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  1. Great news, the Tempest campaign looks fantastic, just what Bodenplatte (and the Tempest!) needs! Also, that Hurricane 😍 I pre-ordered it a week ago, can't come soon enough.
  2. Edit: just to add, the crashes are happening when going to start a flight, the game seems to minimize and then crash. I've disabled the steam overlay, don't have MSI. I'd say the crashes are happening in one in every 4 flights. I'm experiencing intermittent crashes. Here's all the requested stuff, hope there's an easy fix! Image Name PID Services ========================= ======== ============================================ System Idle Process 0 N/A System 4 N/A Registry 124 N/A
  3. Will do! Hoping to get back on it tomorrow so will do it then.
  4. I finally had a chance to play this afternoon - only for about an hour, and just quick flights. I've had an annoying intermittent launcher crash (ntdll.dll) which has been a bit of a downer... ...but overall I'm really impressed. The Wellington is gorgeous inside and out (love the geodesic structure you can see in the wings when the sun hits them at the right angle) and the flight dynamics are excellent. I was amazed by the number and variety of aircraft, especially the fact they have clickable cockpits. As mentioned above the sounds are very convincing too. I was also impressed by
  5. Thanks so much for your thoughts, both good and not so good, so far. I have to say I'm still really excited to try it (although hopefully an updated UI is in the plans somewhere down the line!)
  6. Congratulations to Team Fusion, I hope all your hard work pays off!
  7. I'm away until Saturday so won't be able to try Desert Wings until then, but I'm eager to hear what you guys think. I'm especially looking forward to trying the Wellington, so it would be great to hear how she flies.
  8. Placed my order. I'm hoping they've improved the UI - the menu system made CloD almost unusable. Can't wait to get my hands on a Wellington!
  9. Happy with the delay if it means we'll get an even better damage model out of it! Keep up the good work!
  10. Love the Hurricane, got to stand right behind one (like, 3 or 4 metres) when it was starting up once and the smell of petrol, the glorious noise of the Merlin, and the blast from the propwash was incredible. I'm really looking forward to this!
  11. Really pleased to see this list, especially the AI improvements. Will be looking forward to the Panther's debut hopefully early in the new year!
  12. This could apply to a lot of the arguments in these forums:
  13. Just wanted to write a note to say thanks for all the hard work with the AI - took a Bf-109 G14 up in career mode last night and got into a real furball with the AI. It was so gratifying to see enemy Spits ducking and weaving - at one point I thought the AI was going to get stuck in the constant turn that I used to see all the time, but then it dove down and tried its best to throw me off its tail. It made finally getting the kill all the more satisfying!
  14. I don't understand this viewpoint at all, except for the G6 (late) they're all new and unique aircraft.
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