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  1. Question to those possessing more knowledge on the subject. The P-51, I always thought, was relegated to bomber defense and was developed by British engineers and implemented by American manufacturers to be a fast, somewhat nimble fighter. I always believed the Spitfire to be more maneuverable and more of a dogfighter in tight situations. Having experienced the newly released P-51, I've found it to surpass the Spit in all roles. Is this reality or has the sim's recreation become something of a blown up version of reality?
  2. Hats off to you Julian. So grateful for your time and talent.
  3. The Mossie is a must for this game. So many variants, such adaptability and effective in all assigned tasks, plus it looks like a dream. PLEASE developers include this as a Bodenplatte aircraft. If you want to bolster your economic intake, it's a no-brainer.
  4. Thanks Flowbee, great work! Love seeing a dusty dirty desert workhorse. Trouble is, now you've made me thirsty!
  5. A Hurricane is a must for this game. Amazed to hear Russian pilots dissing this plane. Wonder if it was because of their late start with it and lack of time or inability to train properly to get to know the nuances of the aircraft. BoB British, Canadians, Poles loved it and some preferred as a warhorse due to its maneuverability and stability as a gun platform, hence its later role as ground attack fighter. I miss flying one as I often used it in Il2 1946. So in short, would definitely welcome the chance to own one again, PLEASE!!!
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