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  1. Or you just activate "improved visibility", as I do. (Single player, that is) It seems to enlargen the plane models at far distances, so you can see bogeys better. Works for me and I can pretend to have 20/20 eyesight.
  2. To my astonishment, I wasn't able to restart. I wasn't in a dogfight or even over enemy territory. Game said "Pilot died", plane crashed. Some weird menu behaviour and no option to restart. So, my take away from this: life sucks, then you die... *shrugs*
  3. Oh. Well... thanks. . . . . What's that light there?
  4. I'm a rather casual player. I like playing careers and reviving when I die. Obviously my pilot died of a heart attack in my last mission. Out of no-where, splat!, pilot dead, crash-boom. No option to revive. Weird. Never happened to me before. As if the game said: "Nah, you're not doing this the correct way. I'll just casually kill you..."😂
  5. Ah, the spoils of recreational technology. 😀 By the way, I transferred to a unit closer to the front and the game became much more enjoyable in an instant. Thanks for all the hints and suggestions.
  6. Sure, I really really applaud you for your dedication and envy you for that! But why then leave out the actual flight planning, weather debriefings, weapons check, visual check of the aircraft, fuelling, having a chat with the mechanics, taking care of the radio, coms with flight control, real traffic on the airfield, debriefing, signing off etc etc. Why not go for that if you're in for the whole package? I know my list is exaggerated and an unreasonable argument... not really a fair point to make. Because in the end, it IS a game. And I guess even hard core flight simmers are not willing to
  7. Thank you all for your suggestions.
  8. Hi, I know that has been discussed a lot, but I just need to get this off my chest. I love IL2, have loved flight sims for 35 years, since my first days on a 8086 IBM machine. Now, I have 2 kids, a daytime job, a life like many many people. Time is precious and I juggle my timeslots to be able to play some IL2. Alas... this games makes it SO hard for me. Not the flying but the unbelievable time sink this game is. So, I like to play in career mode. I think it's the most rewarding climbing up kill boards etc. But now I was forced to sit through 3 consecutive
  9. Hum. I guess I'll figure out where to switch that off. My 1080ti should be able to squeeze our a solid 90fps for this game in VR...
  10. Had a blast trying Flying Circus on my Vive. Awesome immersion! This is what I hoped to get from ROF! Now I got it. BUT... I don't seem to get past 45 FPS. Is there a way to switch off the mirroring to the monitor to save resources? Can't find it in the settings. Thanks!
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