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  1. in summer time! 馃槄 GPU: RTX 2080Ti CPU: I7 9700K 4,9Mhz RAM: 32 GB HMD: Samsung Odisey + SS: 182% Steam VR fps: mostly 90 , occasional drops to 85 or 75 with a lot of load near gound. startup.cfg [KEY = graphics] 3dhud = 0 adapter = 0 bloom_enable = 0 canopy_ref = 0 desktop_center = 1 detail_rt_res = 4096 draw_distance = 0.54500 far_blocks = 1 fps_counter = 1 fps_limit = 0 full_height = 1080 full_width = 1920 fullscreen = 0 gamma = 0.80000 grass_distance = 100.00000 hdr_enable = 1 land_anisotropy = 2 land_tex_lods = 2 max_cache_res = 1 max_clouds_quality = 2 mgpu_compatible = 0 mirrors = 1 msaa = 1 multisampling = 1 or_ca = 0.01143 or_dummy = 0 or_enable = 1 or_height = 2440 or_hud_rad = 0.70000 or_hud_size = 1.00000 or_ipd = 0.06070 or_sipdc = -0.00000 or_width = 1952 post_sharpen = 1 preset = 1 prop_blur_max_rpm_for_vr = -1 rescale_target = 1.00000 shadows_quality = 2 ssao_enable = 0 stereo_dof = 5.00000 vsync = 0 win_height = 480 win_width = 640
  2. Hi good morning, a while ago my partner and I have made a bombing flight and when we were back on the approach to the airfield the server has fallen, or at least it has thrown us out ... Almost an hour of flight with multiple objectives each , but in the final result show on the web it appears as in flight and with 0 targets when we had destroyed 3 and 4 each. Is there any chance of recovering the results? I leave link to both flights https://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=6488&name=Ala13_armanGT_VR https://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=6494&name=Ala13_elchinodecai Thank you.
  3. The same problem, I deleted the "updates" folder and installed the update, but it stops again near the end. I will wait to see if it is resolved by the developers, I find it heavy to have to reinstall the entire game.
  4. that would be great! I hope that they listen.. Thanks +1
  5. Riksen, I do not want more people in the allied side, I simply try to give some ideas to equal the number of players in both sides. These may be more or less successful, but they are only ideas. I do not see very practical to fly a mission of Russian and the next one of German .. and to know what it is doing or the way to fly of the opposite side. For that there are already other servers available. Anyway it will not be my decision, the developers will do the best for the server and community, sure. In the last TAW if we were registered as Axis, obviously we were flying in the Axis side ...... Ala13 has flown some campaigns on the Allied side and others on the Axis side ... You can see it For your information, the next campaign Ala13 will fly on the Allied side, and only allied side. (sorry for my English, it's a google translation).
  6. Hi, thanks to all the developers team for this great campaign, Great job!! I leave a video summary, some of Ala13 squadron flight time: See you in the next campaign, greetings . PD: the only point I see to improve is on the issue of balancing teams. Just as frustrating is to fly in inferiority, as flying in superiority with few enemies. This is complicated, since being a server 24/7, depends as much on the time in which one flies, as the number of registered players on each side. But something could be improved, for example by prohibiting registration on a side that surpasses in certain number to the other, allowing it again when both sides are balanced. (obviously restrict the change of side with the same account, to prevent a smart guy from registering on one side and always flying on the other). Trying to distribute first the large and numerous squads and then completing with the solitary players.
  7. Ese fue un foro provisional mientras se solucionaban unos problermillas.. Solventado, la web correcta es esta: http://www.ala13.com/foro/
  8. Heeey!! A cooperative flight of the Ala13 Squadron, Stukas and 109s on the Random Expert+ server. Hope you like, greetings to all!
  9. Heeey!! saludos a todos! Dejo otro video, de un vuelo cooperativo del Escuadr贸n Ala13, con Stukas+escolta en el servidor Random Expert+. Espero que les guste Un saludo.
  10. Well that seems like a cheat: Collected from today's changelog v2.005 .... 14. A way to cheat without using memory hacking software by making an aircraft invulnerable has been removed; 15. A way to cheat without using memory hacking software by making an aircraft cockpit invisible for improved view without using memory hacking software has been removed; ....
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