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  1. Very nice! I look forward to downloading it once I am back from vacation.
  2. I also got the message "Failed to Update" Deleting the update folder and trying again! I will report back. It worked!
  3. @dog1 Not sure what you mean when you say you can’t find their forum. I posted their forum thread in my previous post. They don’t have a separate web forum just their thread in the IL2 forums. I see you found their Discord channel which is great.
  4. Hello Dog1 WOL has a TS Server ts.aviaskins.com but I have never hung around in that server so don't know how many people use it! The unofficial IL2 Battles Discord also has links so every other Il2 Battles most used discord channels https://discord.gg/UXFKX6G Combat Box Server which focuses on late war planes has a discord channel and some people join it including myself. Take a look at their server description here: As for getting shot down, yes working together as a squad would definitely increase your odds, but I took a 10 year hiatus in Combat Sims, and getting back into it in January was absolutely brutal! It takes a good six months just to be competent let alone being an online ace! 1. Watch DerSheriff for you to get an appreciation of what goes on before an attack : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEOoU9PxkXEmsFdzrbvx37A 2. Check out SYN_Requiem's vidoes on Combat tactics/defensive manoeuvres/aircraft tutorials etc. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwV5RLX7mkaDy5gTIiuwGmg 3. This video gives you a reality check and appreciation on how long it can take you to become a good combat virtual pilot; Cheers!
  5. Hello Moderators, can you please Pin this topic so that other can easily find one place where the community places their key bindings. Hello I just updated the IL2 BOX Default Key Commands for v3.101b in Excel and PDF https://www.mediafire.com/file/fmd7888qmyymji9/IL2_BOX_Default_Key_Commands_v3.101b.zip/file
  6. I will keep updating this excel. The latest version can be found here: I deleted the previous version
  7. Hello, currently only the FW-190 is mentioned for the Adjustable Stabilizer Up and Down keys. You may want to add the ME262A. Cheers!
  8. @Geronimo553 I fly the HotStart TBM for X-plane 11. It is phenomenal.
  9. Here is a bit more info from AOPA Live @4:19 https://youtu.be/12B-zu6YMb0
  10. Thanks for the reply can you point me to a thread or hat shows me how to do that and exactly how to tweak the settings. Thanks
  11. @BornToBattle Yes FSX was a real pig of framerates. P3D ran very smooth on my GTX 970 with i7 kabylake, and 16 GB of ram but still gave it up in favour of X-Plane and now with Vulcan it will only gets better.
  12. @Feathered_IV One can only hope that it will have everything FSX\P3D has but with that new graphics engine and better flight models out of the Box! Just a video teaser w/o any details is just as unprofessional as it was when they did that for Microsoft Flight! It does not exude anything serious. Just my two cents plus tax 😃.
  13. Well this is the first I will be doing Followed by this one:
  14. @ICDPI studied your P-47 alpha for bare metal and tried to apply it to this skin but the best I could come up with is a metallic grey. It would be for a fictional skin. I also referred to the gimp tutorial but that did not help me. Any pointers would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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