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  1. Hey Auto, The Blacksheep don't monitor this site much I happen to know them (in the virtual world) I will let the CO know you are looking for him via email.
  2. We are a P51D Squadron and pre 4.005 the P51D guns were damaging aircraft just about the same as in my DCS P51D-25. But since then , the guns are anemic! We are at a crossroads here. Many of us might to stop playing iL2 Great Battles and not invest into Normandy. There is plenty of real gun cam footage showing P-51's tearing into FW's but lately we are just pecking away at them even at 200m convergence. It's the first time I am in the complaint forum. I know that many other virtual pilots are talking about it when we are in the SRS coms in Combat Box. Also the K-14 Gunsight does not track ver
  3. I just updated the Key binding as there were changes since my last version which was 11 months ago. If you see any mistakes please advise me. Enjoy!
  4. Hello Gents with Summer over, I have every intention of binding all the default key Commands for iL2 in my next update. I am still just a bit busy at the moment, but stay tuned. If any of you are familiar with the DCS Bailey's Voice Attack profile, my new one will resemble his.
  5. I wish I would have known before the update! I had some tracks I wanted yo use for a movie! Too late now!
  6. @PropsRequest it from @szelljr. Check out his profile and it will lead you to his skins deposit. He’s been making some 334th birds lately
  7. Good work on all your 334th P47’s. I have to start doing my 336th squad skins 😀
  8. We deactivated the 361stFG so most of the movies and this thread won’t work anymore! Stay tuned as we start a new 336th video thread!
  9. In January 2020 the C/O @361st_Bugsy had to take a leave of absence leaving command to the X/O 361st Wood now @336th_Wood. Upon on a vote with the remaining members we’ve decided to emulate the 336th FS of the 4thFG. Cheers.
  10. @HossDid you get your layers? I emailed them to you. If Bugsy ever returns I guess he can resume the 361st!
  11. I run all my applications as Administrator. For instance the IL2 Great Battles recorder does not record when my game is launched unless I check it to run as Administrator. Same goes for Team Speak where it has issuers if I don’t launch it as Administrator and same goes for Opentrack since I use the DelanClip Fusion for head tracking. Overlay in Discord does not work unless I launch it as Administrator. Welcome to Windows 10, the new Windows millenium! @vonGraf I deleted my black screen post after disabling some unused Audio Drivers. This seems to have solved the problem for me.
  12. @chipwich Thanks, for now summer is upon us so I am outdoors lately but yes on rainy days I can expand mine to include yours. Cheers!
  13. Don't know if you still require this info but here you go! 1. Your videocard name: Gigabyte Radeon RX 590 2. You Driver version: WHQL 20.2.2 3. Have you this weird graphics issue with opened canopy if you set Anti-Aliasing to 0 and Canopy Reflections Off? No Mine looks just fine I only flew Sunday for 30 minutes but everything looked fine with FXAA turned on Anti-lias at 2 and Cockpit Reflections to Normal. Thanks for the fix!
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