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  1. What do you mean dog the template has been out now over over two weeks in the Official Template thread, also recently for the Tempest and P-38
  2. After using @361st_Bugsy color code template found here: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/54643-p-51-d-skins/?do=findComment&comment=831812 I made this short video showing a simple trick to help line up multi-coloured props https://youtu.be/ioAR_M6bcnI
  3. Just a little trick to paint prop multicolore prop spinners on the P-51 https://youtu.be/ioAR_M6bcnI
  4. Hello @Megalax Of course skinners may want to make the same skin but some may simply make one because of a request not knowing that there is another skinner making one. It’s within that Spirit I wrote this.
  5. Hello all esteemed skinners, moderators @Bearcatand virtual pilots waiting for their favorite skins. I feel that the skin threads are becoming quite chaotic. It would be nice to have ONE pinned thread for all skin requests for all planes. This would avoid multiple requests in various threads and confirm which skinners are working on which skins. I would hate to work many hours on a skin just to see that another person was also working on it! Then once released skinners would post them in the pinned threads for each model ( like the P-51 not yet pinned) and then skinners can link those to their personal Skin thread afterwards. Make sense? Thanks!
  6. I’ve only done about five or 6 but more on the way. I crank out out the ones that inspire me the most!
  7. Just putting on the final markings. Thanks to @szelljr for his checkered scheme. The two tone prop was a challenge but is perfectly lines up now! The video below was the WIP to line them up!
  8. Thanks that might work. I will play around with it.
  9. I took the black and white checkered in the template and used the magic wand and then paint bucket to paint and sometimes the magnetic lasso
  10. Hey Guys I decide to work on Frenesi first since I can then cut out the Camo for Happy jack Go Buggy. I am not 100 % satisfied with the checkered yellow and red. I have tried to use various blurs to remove the pixilation. Any other suggestions to smoothen it out ?
  11. It's a real pain in the ars aligning the three layers in the prop hub! I will get it done, and then again for the different images of the spinning prop!
  12. Yes that is what I meant to say, they did not fly the bubble canopies. I’ve been using this site as a reference amongst others.http://www.littlefriends.co.uk/4th-fighter-group/
  13. @Poochnboo Thé P-47’s I painted were not historically accurate simply because the 4thFG never flew D models but I still skinned Boisee Bee which I also plan to skin as a Mustang D model even though Duane Beeson only flew the B model if I recall.
  14. I am p’anning to skin Salvatore Grentile’s Shang ri-La not Kidd Hofer http://www.warbirdregistry.org/p51registry/p51-4472934.html
  15. @DrJester I am no expert on that plane but that black and white image reveals two tones in the nose ( your yellow and black) but not the tail, so I assume that picture was taken when the tail was bare metal and probably at sone point it was painted yellow. You’d really have to research the history of it to be 100% certain. The net is littered with slightly different paint schemes for so many planes, and that does not necessarily mean that one is right and the rest are wrong, but more about at what priod in time are they capturing the paint scheme. And some might simply wrong. FSX made a recreation of Happy Jack Go Buggy with D-Day stripes on the nose but I am painting it as it appears in my photos further up in this thread after I did some research. Release two versions dilema resolved 😀
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