152mm round into the German troops and see what happened. As for the Ferdinand, the biggest problem is that its vulnerability to infantry isn't ,accounted for because there IS no infantry. And it was relatively rare.
  8. The biggest problem IMO is that it results in map rotation. You log on and use <tl to see there are four hours left and then ten minutes later the map rotation message pops up. When everybody is killing the ships, what I see as a player is the scenario repeatedly ending just as I have completed a 30 minute journey to get to a target. I think there should be a minimum duration of at least two hours before the map rotates. An incentive to protect the ships could be provided by reducing supply if they are sunk, that is what they are doing after all. On another topic it would be good to move the tank spawns a bit further from the troops and artillery, the current gameplay is that you have a fifteen minute drive to reach the enemy targets and then an opponent can see the map icon, spawn there immediately, and engage you. If he loses he can just respawn until he 'gets lucky'. Could Tigers and Panthers be worth a shedload of points if killed, or count as more than one tank against the spawn point capacity?
  9. As others have said, the current campaign has reached a tedious phase. It has separated into Land (Sector 1) and Sea (Sector 2), and despite my pleas my fellow Russian players just go obsessively after the ships. This has no effect on the victory conditions, which are in Sector 1, but just cause the scenario to keep rotating after only 90 minutes or so while moving the Russian and German ships closer to German airfields and further from ours. There is no airfield that can be captured by offensives in Sector 2.
  10. Thanks. So we think there is no difference except possibly sound.
  11. Since the last update there is an option for T34s to fit all-steel wheels. Why would you want to do that?
  12. Thanks for the minimum height info. I was wondering how I dropped all those PTABs at point-blank range and they did b-all. Any info on the drop trajectory, do they prescribe a forward parabola to the ground as you might expect or do they just drop straight down?
  13. Thanks for your advice. I don't recall it being always like this, I'm sure that at one time you had to have the engine stopped and possibly the driver's hatch open in order to get the graphic. At least if other people are seeing it I don't have to do a re-install. I thought there might be a 'how-to' thread somewhere recommending saving key-binding files and such-like first. Other tank players I asked weren't seeing it but perhaps it is my style of play, I go around with the commander's hatch open whereas some like to be permanently in the gun view.
  14. Recently I have found that when I hit Return to open Comms, I get the Repair Graphic as well. This locks the controls which means I run into things while sending messages. There seems no way of getting out of this via key binding. Is this likely to be a corruption of my install, and if so are there any threads you guys know of with less painful ways to delete/re-install?
  15. After many hours I have finally lost patience with having the landing gear collapse when I lock the tail wheel, and have assigned the tail wheel lock to something other than <Shift> G. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  16. It's true that I never touch the trim wheels. I tend to fly bombers so I don't need the last degree of performance. But I'm not too slow or touching the stick, I've removed my hand from the stick to look at map view etc.. I use a Microsoft SW FF so perhaps the force feedback is moving it.
  17. Hey stupor, I supported you. The other guys do have a point though in that if you are lurking near their tank spawn or artillery you need to warn people, as I do when I fly one of those 'Russian' Ju52s. If I'm dodging the AA to drop a load of PTABs on a group of vehicles I wouldn't expect to have to check each one to see if a friendly had sneaked in.
  18. I'd like to lobby for a 'When I say autolevel, I mean autolevel' button. Some planes drop out of autolevel too easily, notably the IL2. You go to look at the map and return 0.5 seconds before you're a lawn-dart. In some bombers it is possible to force it into autolevel by going into bombsight view.
  19. It's a shame that the lineup is complete, because there is too much emphasis on the 'super-tanks'. It would have been nice to see a BT7 or T26 to oppose the PzIII, and of course a StuG III on the German side.
  20. Are the object boxes defined on this map, to stop the AI shooting through buildings?
  21. What happened to that fluorescent green slime that you could drop from an Il-2 in earlier games in the series? Dropping some on a human-operated tank could be a bit of fun.
  22. We encountered this yesterday. There is normally a warning message when you start your engine but on this occasion it didn't seem to be present. Is there any chance of adding the paradrop sound effect as in single play, because at the moment the only way you can see the drop has occurred is to turn round and spot the chutes.
  23. Doesn't this mean that it needs to be an 'official' skin (so everybody has it) rather than a custom one? Yesterday I was attacked by a German over the target, who tried to ram me and took part of my tail. I struggled homewards and was attacked by a 'friendly' who damaged all my engines. With the windscreen covered in oil I diverted to the nearest airfield, which I apparently 'reinforced'.
  24. Can one of the talented artists do a Russian skin for the Ju52? I know it's ahistorical but in the absence of a flyable Li-2 some servers use these as Russian para transports and it is really annoying to be shot down by your own side.
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