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  1. In fairness, only the Prokhorovka map was designed for tanks. It would help if the dumb 'entire crew wounded' result of running into an invisible tree was toned down, when it has taken you 30 minutes to get somewhere and then you have the choice of continuing in blur-o-vision or aborting it is quite annoying. Another 'feature' is where your tank hangs on the scenery in an unconvincing manner and will not move forwards or back. Tracked vehicles were designed to cross trenches.
  2. There is a problem though in that if you close the hatches momentarily (as you are about to be bombed by an over-enthusiastic friendly!) the repair time resets to its original value. This is annoying as you have sat for eight minutes waiting for a track repair, you momentarily duck in, and you are back to ten minutes.
  3. I've seen this quite a bit, with the Pz IV as well, on long road marches. Now in real life you would just not drive flat-out, but the throttle only has one setting AFAIK. I'm not sure if going around in a lower gear helps, but this is unrealistic, you would reduce the throttle. What did work was pulling off the road for a while and travelling on the grass. Having now read the previous post, I haven't tried slaving the throttle to the joystick. But the system won't let me delete this message.
  4. Well, all I can say is there was no 'firing on a friendly' message in the game and I never saw a player tank. The only way this could have happened is if he was on the other side of a target and copped a stray.
  5. I've just logged on and got a new message saying I have 'active teamkill warnings'. But I haven't killed anybody from my own team. I normally operate tanks or bombers because of my poor recognition skills, and have been shot at by others of my own team. So what is going on? Is the database screwed or am I a victim of impersonation?
  6. Sometimes I encounter invulnerable AI T34s in the Troop targets. I can fire at almost pointblank range at the rear, turret ring, engine grating etc. with my PzIV with no effect. One of them then slowly turned its turret and shot ME. I have been asked to raise this as a server issue, even though it would be surprising if you set the vulnerability of each AI tank separately. I also encountered invulnerable T34s in the new depot type.
  7. In the current mission the German sector 1 tank spawns are on the other side of an uncrossable River Don from both sets of troops and artillery.
  8. Sometimes when downloading from a multi-player server the download hangs. I click 'Cancel' and the Cancel button highlights and nothing happens. The only way out is to abort Il2 via the Task Manager.
  9. While playing on the Finnish server I occasionally encounter invincible non-player T34s. I couldn't penetrate them with anything from a PzIII, even firing from point blank range at the rear, engine grating, or turret ring. OK I thought, maybe this is historical. But I sometimes encounter the same thing in a PzIV. I even took along some APDS and it still has no effect, even at the rear at near point blank range.
  10. I'll second that. It's hard enough to navigate sometimes without being unable to see the ground. And you know that the AI gunners will be able to see you perfectly. Ha ha, I think I was logged on when that happened. Tanks did overrun airfields, in 1944 the Russian T34s would find German planes still taking off. All the opposition have to do is call in friendly planes to destroy the tank and the tank player then has a loooong drive from the nearest tank spawn to return there. On the subject of airfields, airfield suppression was a feature of both the Battle of Britain and the early stages of Barbarossa. Airfield AA should not be invincible but should start to respawn once no enemy tanks or planes are within a certain radius. It should be possible to temporarily reduce an airfield's capability by attacking it. Tank spawns are a different matter, they are abstractions and allowing them to be camped is unrealistic. Ideally the capacity of a tank spawn would be related to the health of the railway station or port where they would be shipped in.
  11. Is 1500m a bit excessive? I can see you driving down a road minding your own business when you are killed by invulnerable guns almost a mile away that you probably can't even see.
  12. There is a map error on the Kuban map coordinates 428-5. The bridge is misaligned with the road. if you follow the road, your tank sinks.
  13. If you go to commander view and press 'T' to use the binos, when you return to the gunner view the gun will centre before you can take control and use it. As stated in the previous post, this delay can cost your virtual life.😐
  14. Now you mention it, I did notice with the Sherman that if you use gun sight view with your gunner then switch to commander, the commander comes up holding the AA mg and has to drop it to use the binos. This isn't right, the gun sight status should be separately stored for each crew position. I assume that with a multiplayer tank the commander isn't prevented from using the binos while the gunner has the gun sight, which suggests that gun sight status is currently stored per player. As it would have to be, I suppose, as it would be stored locally rather than on the server.
  15. My experience, also from the Finnish server, is that you should try to avoid targets next to an enemy tank spawn because their players see the attack icon flashing on their map and can simply spawn and attack you. If they win you have a long drive to get back, if you win they simply respawn. Flat maps where targets are surrounded by trees are difficult because the foliage is set to block your commander's LOS (not sure why we can't use the SU-122) and the boxes of the treetrunks sometimes block your shots while providing no such impediment to AI fire at you. If you can do it, getting next to the enemy positions and using them to block AI fire is good. Best is undulating terrain which can be used for masking: you slide round the side of the hills to engage part of the enemy position rather than mounting the hill to go hull down against all of it. I'm not sure that the T34 gunner/commander is a big disadvantage for a single player tank because you can go from unbuttoned commander view to buttoned at the gunsight with one key press. There is however the annoying gunner/commander killed result which seems to happen with almost any hit; a major improvement would be to allow other 'crew members' to substitute at lesser efficiency.
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