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  1. beresford

    Developer Diary 216 - Discussion

    They're doing a terrific job and I will be interested to see the command interface. Just wonder why another PzIII though. At the moment the German player can choose between a slow light tank with a popgun and a slow heavy tank which is a large target. So everybody with any sense is in a Tiger. Why would you want to take the new PzIII over a Tiger?
  2. beresford

    Tank Crew with crew

    In the last MP game I played the locking function was grayed out. I assumed it was the decision of the server owner. I have no objection in principle to folk crewing the tank, it's not as if they are inferior to the AI gunner as often happens in IL-2. What I am saying is that multi-player tanks don't currently work. IRL all crew members except the gunner assist in spotting, so there should be an icon whereby the driver can tell the commander if he sees a target. Driver doesn't have to be the worst position, I would have thought that was R/O. I also wonder if there are 20 people on the server and this amounts to 5 crewed tanks it is really viable.
  3. beresford

    Tank Crew with crew

    I had a couple of interlopers in my tank a few days ago, but I let it go to see what would happen. As I expected, it doesn't really work. The commander has 360deg view but no binoculars, and so the only way to identify a distant target is through the gunsight, which is now under control of somebody else. Unless you are on TS communication is far too cumbersome. What is needed is a more powerful commander zoom view and some icon that can be clicked on to quickly tell the gunner there is a target at x o'clock. This could also be used to give commands to an AI gunner. An icon to give commands to a human or AI driver would be a bit more tricky. Until features like this are implemented it should be possible to lock the positions in your tank, as otherwise you risk suddenly becoming handicapped after a twenty minute drive to arrive at the field of battle.
  4. beresford

    damage on the tiger

    We need a fast German tank. The Tiger is a big target and slow and the Pz III is just as slow. T-wagons can just sprint round the Germans to the victory flags in the rear.
  5. On my own crib sheets I have the key presses necessary for the various cooling shutters. Having found out from the Requiem vids that a given shutter exists, I then experiment on the runway until I find out which key controls that shutter. I only list the gauges I use, as some stuff isn't essential (in the game at least). What's confusing me now is why all the data for the American A/C is given in kph when the cockpit gauge is mph. Is this a mistake or are you expected to do mental arithmetic?
  6. beresford

    HS129 takeoff

    Thanks for the feedback, chaps. After a few failed attempts at the subtle method (it always starts to swerve halfway down the runway) I tried the unsubtle suggestion of briefly holding the wheelbrakes on and whacking the throttle to maximum and it WORKED. I don't think I even had boost on (with 60% fuel and a 30mm cannon).
  7. beresford

    HS129 takeoff

    I watch the Requiem vids and I tried unsuccessfully to duplicate his takeoff…. several times. What I saw elsewhere was that sometimes the autostart leaves the engines asymmetrical, so I'm going to check that next time.
  8. How do you takeoff in this thing? I get it rolling in a straight line and then when I apply more power it swerves and ground loops. The rudder seems to have no authority and the toe brakes very little. On the occasion I did get it into the air I noticed that the prop pitch control seems to be inverted.
  9. beresford


    Playing a mission where you are supposed to make a paradrop. I get there and find it is on a mountain. Then there are no bonfires but a message saying I am above a zone where a saboteur must be landed, but there is no sign of where this is meant to happen either. How is this task supposed to work?
  10. beresford

    AA MGs on tanks

    if any devs are reading this, can we have the AA MGs option on tanks where appropriate? On the server I've just left enemy aircraft are circling all the tank bases at low altitude shooting anyone who spawns, and there's nothing you can do about it. At least let us fire back. I notice the new Sherman has an AA gun depicted, hopefully it will be operational.
  11. beresford

    Flying Tiger

    Just encountered a mysterious flying Tiger tank on a MP server. It seemed to jump between positions, one minute it was up in the air, the next it had landed without its turret and then it appeared behind me and killed my commander (having presumably regained the turret). Fortunately the (apparently) human player was unable to control it as it kept jumping about.
  12. beresford

    Me 262 Questions

    I'll have to dig out my copy of the official Me262 pilot conversion film (available from ihffilm.com).
  13. beresford

    I Can Not see Servers

    I started the game and got one of those Update things that we all love to wait for. Finally it finished and I started the game and couldn't see any servers. I've just gone back and there is one server. Is this because my game is more up to date than the servers and I now have to wait for them all to have down time and update themselves?
  14. I haven't got TeamSpeak either. But you don't have to be TOTALLY unsocial, you can use the chat box to request 'little friends' once you've climbed your bomber to altitude, or ask for somebody to clear vulchers from an airfield, or inform your team-mates that you have spotted a convoy. It can be good to say which target you are going for, nothing more annoying than to line up a perfect bombing run and see the target disappear from the map because someone else has got there first. You might want to say that you are on landing approach at a given airfield as well, to prevent tears before bed-time.
  15. beresford

    LA-5 cowl flaps

    I tried flying this bird for the first time a couple of nights ago, and went straight to 3000m before blowing the engine. I went back to check Chuck's Guide and found the bit I'd missed, that both cowl flaps have to be fully open for take-off. OK, so you start with both flaps fully open and then close them as much as you dare. But how do you use the separate inlet and outlet controls intelligently? Is it a case that the outlet flap controls heat release and the inlet controls forced cooling, and therefore you should close the inlet first? I guess that the game doesn't anticipate you changing the cowl flaps that much because with the keyboard mapping you need hands like Meadowlark Lemon to shift the flaps one-handed.