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  1. first, I measured 470 IAS - 640 TAS (for FW-190, 100% fuel, 6000 m, 1.42/2700), so not -20, but -10 kph error. second, the same FW 190 at sea level has 15 kph overspeed (555 TAS in game - 540 TAS IRL, 1.42/2700), at 8 km FW 190 has at least 10 kph overspeed (655 (and continue growing) TAS to the end of the third minute in game - 645 TAS IRL, full throttle/2700). I think, in your example you want to say that we did overperformanced Soviet fighters and underperformanced Axis ones. Actually it is not true. Due to complicated FM it's possible some errors, but there is no 'russian' or 'german bias'. PS. We do all the best to reduce such errors.
  2. I repeat: German sources are in first row for german planes.
  3. Hello all! I'm FM engineer from 1CGS and I worked with FW-190 flight model. Does anybody have "P. Gross "Die Entwicklung der Tragwerkkonstruction Fw 190", Bericht 176, der Lilienthal Gesellschaft, 2 Teil, January 1944"? Also if you have any additional references don't hesitate to send us. They will be helpful for future work with FW190A5.
  4. "Let's me speak from my heart. In English" © I'll try to explain. I-16 has hydrostatic fuel gauge. In fact, knob is a piston of air pump. When knob moved backward, spring coil is compressed. When knob moves forward, the air displaces fuel from sensor. So gauge indicates pressure difference between fuel surface and tank bottom.
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