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  1. The suggestion was it would be an option to be turned on or off, not mandatory. Aces like yourself would be able to learn the silhouettes and be comfortable that the likelihood of being team-killed was reduced. As for the runways (Combat Box aside) it is NOT always obvious where they are, particularly in planes where there is a limited view from the cockpit, even with opening the window and sticking your virtual head out. I do play on sites where you navigate visually (even in the cases where this is not realistic, like a multi-crew bomber), though I am sometimes tempted to put a protractor to the screen to work out the flight angle to the target from the obvious landmark I've reached.
  2. Back when I played Falcon 4, I used the near labels option, which meant that I didn't know the identity of distant aircraft but could tell who they were at a range in which a real pilot could visually identify them . It also meant that I could tell who my wingmen were and discover that when I cleared them RTB because of low fuel they instead skulked around in the vicinity of my plane until they plaintively cried 'Joker, flameout'. Any love for allowing the lesser-skilled among us to have an option like this in MP? At its most rudimentary it could just consist of a red or blue tinge around the plane at close range. The purists will cry that everybody should learn identification silhouettes from multiple angles, but it is a game not a career. I hear folk complaining about getting 'team-killed', this would reduce the incidence of mistaken identity substantially. On a less controversial note, I think we can all agree that there is nothing realistic about spawning on an airfield and not knowing where the runway is, particularly when we want to encourage pilots to use them. Should we have the GPS switched on when you are on the ground, even on 'realism' servers, as I believe was the case in ROF?
  3. OK I tried this again on Sunday, and I flew up and down but didn't get the 'Contact' message. However I remembered that somebody else had previously done the Spotter mission but failed to complete for some reason, so I flew over the target and sure enough I was prompted to fire a flare. Does the software just recognise 'Contact' as a one-time event achieved by the first pilot to do it?
  4. I did check the mission description (several times) and it just says fly over the area, then cross the lines and fire a flare. I assume you are telling me there are extra instructions under the map icon but I will have to wait until I have next completed Recon C to try it.
  5. I tried Mission 16 twice. The first time Eagle 4 and Eagle 7 collided on the runway. Eagle Leader flew around aimlessly before Point 3 before finally heading north without the escort. Eagle Leader and Eagle 3 disappeared somewhere (not destroyed) leaving me to go to the target alone, where I met a fighter. The second time for some unidentified reason Eagle 7 loitered for a long time on the runway. Eagle Leader flew around in circles before Point 3, this time we did pick up the escort and with Eagle 7 vaguely in the vicinity we headed north, only for Eagles 3 to 6 to vanish (presume they flew into a mountain). At the target I was heavily damaged by a fighter and headed home with one elevator and most of the rudder missing, only for the game to frustratingly freeze just as I was about to try to land the crippled bird (I assume the crash wasn't down to the mission). Edit: I went back and tried this again. The first time I saw Eagles 4 and 6 fly into a mountain near Point 3 as Eagle Leader finally set off for the target. The second time I just flew straight to the target, bombed it, and flew back. As I approached the airfield, the main flight attacked the target and the game froze, like it did in my second attempt. There is something about this mission that Il2 doesn't like, perhaps too much going on. My rig was bought specifically to play Il2 and I do play on servers like WoL successfully with 83 other players.
  6. In the Doullens to Cambrai scenario, how do you get the artillery spotter function to work? The last two times I tried it I flew up and down in the marked area of the map and couldn't establish contact. Yes, I did have a radio. It has worked in the past, several months ago.
  7. Tried Mission 15 twice. Both times Eagle Leader runs into the rear of Gannet 4 at the end of the taxiway, apparently stopping Gannet 4's engines. Eagle Leader carries on and I steer round Gannet 4 to join him, but Eagle 3 & 4 both get stuck in front of Gannet 4, meaning the flight won't take off. The second time I got fed up and took off myself and after about 5 minutes Eagle Leader requests permission for Eagle PAIR to take off and gets airborne. The only other bug I can think of is at the previous airfield (the one with the hard runway and the grass area) the game wouldn't recognise that I'd left the runway and it was now clear for others to land no matter how far into the boondocks I taxied.
  8. Big improvement, finally you don't have to go to the gunsight to scan the horizon.
  9. I keep getting messages saying stuff like 'the engine can't keep up' and 'fuel leak'. Are these supposed to apply to my tank? This is when I HAVEN'T been hit. 'Keep up' with what, surely the driver selects the appropriate gear for a given situation?
  10. I just had one where I was killed 'with extreme prejudice', since not only did my tank blow up but the game crashed.
  11. I went on the Attention site last night for fifteen minutes but the game was just unplayable. Hardly anyone in tanks and the skies filled with wheeling aircraft looking for a cheap kill without having to face those guys who are good in planes. The designer had tried to do something, moved the spawn point away from the victory locations and put a single guy with an AA MG nearby, but it didn't stop those who camp out at the spawn points and bomb you before you can even start your engine. One of these fine days I'm going to sneak to the airfield and shoot planes as they spawn and wait for the cries of protest and 'ban' votes to accrue. Can we have some scenarios without aircraft or at least only AI aircraft on genuine missions? Failing that, can we have AI fighter patrols to give Biggles something to do, or ten minute jailing for players who don't return to their airfield and land successfully?
  12. If any devs are reading this, we need the option to spawn in an AA vehicle to deal with the tiresome folk who circle spawn points in aircraft and destroy tanks before the player can get full control of them. Currently only the Sherman has the ability to fire back. Or more tanks could have an 'optional' AA MG. Who cares if this is ahistorical, it's a game.
  13. .... though a number of Russian accounts give (posthumous) credit to tankers who did just that.
  14. If they did the desert they wouldn't have to worry about AI seeing through trees and buildings.
  15. I had seen this message coming up for others while in flight, but on Sunday on Flugpark I experienced it myself for the first time. Landing after a 1 1/2 hour recon deep behind enemy lines I managed to spot my airfield (why do they make them so difficult to see?) but had a propeller strike with my Bristol on landing. To my surprise this dumb message comes up saying that the 'fragile plates' have shattered and my mission is invalidated. Who thought this was a good idea? Granted ROF was extreme the other way and you could cartwheel and still complete successfully, but this was sufficiently annoying to trigger a rage disconnect and a change to another game that was fun.
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