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  1. Heres the full vid of the short time lapse i posted a few days ago. enjoy!
  2. For me I think we need more negative Gs. Especially pilots doing positive and negative Gs to try and shake an opponent. There should be heavy consequences for pilots shaking their plane like a madman. Maybe some sort of multiplier on fatigue or blurry vision etc...
  3. Just a video showing some love to the A-20
  4. I think we are all eager for some new flight gear on the market! Your work looks absolutely incredible! I love my P-38 . Please make some videos! I cant get over how awesome these products look!!! My wallet Is getting lighter just thinking about it!!!!!!
  5. Thank you so much Lothar! Means a lot!!!
  6. Forgot to post this here. Was a lot of fun to make! The Duck kicks ass!!
  7. Just OBS to record and Davinchi Resolve 16 to edit.
  8. Just a little clip I made for fun. Hope you enjoy!
  9. Thank you so much Absolut! Your comments mean a lot to me! I'll see if I can make the next one a 10/10
  10. Anyone keen for some air races? Did one last week was awesome! would you guys be keen for a race once a month or something?
  11. I thought we weren't allowed to post Vids here for some reason, so I posted this in my own topic. 😛 For those of you who missed it here ya go What it feels like to fly in VR.
  12. What do you guys think? You like it?
  13. Just had a look at his videos. Good stuff!
  14. Yes NASA was one of the first but not the very first. I got inspired to do this video when i saw the this cool doco about the history of Vr. At 8:45 you can see the p38 clip that i used in my video. I feel very lucky that we live in a time where VR has gotten so good! The sense of presence in the cockpit is amazing! I play a lot on the combat box server, they have a discord channel where anyone can meet up and fly together. I'd say 40% of people on there use VR . You should check it out! trust me il2 is a lot of fun when your flying with 5 or 6 cool people all in
  15. Just realized i posted this in the wrong spot last night
  16. Lets get all the friday night content in one place! Add what you've got!
  17. What do you guys listen to while flying when the servers are dead? This is my jam! After the landing gear are up that was all in one flight. But there is a reason why the video doesn't end with me safely landing. My poor p-38 ended up on the river bed
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