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  1. For me, I love the Alby. She may be slow and outclassed by 1918 opponents, but she’s just so pretty and comfortable to fly. On the other side, the Camel is my favorite, even though she makes you pay for every little mistake.
  2. The best thing with the German grips is we can map our throttle control (or I might opt for zoom) to them. Even if the Alby’s next, I’d probably get the Sopwith first anyway. It’s just too good to pass up! 😍
  3. Great work @vonrickenbecker! It looks more practical than I thought possible. The image helps, thanks! I join the few others who are wondering about any plans for Albatros or Fokker grips. I couldn’t pass on either. S!
  4. Man, this is awesome!!! I would think it might require a seat that is not very deep, or with a cutout of some sort so that the stick isn't limited when you pull back ... or placed at a distance uncomfortably far forward. Do you have any images or diagrams showing a seated user with this?
  5. Note: all of the above FDR1 skins have been combined into one large zip file (see link below or at the beginning of the original post). Eventually, this combined zip file will be the only place to get these skins when I'll need to reclaim more space in my MediaFire account. S! http://www.mediafire.com/file/16q82av25khbcm9/FokkerDr1.7z/file
  6. In-game preview image added to the download link. (Note: this is just my place-holder in the event we are able to add in-game preview images to custom skins ... fingers crossed)
  7. Hi all! All the subsequent skin submissions have been updated with their eventual(?) in-game preview images. Unfortunately there are too many to include them in the original post. Hopefully I'll be able to get started on making Jasta defaults for the next plane set, most likely the FD7s. Cheers!
  8. I think maybe having two different startup config files stored with one having a deactivating prefix is the simplest option. That would be good enough for my needs ... if it works. I think I’ll give that a try. S!
  9. Yeah, but I want the best graphic settings possible for inspecting skins and taking screenshots. My VR use will require unique graphic settings for better performance and I would need to load the game, change them, and reload the game every time I want to switch. I’d like to avoid having to constantly change these back and forth.
  10. That’s an interesting solution. Do you know how much extra storage this uses? My new build is only a 1Tb NVMe SSD, so space is at a premium until prices come down and I can add a 2nd larger one in the future. Cheers!
  11. Thanks for the info @Alonzo, that will definitely help. It’s very interesting what you say about HDR. I’ve noticed that shadows seem unusually dark in FC. I would guess I’ve been using HDR and it’s something that looks wrong to me. I’ll try experimenting with gamma to see if it helps. Cheers!
  12. I couldn’t agree more, @chiliwili69. I seem to remember that RoF had a user manual with a brief description of what each setting does.
  13. Hi, all. Does anyone ever switch to VR and back to monitor display often in IL-2? I'd be curious if anyone has developed an easy method for this. I'm asking because I'm making skins for Flying Circus, and I'd like to load them up quickly in-game, without setting up my flight gear and VR headset, inspect them in game and take screenshots of them in the highest resolution possible. Then, when I'm going to actually play the game in VR, switch all my graphic settings for better a better balance of performance to visual. Would having two different config files resolve this? Thanks for any advice regarding this. S!
  14. Hi, all. Has 1C or anyone else ever posted more detailed information regarding graphics settings and what they do, or how they affect your performance? I'd like to run IL-2 at it's best when making screenshots of skins I create (performance isn't important), yet I'm not sure what many of these settings actually do. Most settings are self explanatory, but a few are a bit confusing. I think the ones I'm least sure about are; Landscape filter, Dynamic resolution factor, SSAO, HDR, and Sharpen. I'd appreciate any more information regarding any of these. Thanks!
  15. I'm reinstalling IL-2 on a new PC and I remembered to copy my snapviews to my storage drive (to copy into my new install), but I forgot about my key mapping. Could someone please let me know where these are stored? Thanks!
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