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  1. I can't believe this is your first try at skinning. Well done with both versions and thank you for sharing!
  2. Can't beat it as is Flowbee! Well done, the russian tankers couldn't spot me at all! Thanks and love to see the GD emblem again.
  3. You have such a talent Julian. Thank you for all your sharing over the years.
  4. I am the product of two people who had to endure the privations and degradations of nazi "occupied territories" rule. My father was 14 and fought them through the Dutch underground, delivering messages for resistance fighters on his bicycle and late at night while avoiding patrols, sentry posts etc. He also endured seeing friends and relations carted off to unseen horrors. I personally love having the opportunity to fight the ss (lower case intended) by operating Russian vehicles against them. But let's remember that the Russians also exhibited terrible war crimes on civilians, both in Germany
  5. Wow! Such detail. Amazing work Tomi!
  6. So grateful for the work put into the Hurri with all the options available. You did tribute to this awesome bird. Thank you team Il-2!
  7. The snow covered tracks! Amazing work Tomi. Plus the 121 detail. So appreciated. You continue to improve and historically enhance this game. Thank you.
  8. Beauty. Thanks so much. Love your work!
  9. Love seeing the Hetzer beside it's huge cousin. Thanks for the picture and the reality regarding skinning issues. Skinners we appreciate all you do!
  10. Tomi, DetCord and Julian this community owes you all a huge hats off in gratitude for your dedication and artistic skills, plus your willingness to share your amazing efforts. You all enhance this game to no end and your work is so valued and looked forward to. So thank you all for the effort you make to offer us all this enjoyable experience in our otherwise dull and dreary COVID existence lol! Stay well.
  11. Love your work Julian. Thank you for your all your contributions to this game. You and your artistry help make history come alive.
  12. Love the "Grendel" on the cannon. And the access wear on the turret. Beautiful and skillful touches!
  13. You do amazing work Tomi. Much appreciated as it adds so much to this game!
  14. Truly amazing! Thank you DetCord for the hard work you put into this. It really shows. The game is much more enjoyable with your GD panzers on the loose lol!
  15. Just a hats off to those of you who rightfully recognized the need for change. Your category list is great and allows much easier access to everything concerning new developments in the tank world. Much appreciated!
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