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  1. Hate to complain, but this update thing is ridiculous. I've tried every day since the last update but to no avail. I'm starting to lose all interest in this franchise ...
  2. Yes, the Entente get their “2-seater” that can outrun anyone who would be bothered to give chase. Should make for some exciting missions. 🙄 If there is a FC2, let’s hope we get a more diverse plane set that can better represent WWI missions.
  3. Thanks, @Tatzlwurm. I’ll definitely check it out. S!
  4. Hi, all! I finally upgraded my pc to Windows 10 and reinstalled IL-2 with the intent to do more than just skinning. I picked up an Odyssey+ and have begun my conversion to FC from RoF. Here are some of my first impressions and wonder if others have noticed the same: 1) VR makes flying SO MUCH easier than TrackIR. I haven’t had a rough landing yet and haven’t even bothered to read my airspeed or altitude on approaches. Your depth perception just does it automatically without really thinking. The “feel” is incredible.And although I have an iron stomach, I was caught a bit off guard on my first 90 degree bank. Whoahhh!!! 2) What happened to FFB?!? I have my settings at 100%, but all the forces are really weak. My stick is the MS Sidewinder FFB2 for what it’s worth. 3) The enemy ai puts up a better fight, but I can’t get any friendly ai to join me. I’d like to see if my old rig can handle a 10 plane furball in quick mission, but all friendly ai RTB as soon as the mission starts. I’ve tried using flight leader commands but it’s all to no avail. 4) I do love VR, but maybe only for single player. The simple 2x zoom and lower resolution and blurry vision (outside of the sweet spot) actually feels more realistic, like wearing goggles, but I would get my ass handed to me in multiplayer. 5) The FC planes feel way more docile than RoF, even the Dr1, but the Camel and Dr1 speeds ... really? I can’t catch a Camel with a Dvii. If these speeds were correct, Richthofen wouldn’t have even bothered to give chase to May on his final flight. 6) Effects like smoke, fire, bullet strikes and such are really nice in FC. And the first close pass to some trees made me laugh out load with delight! Just awesome! Overall I’ve only had a few days with it and still haven’t tried the Entente ac yet. I cannot wait to get our map. I’m sure it will be incredible. S!
  5. Hi, all. Is there a way to invert an assigned axis in IL-2 such as we had in RoF? For whatever reason, IL-2 will not recognize my throttle or rudder pedals when assigning the initial up or right direction, no matter how many re-try’s I attempt, it always assigns the axis on the downstroke... leaving my rudder and engine controls reversed. My pedals (MFG) and throttle (Saitek) have been calibrated and are working fine. IL-2 even recognizes the movements in both directions when you inspect the curve graph. The problem is only in the assigning operation. Has anyone ever experienced/fixed this? Thanks. S!
  6. Thanks, Gordon and Redcloud. I'm glad I'm at fault, believe me! I only have one follow up ... how do I enter 2D mode? Even if the Odyssey+ is sitting on the table, "off" (even though I never unplug it ... which I guess is another question I'm ignorant on ... to unplug or not to unplug) WMR wakes up my headset when I start IL2 and my screen splits in two and I seem "forced" into using VR. Should I just simply turn off "Enable VR" in the launcher when I need to set up my head positions, and to spectate skins I'm working on? Cheers! S!
  7. Just tried my Odyssey+ for the first time, and I'm quite disheartened. I could NOT get a comfortable gun sight view to save my life. Is there a calibration I don't know of? All I know to do is to switch to my Mixed Reality Portal window, setup room boundary visuals, choose seated or standing, hold my headset in front of me and select "Center" , go back to IL-2 and see how poorly it adjusted my head, and repeat the process all over again holding my headset in weird places. After about a dozen tries I had to hold my headset on my left shoulder to get a somewhat flyable position with the Dva. Then, thinking everything would OK from then on, I loaded a Dr1 to see if the head position was good, but it's not even close. What a giant pain this is! Is this normal? I wasted a half hour and never got a position as good as I can with TrackIR in two minutes. I really hope I'm doing something wrong, otherwise I'd have to reconsider ever using VR for this sim. S!
  8. Great work! Thanks for pointing this out in the FC forum (we really need our own FC skins forum....) S!
  9. Note: All Jasta 11 skins & J34b Greim skin (8 in total) updated with a brighter red color as discussed in this thread: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/45802-richthofen-red-opinions-welcomed/ All skin names are the same as original, so existing files should be replaced when/if downloaded. S!
  10. LOL ... that's exactly where I wanted to go with it @Picchio, maybe I saw that post in 2014! (5 years ago?!? Was that in RoF?)
  11. Neither campaign nor career mode is listed in the FC features section in the IL-2 store. I think Pat Wilson will be our best (only) hope.
