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  1. Censored_Space_Ghost

    so what do you get of this i watched once on tv?

    I think he thinks it wasn't a rhetorical question.
  2. Censored_Space_Ghost

    AI Constantly Turning

    I would not pay an additional $20 for something that should be included with the game and simply, unquestionably needs to be worked on. This isn't DCS. I'm not going to spend $20 on core features, assets or otherwise.
  3. Censored_Space_Ghost

    [MOD] High quality clouds in Low preset

    Hey Liz, Hate to be a nag but will we see any of these changes being released as mod packages in the near future? Your work is just too good and I'm itching to try it out.
  4. Censored_Space_Ghost

    I was completely ignored by support.

    >be mad that support isn't responding fast enough >get mad on the forums, get borderline belligerent, ask for people to be understanding >complain about how it says DAYS and not WEEKS Holy lack of self-awareness, Batman!
  5. Censored_Space_Ghost

    I was completely ignored by support.

    Nah, I know, I know. Had to say something back to the "please understand" portion.
  6. Censored_Space_Ghost

    I was completely ignored by support.

    Please understand that your reaction is probably going to leave you with very few people giving you the benefit of doubt. +1
  7. Censored_Space_Ghost

    Why do I still have to deal with this?

    We know. It would be good if you guys assigned a little more priority, resources, finances, whatever it be to improving AI because it is the single, largest point of disappointment in IL-2: GB.
  8. Censored_Space_Ghost

    Anybody into flight jackets in here?

    Oh yeah. Military surplus stuff is great - I'd love to see some of what you have.
  9. Censored_Space_Ghost

    [MOD] Icons

    I'm not particularly skilled with things of that nature but I'm looking forward to it. This is already a great start!
  10. Censored_Space_Ghost

    [MOD] Icons

    Very cool. Is it possible to remove virtually all icon data but render a "dot" icon over the aircraft when it gets out to ranges beyond 1.5-2Km?
  11. Censored_Space_Ghost

    I was completely ignored by support.

    Where did I blame you for anything?
  12. Censored_Space_Ghost

    I was completely ignored by support.

    Why would you waste the publisher's time when they pay somebody to do support for them? Their support "team" is a one man operation. Put yourself in his shoes and imagine the sudden, unexpected workload he had dumped in to his lap because of a content/licensing fault on Steam's end.
  13. Censored_Space_Ghost

    No Cockpit?

    Oh knock it off with this tired, old nonsense. Disagreeing with or explicitly not supporting a feature, the implementation thereof, or otherwise is not discrimination. Nobody owes you a novel on why they don't support something and nobody owes you meeting in the middle. Nobody owes you any form of agreement, compromise or otherwise. Discrimination? Really? [edited] is wrong with some of you people? It's a [EDIT] game.