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  1. Tomi, you can use this for the serial numbers.
  2. @J5_Rumey the white grill border pokes through the engine cover in some areas, so you would need to add the black stripes to that part of the grill. I'll try to find an image of that area in Photoshop. S!
  3. Great news, but I’m quite surprised by the omission of the R.E.8, especially since we’re getting its rival DFW. Those two are the biggest pieces missing from FC1, and it seems we’ll still be short one. But enough complaining ... where’s my wallet?!
  4. Hi @rav707. Missions created before the last update seem to be broken. I messaged Motherbrain to let him know and he said he would look into it. Cheers!
  5. http://www.pwcampaignmanager.com/pwcgbos/web/PWCGBoS.php Note: The link for PWCG for FC is a bit misleading.
  6. Unfortunately, @Oliver88 is correct. I had this discussion a long time ago with @TG-55Panthercules about this. We were both hopeful that the devs would introduce the preview images we had in RoF and he even said he would look into contacting someone about the possibility. That’s why I always make a RoF style 3 x 1 mini preview image of every skin I create. Maybe one day they will give us access to creating those preview images ...
  7. PSA - There are six more Ace skins that are configured for use in PWCG that I just created (and are not yet a part of the PWCG for FC skin pack). They can be downloaded here:
  8. Here is the SE5a of Capt. Ira "Taffy" Jones of RFC74 http://www.mediafire.com/file/qnbqxtvlz79sj9k/SE5a_RFC74_Jones.dds/file Here is the SE5a of Lt. Elliot Springs of RAF85 http://www.mediafire.com/file/mpzc7iut2216alv/SE5a_RAF85_Springs.dds/file Here is the SE5a of Capt. Andrew Beauchamp-Proctor of RFC84 http://www.mediafire.com/file/c8taqog33emqkfq/SE5a_RFC84_Beauchamp-Proctor.dds/file Here is the SE5a of Capt. George McElroy of RFC24 http://www.mediafire.com/file/3yuxrmmtoqhugpt/SE5a_RFC24_Mc
  9. @wildbill6641 Yeah, they're not executable files. Once they're installed in the correct folder (which, to me seems to be the case) you should have the missions available in the IL-2 Missions folder. See my attached images. Let me know what you see in this folder. S!
  10. Oorpii, you can see the number range when you hover your cursor over the text. I could be wrong, but I think it influences the ai skill levels.
  11. Yeah, that’s ok. We have skins configured for aces that aren’t (currently) included in this version of PWCG. I left those configurations in PWCG just in case Pat adds more squadrons in the future. That way it would be easier to update. Keep an eye out for new ace skin announcements from me. I just added 3 new ace skins, and I’m working on another 7. Cheers!
  12. PSA - There are a couple Ace skins that are configured for use in PWCG that I just created (and are not yet a part of the PWCG for FC skin pack). They can be downloaded here:
  13. Here is the Sopwith Camel D3417 of Maj. Raymond Collishaw of RAF203 http://www.mediafire.com/file/0jzhldxdjzfued9/SC_RAF203_Collishaw.dds/file Note: special thanks goes out to @Oliver88 for letting me use his excellent Clayton & Shuttleworth logo on both RAF203 skins, and thanks to everyone who provided the helpful feedback on my other thread: Here is the Sopwith Camel default of RAF203 http://www.mediafire.com/file/xgedb10657tceso/SC_RAF203_Default.dds/file Here is the Sopwith Camel D8118 of Maj. John Gilmour of RFC6
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