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  1. No offence, but you dont know what your talking about. And yes I still wish I hadnt wasted my money on these games because of how I feel about the sound. No amount of passive aggressive bullying [Edited] talk you or anyone else here gives me will make me feel any different. I didnt post to say how I feel to you, I posted to say how I feel to the developers. I have spoken about this from the start, none cared then, none care now about my opinion because its too late once you have already put your money in their account, if you dont understand that then: ... stay real. stay realistic..stay sane
  2. My Rig: i7 4790k Asus Sabertooth Motherboard Asus GTX 980 16Gb Corsair Vengeance SoundBlaster ZXR SoundCard Win10 64bit My thoughts about sound. I've been an amateur field recordist for about 4 years now and I've been sound modding for nearly double. My speciality is aircraft and environmental sounds, I cannot even begin to describe how it feels when I'm recording what I know is going to be an amazing sample, the anxiousness of journeys to the locations, the calm once I'm set up and ready to record. It's hard to explain but its a true passion. Then it begins all over again when you get the sample onto a machine to edit, and once more when placing the sound into a medium such as a mod for a game and viewing the results. Obviously I know that P40F is a merlin powered engine and not an Allison, but to me that just highlights the point with the Allison engine used in that variant being quite a higher pitch than the merlin variant. The sound in game has way too much low end and it distorts the high lossing any detail. Why use a poorer sample when there are many samples out there that may not be the sample variant but produce a much higher quality result. Internal sounds of the inline fighters sound the same, nothing like the raw sounds of the early Beta where they were much better in my opinion. Comparing them honestly in the different views shows not enough differences to make them sound like different aircraft. Having spent hours and hours of recording aircraft and many more hours editing and modding with the sounds, sorry but the Russian inline aircraft sound too clean and too modern especially in external view, any raw or gruff seems to have been cleaned out of the samples, to the point where they resemble a modern prop light aircraft in my opinion. My recording setup for aircraft: Fostex FR2-LE Compact Flash Recorder X2 Rode NTG3 Shotgun Mics + X2 Rode Blimps XLR cable - Gold Neglex Quad Microphone Cable for Studio Neutrik XLR Beyerdynamic DT150 Headset X2 Manfrotto 5001B Stands
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v3nEgkg0BF8 Does the P40 in game sound anything remotely like a real P40, no it doesnt. Allison or Merlin. I wish i had never bought Stalingrad or Moscow.
  4. The soundscape for the aircraft quite honestly is very dissapointing. None of it sounds realistic. The inline engines are all variations of the same samples and sound like a modern day cessna. Is the soundscape going to get some love it deserves?
  5. It had a scoop to catch the airflow and pull the canopy off.
  6. I think Its massively overpriced for a dogfight game to start, second is its just not good, thats why i stopped playing a long time ago. I log in every now and again to see if anything has changed but nothing does it seems. Having the poor design decisions im certainly not buying the BoM for only a couple of new planes and the rest of the recanted models and slightly modifyed models again. I'm sure people might not agree with that but its my opinion.
  7. Moral of the story is keep turning players away and reducing player numbers because it benefits the game greatly.
  8. I take it the mc202 and the p40 will be in the gold version as bonus planes?
  9. Ok thanks for the explaination, what you said makes sense to me now and is a fair point. Also I didnt realize you are non English native and I thought it was your first language, but hence the lost in translation probably.
  10. No he didnt say that, he said the FM on the 190 was modelled somewhat correct and all the other aircraft's FM's are historically inaccurate. Something I completely agree with, it almost feels like they all have 1 FM they all share. I never play the game anymore, I havent since long before Christmas. For me its this subject but also that the gameplay feels bland and the environment empty. +1 Zak if you had meant : "I'm asking because maybe there's anyone here on the forum who knows about planes more than our engineers", why didnt you say that? What you said was: "One question: why do you think planes in a flight sim must fly the way you expect it to?" Maybe I'm reading into it but to me that seems like a bad attitude creeping through in your comment. For the record, I dont feel the OP deserved that type of response, he was polite and respectful, wrote a detailed argument for why he feels the way he does, and you responded with what seems to be unwarranted bad emotions towards him. All the more reason why I personally wont buy anymore from your company as this isnt the first time ive seen this type of rude attitude to paying customers.
  11. Maybe they were advising you knowing their own hardware and giving a game life span with it.
  12. WT in the rift is hideous, the image is warped and just induces nausia. Very poor implimentation.
  13. So has there been any actual information from the devs if and when DK2 support will be introduced?
  14. YET ANOTHER STUPID IDEA! Totally destroys any immersion I had flyin my cessna sounding russian planes, but the frankenstien electricity sounds in the menu make it all worth while, not.
  15. Those sounds are pretty bad, nothing like bullets hitting a plane.
  16. Are you taliking about being hit? OR hitting them? I can here hitting them when im close. I can never hear my own aircraft being hit.
  17. You think the Guardian isnt well known outsdide the UK?
  18. What it deserves. It just deosnt stand out.
  19. Thats spending the average working week playing to get a bunch of unlocks.
  20. There's been many times we disagreed and even argued about our opinions on a few forums, but my friend I agree with you completely with this statement. Me too, i get tempted every now and again to stick X2 and autopilot on but I cant even be arsed to do that if I'm honest. You will now be clubbed to death like a big chubby seal in MP for that comment.....if you can find the players to do the clubbing. Many suggestions have been put forward but they still dont want to be told, Pride comes before the fall. All this negativity on the forums and I'd be willing to be its the same on the russian forums. I was really looking forward to seeing this game develop but now its popcorn time, my $160 that I sank into early access has done nothing more than earn my a ringside seat to the suicide of a game, and I'm gonna force myself damn well enjoy it now.
  21. Are we going to get more individualized graphics settings? Are we going to get a seperate tick box for cinematic camera and one for blur? At what point will occulus dk2 support arrive and will it be in direct mode? Thanks
  22. A little OT i know but is that a spade grip i see there? If so where did you buy it?
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