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  1. I'm doing a Ju52 campaign at the moment on the Moscow map. It's a little boring as you just do a paradrop or touch-and-go at the destination and then accel time home. EXCEPT last time there were two Russian fighters at the destination and they pursued me. I found that if I flew at treetop level they would just overfly me firing their guns, and I was eventually able to shoot down both of them with the popgun at the rear.
  2. Yeah, what I was thinking was should there be advantages to the drums in order to make it a trade-off? Since we now have repair you could provide the one-off capability of 'repairing' 'out of fuel' after a time delay if you have the drums. Or perhaps the devs will say that it was doctrine that everybody carried the drums in this period.
  3. Some have complained that Russian tanks in TC are better than the German tanks, unless you take a Tiger all the time. The arrival of the short-barrelled Pz IV is unlikely to change this perception. In fact the T34 WAS a generation ahead of the Pz III and Pz IV, the reasons the Germans succeeded were things like having three-man turrets and a radio in every tank. How might these features be represented so that every German player doesn't have to take a Tiger? Radio: Perhaps every Russian vehicle in LOS of German AI should be marked on German maps. Two-man turret: Given that multi-player tanks are unlikely to become ubiquitous, perhaps it should take longer for the Russian to switch between external views and gunsight view.
  4. Presumably we're talking about external fuel drums rather than fuel tanks. The commander of the 2nd Tank Army forbade the carrying of such drums into combat because of the incidents of crews having to jump out and put out superficial engine fires. So should you have an option NOT to carry the drums, and what would be the trade-off?
  5. I've finally managed to take off and land the thing (at Kalach) and even annoyed an enemy tank by firing rockets around it. On landing I found that the throttle levers WERE resting on the 'pawl' and wouldn't go lower until I stopped the engine with the 'E' key (so the détente DOES work). I'm a bit puzzled by how I struggle to get it above 300kph after take-off. Are you supposed to reduce the stabiliser position after T/O? When starting I find the important thing is to watch the temp gauges and stop throttle movement if they get midway.
  6. I read somewhere that the Russians made a number of assault gun movies, and there was also a TV series in which the assault gun crew were always saved by their faithful dog. Anyone know how to access these?
  7. Watch the temp gauge as you throttle up, and don't let it past midway.
  8. I'm reading 'Tank Men' at the moment. Interesting account of the darker side of tank warfare for those who demand realism. Apparently after an engine hit you typically had 10 seconds in a Churchill before the flames reached the turret, and 3 seconds in a Sherman. Also some Germans preferred taking a hit in a Pz IV to a Panther, because the Panther armour would prevent high velocity shot from exiting the vehicle and it would ricochet around chewing up the crew.
  9. Will Requiem have to redo most of his vids to include the new start-up procedures? If the little levers on the throttle are detentes, shouldn't it be impossible to go below the detente position in flight (and accidentally shut down) without taking some positive action to allow this?
  10. I was going to raise a thread about this. Often my best tactic is to fly back to my home airfield pursued by the entire enemy flight and leave my AI colleagues to attack the target in peace. My AI colleagues won't help me even if I lead enemy aircraft past their noses, and there is no 'help' radio message available unless you are the wing leader. Furthermore the enemy AI KNOW that I will get no help and happily present their sixes to my wingmen. Occasionally it is possible to get help from friendly patrols, though there is no CAP at your own airfield and nobody scrambles to deal with these enemy aircraft chasing me back and forth at low level.
  11. Thanks, that's what I call a manual. I thought you were joking about the windshield wash...... I noticed that the manual says the water radiator control directly operates a radiator flap whereas IL2 says that it sets a thermostat for automatic control.
  12. I've had a poke around trying to find out this stuff, but I don't think Requiem has done the D-9 yet. 1. What is the control to the right of the water thermostat? 2. Am I correct in thinking that oil temp is the lower brown(ish) gauge and water temp is the lower blue gauge?
  13. Of course the other passion-killer is the 'gunner killed' result. Should you be allowed a new crew member if you return to a friendly tank base?
  14. How about allowing bomber/attacker pilots to command one or two AI wingmen, the same as in career mode? To keep things simple, the bombers could drop when you drop and abort if you get shot down. A more complicated version would require the player to declare a target so the AI can carry on without him, but this could also allow his own plane to continue as AI if his connection drops or he voluntarily leaves the server. Server owners could be given the choice of washing out availability of AI wingmen if lots of meatware is available, in order to avoid server overload, Or some server capacity could be reserved for AI-padded attacker/bomber flights.
  15. I'm doing a campaign as a LaGG3 pilot at Stalingrad, leaving all the GOOD aircraft for you capable pilots First thing I notice when I spawn in midair is the odd initial state. There is yaw and pitch trim set (I don't usually bother with trims) and if you don't notice it and get rid you wonder why you have to fly crabwise to land. Oil rad is max but water rad is zero and if the latter isn't opened quickly you are going to have problems. Similarly prop pitch is 100%. THE AI pilots in my squadron fly everywhere flat out and I can't quite keep up with them (it's called a Lag for a reason!). For some unknown reason the LaGG LOVES to do a tail loop while slowing down after landing, I've watched the Requiem vid but there's no mention of this. I know the wheel brakes are slaved to the rudder but it even does it if I don't brake.
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