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  1. Ok, so i don't have to worry about backing up ini. Now where do I install? I have Blitz with Tobruk addon. Do I install in my Documents? If so what is the path? In my documents I have 1CSoftClub. When that is opened there are two folders: 1. 1CSoftClub il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover OLD 2. il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover. The dynamic mission files I think would be intalled in some subfolder in one or the other of these two folders? Which of the two and the path from there? Thanks Fliddlesticks
  2. I love the team and their efforts to make this a great Sim, but I agree totally with you. Sometimes absolutely brilliant people just don't know how to explain things to us lesser mortals. I don't think it's on purpose. They just assume we know more than we do or assume that we should know more than we do. I don't want to sound critical of the folks that have given us the best of all the combat flight sims, but I, same as you, struggle mightily to figure out how to do or handle some of the info given me. Years ago, many companies used to hire professional teachers to write instructions for us
  3. Appreciate your reply regarding installing a new version of PWCG. There is indeed, a USER file within PWCGFC, but can't find a user file within PWCGBOS. How does one goes about uninstalling an older version and then reinstalling a newer version of PWCG for BOS?
  4. I'd like to install and try the generator , but instructions are too vague for my simple mind. Oden says to update your ini files. What is an ini file? Where is it or them located and how does one update it or them? I am new to Cliffs and Tobruk , but not to flight sims. I've been on GB for 3-4 yrs. so I'm not a total greenhorn. How does one install the generator and where is it installed? Do I install under steam or the new soft club? The single player campaigns and missions that I have thus far installed have been installed in the Soft Club Directory. Thanks.
  5. How does one go about installing a newer version of PWCG. Is a simple delete of the Old version and then installing the new one sufficient or does one simply install the new version over the old one?
  6. What are the steps to follow in order to download single player missions and campaigns? Where are they placed, in documents or steamapps?
  7. How does one go about adding single player missions or campaigns to the game. More than anything else, where does one add them, in Documents location or in steamapps location?
  8. If one wants to add a single player mission or campaign, how is this done? Are they added into Documents/missions or Documents mission? Another possible choice is adding them in to missions in steamapps? I do play Great Battles also and am generally successful in adding scripted campaigns and missions there.
  9. I've been unable to use mouse for looking around while in cockpit and also while outside of plane after using the F2 key. I've been able to use the number pad keys for looking right , left, up and down, but not the mouse. I'm able to use the mouse for looking around when in the Great Battles Sim, but not here. What do I need to do to enable the mouse for this purpose?
  10. I need recommendations for a good USB Hub for flight sims and/or gaming.
  11. Waiting on an answer from Buzzsaw or somebody that knows. I too always find skins in my cache as well as shaders. I don't do multiplayer. I've been deleting them, but I'm concerned that I may be deleting files I need and will come up short on skins if I keep deleting them. Help!
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