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  1. Heres the full vid of the short time lapse i posted a few days ago. enjoy!
  2. For me I think we need more negative Gs. Especially pilots doing positive and negative Gs to try and shake an opponent. There should be heavy consequences for pilots shaking their plane like a madman. Maybe some sort of multiplier on fatigue or blurry vision etc...
  3. Just a video showing some love to the A-20
  4. I think we are all eager for some new flight gear on the market! Your work looks absolutely incredible! I love my P-38 . Please make some videos! I cant get over how awesome these products look!!! My wallet Is getting lighter just thinking about it!!!!!!
  5. Thank you so much Lothar! Means a lot!!!
  6. Forgot to post this here. Was a lot of fun to make! The Duck kicks ass!!
  7. Just OBS to record and Davinchi Resolve 16 to edit.
  8. Just a little clip I made for fun. Hope you enjoy!
  9. Thank you so much Absolut! Your comments mean a lot to me! I'll see if I can make the next one a 10/10
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