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  1. Really fantastic news. Now to decide whether to start a Tempest career first, or the German tank campaign!
  2. I expect there will be scripted campaigns added, similar to what we've seen with Ten Days of Autumn and Blazing Steppe for example. That's what I'm hoping, anyway!
  3. Completely agree with this - rather have another opportunity to use a collectors plane than cut it out because it doesn't exactly match the variant used.
  4. Brilliant news. I couldn't wait before but now I'm super excited! So glad I purchased Tank Crew.
  5. Fantastic news, really exciting! Quick question - will we be able to choose what tank to use in missions? Or will different missions use different tanks? I don't want the Panzer III, Tiger and KV-1 to gather dust in the hangar while the T-34 and Panzer IV have all the fun!
  6. Happy Hallowololo everyone!
  7. Perhaps earlier, subtle triggering of the audio cues would help, without being as intrusive as icons?
  8. They've also borrowed heavily from the life of Franz Stigler (featured in the excellent book A Higher Call by Adam Makos) for one of the bios. Fair enough in his case though - he had a fascinating life and was far from being an unrepentant Nazi!
  9. If we're talking Soviet, we should get some British lend lease tanks, like the Matilda or perhaps the Churchill. Both would fit the time frame and would add a very different challenge and experience to the sim.
  10. I love the Tempest - it's such a mean looking aircraft, but if you look closely you can imagine it being almost sleek if it wasn't for the massive chin radiator (the Tempest Mk.II is proof of that). The Mustang is great but I've seen it in almost every WWII combat flight sim I've played, so it's nice to have something fresh. The P-38 is my surprise of the update though - sleek, beautiful, great engine sounds, fast, maneuverable and a mean punch with all those guns (and cannon!) concentrated in the nose.
  11. I'm away next week from Monday to Friday, so I will be OUTRAGED if the update is released while I'm away, despite the devs not having any prior knowledge of my holiday or any obligation to serve my needs specifically!
  12. They said September, but not which year!
  13. The update is bringing all of those PLUS the Rheinland map. The forum might explode.
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