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  1. When I click on plane setup, the only option I get is "Accept". Can no longer change skins, adjust fuel, weapons loads, etc. I only play single player. Used to work until last week or so. Help!!
  2. When accessing game today, it went thru the new update process of downloading, installation etc. Thenwhen opening the game and attempting to play offline, I got this prompt: #10005 Please update your game: new version available. I was able to play online. Hope someone can help. Thanks
  3. How does one go about updating? When I accessed the game today, it went thru the download process of downloading, installation, etc. Game will not allow me to log in offline; online works fine. I get this message trying to log in offline: "#10005: Please update your game, new version available."
  4. I don't seem to be able to access the Bf 109 G6 even though I have purchased all the premium versions of all the games through Bodenplatte and Flying Circus. It appears to be present in the root folder under data\planes\ and there is a folder for it's skin, but there are no skins in it. I noticed that one guy in the forums mentioned taking it for a spin in a one on one in QM, but it's not there in my plane list when I do a QM. The G4 is there, but not the G6. I should be able to access it given that I purchased all premium versions of the game. Anyone out there have an explanation of why I'm not able to access it?
  5. I purchased Flying Circus on August 3 using my promo code, paying via paypal. I was charged full price of $69.99. Have sent 2 messages to support, but have not received a reply. Have been playing ROF since 2012 and have purcased everything possible in that game. When I tried to purchase other Sturmovik titles, I discovered that my promo codes were no longer available. I may have screwed up somewhere, but I don't know how or where. Maybe buying via paypal is the issue? I can't complain with regard to my experiences with ROF. I learned to trust the developers during my time with ROF; they stayed with with game with updates far longer than developers of most any other games. I expect they'll do the same for the newer BOX titles, however, is there anyway i can get my discounts?
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