  12. I agree that all Jasta 11 reds do not need to be identical, however, I would prefer that my skins are using a red that is more or less "average" in terms of brightness and yellow vs. blue levels. Besides, there will be plenty of other red variations created by other skin designers if we want variety. I would prefer mine weren't all on the far end of the darkness scale. S!
  13. Here is what I'm looking to propose (and how I arrived at the color level used) ... 1. I took the MRP paint color "Richthofen's Red" and came up with a paint chip/RGB color level. 2. I brightened it until it became a very close match to a MvR wing spar sample that appears to be a (speculatively) well preserved sample of the original color. 3. I adjusted the yellow level slightly higher to simulate a lacquered fabric result (although probably not at a "100 years later" level). The in-game result falls in between other the two MvR skins we have, and I'm comfortable with using this color of red for all Jasta 11 machines I've worked, or will be working on. Please feel free to dispute or support my opinion before I start updating my PSD files. Thanks!
  14. That's very encouraging. If not upon first release, but hopefully soon after.
  15. Are they including seasons for the Arras map? I agree that everything we've seen from Ugra is very nice looking.
  16. GC, where did u find this? I've been searching everywhere with no luck ... Anyway, looks pretty orange. Especially when I open the image in PSD ...
  17. Hey, Dudley! How've you been? Thanks for the great pics! Speaking of which, just look at the extreme darkening along the right and left side of the balkenkreuz. It's really bad. There's no way his aircrafts were that dark when he piloted them. S!
  18. Wow, great info from you all! Right now, I'm looking at an RGB value of 130,18,14 - which I obtained from the MRP paint "Richthofen's Red", which is derived from the Krapplack red. I probably need to add a little yellowing to it to reflect a lacquered version of it, and maybe darken it a bit ... depending on how it looks in-game. I'm purposefully not rushing this project in case others wish to weigh in with differing opinions. I appreciate all the useful and interesting info everyone has provided. S!
  19. I'm a little confused about the turquoise color. I always believed the theory that Fubar reposted that the light blue turned turquoise as a result of the yellowing caused by the lacquer. It seems odd that they would have lacquered this aircraft before painting it red. Did they then lacquer it a second time, causing the red to appear slightly more orange as seen it the larger image with the cross?! Also, ZachariasX, I still don't quite understand how the severe darkening of the red occurs, and over how long of a period of time. Why did it happen in some areas, and not in others? S!
  20. Thanks, ZachariasX, but iby no means have I reached a conclusion yet. I've been able to rule out a few of the lighter crimsons by actually trying them on my 152/17 skin. The results weren't even worthy of discussion, but I have s better feeling about the Krapplack red since it is a little darker than the crimsons without looking brown or brick-reddish. I would like to post my results for review before closing up shop on this one. S!
  21. For Skinning, I don't try to match colors by eye. I use the color sample tool to establish the RGB levels, and then I will usually rely on visual perception for brightness or tone. This can only be done accurately by evaluating the skin in-game, since the BOS viewer lighting is too wonky. For this exercise, I'm mostly concerned with getting the RGB values right for Richthofen AND all previously created and future Jasta 11 aircraft. Nothing drives me crazier than different planes from the same squadron with mismatched colors. If we can get the colors historically accurate, that's great, but I'm sure it will always be open to debate whether it is correctly represented. What shouldn't be left open to debate would be consistently matched colors among common squadrons. I didn't receive much feedback (good or bad) when I submitted the MvR 152/17 skin, so I wondered if there were others who were just as disappointed as I was that it didn't follow the classic, signal red color we've always related to The Red Baron. I'm grateful for the feedback I've received on this post thus far. I'm not creating skins for my own amusement, so I'm always concerned with how the FC community views each creation. Even negative feedback is better than no feedback at all, so don't be afraid to voice your opinion. I'm very interested in the Krapplack Red that has been referenced as a historical basis for Alizarin crimson and reds in use in Germany at the time. I've been in contact with one of the suppliers who sell the MRP Richthofen's Red paint (which is a variety of the Krapplack red) and they will hopefully be able to give me the RGB value of that color. Many of the Alizarin crimson RGB values I've looked at so far seem a little too pink and don't really fit into any of the MvR samples we've been looking at. Thanks to everyone for helping me in this endeavor! S!
  22. Nice find, Gamecock! But you must've noticed this ... Mixing yellow cadmium and chomoxide results in bright green shade, used for example as a distinctive colour on Jasta 5 planes. Read more: http://m.drooling-bulldog.webnode.cz/products/kadmio-chromita-zelen/
  23. I couldn't agree more, HH. I think the photograph being held and compared to the color samples appears to be very well lit. So would that be a good comparison of what his Dr1 looked like in the daylight back in 1918? On that scale, I would side with Poochnboo and maybe find a crimson that falls in line with what unreasonable referenced. I'll probably follow up with a color sample from that Alizarin dye later today. Thanks to everyone for their continued support! S!
  24. I would buy the N28 for the sound of the engine alone! 😄
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