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  1. I would wait for Paul's (@GCF) next Unofficial Skin Bundle update, @J99_Sizzlorr. Nearly EVERY skin is getting its new naming prefix applied. Of course, you're welcome to update them twice, but I wouldn't advise it, mate. I'm expecting nearly all of them to be uploaded fairly soon ... maybe a week or less. Of course, then it would be up to the rest of the MP community to do the same. That might be interesting to witness ...
  2. Pat, after flying a couple dozen missions I've sort of noticed a pattern that wasn't there in PWCG for RoF. It seems like every different squad's mission begins at the same time (friendly or enemy), so there is literally no contact until everyone reaches the mud or shortly afterward. In PWCG for RoF, I remember seeing squads that appeared to be RTB as my flight was just heading out, and EA could be airborne and above friendly territory at any point during the mission. Here, it just feels like an NFL kickoff on a 100km field. Am I totaly wrong about that? Thanks,
  3. Hey, guys. Is this a personal skin and would you like it included in @GCF's Unofficial Skin Bundle? If so, it will be updated with the Z_ prefix (denoting it as a personal skin). Cheers!
  4. Hello all! I'm trying to help Paul (@GCF) update the skin names for his Unofficial Skin Bundle and he asked me to remind everyone on the new naming guidelines for the Historical skins as they require some knowledge on their use, dating back to Rise of Flight. Luckily for us, we aren't under the same restrictions that were imposed on us by 777, but there are a couple minor (but important) rules to follow. Every Historical Skin should begin with one of the following prefixes, depending on the aircraft: Central Planes AD5 for Albatros FDR1 for Fokker DR1 FD7 for Fokker D7 FD7F for Fokker D7F PD3a For Pfalz D3a CL2 for Halberstadt CL2 CL2_au for HalberstadtCL2au Entente Planes SC for Sopwith Camel Dolphin for Sopwith Dolphin Spad13 for Spad 13 Se5a for Se5a F2b for BristolF2BF2 F2b_F3 for BristolF2BF2 Followed by an underscore "_" Followed by the squadron designation (most often) used in Rise of Flight Note, means that the French were usually Esc## and SPA##. The British were RFC##, RNAS##, and RAF##. The US were US##. The Australians were AFC#. The Germans were J## and Sch##. Etc. The above list is not conclusive, but it should cover most of our historical skins. If certain squadrons fall outside of the common group, please bring it to our attention if you're unsure so that we can help resolve its in-game designation. Why does it matter that the letters proceed the numbers in a squadron's in-game designation? This is just to ensure all faction are grouped and separated from other factions' squadrons. 10RNAS is probably more accurate of a title for No. 10 squadron RNAS, but RNAS10 is the better way of listing the squadron within the game's menu, including other programs like PWCG. It also keeps the different skins alphabetically grouped neatly within our Window's folders. After the squadron designation, follow with another underscore"_" The rest of the skin name can be named as you wish, with the exception of duplication of other skin names or potentially dangerous special characters. So far; spaces, periods, commas, and dashes seem OK to use (after the PLANE_SQUAD_ prefix). I would avoid quotes, brackets, parenthesis and most other special characters if possible. Here are some examples of historical skin names that would be acceptable: SC_RNAS3_Breadner SC_RFC80_DEC17 SC_AFC4_MAR18 Spad13_SPA75_Number15 Spad13_SPA161_Tognard Spad13_US28_Default Spad13_US103_Capt. G. DeFreest Larner Spad13_Esc80_generic Dolphin_RAF19_C4017 Dolphin_RFC19_C3792 F2B_AFC1_B1148 F2B_RFC22_default F2B_F3_RAF48_C841 F2B_F3_RFC20_AUG17 SE5a_RFC60_Bishop_August 1917 SE5a_RAF64_E4002 SE5a_RFC56_James McCudden SE5a_RFC56_Capt. A.Ball PD3a_J32__Jakob Landin PD3a_J10_Default_JUL17 PD3a_J7_Carl Degelow_Early FDr1_J12_Ltn_Paul_Hoffmann_436_17_V1 FDr1_J10_WernerVoss_V1yellow FDR1_J26_Bruno Loerzer AD5_J76_Munchner Kindl (NOTE: The "b" was never used for the Bavarian units in RoF and is unnecessary) AD5_J11_MANFRED VON RICHTHOFEN_ JULY AD5_J18_Unknown_3C More examples to come ... it's getting late. Also, one last important request: Any skin makers who have (or will have) skins in the Unofficial Skin Bundle, it would be a big help to Paul and myself if you would offer to rename them yourself and resubmit them to Paul. We are more than willing to do the actual renaming, but the more people involved, the faster we can accomplish this task. This is true with the V, X, Y, and Z skins as well! Thank you for your support and please feel free to pose any questions or objections to anything I or Paul have noted on this subject. This is a community run project and we are all a part of this community. S!
  5. Looks like the Winter version of textures? I didn’t think of that, but these images were from January missions. I just started a new campaign in August and everything looks normal. If this is the case, I’m definitely not a fan, especially the ground trail effect. If the rest of the map looked Wintery, it might be OK.
  6. Nice catch, @US93_Larner, I totally missed that from the artist rendering. However, this skin did exist as a Spad13 in Rise of Flight. I suppose that one was "fictional" as well. I need to see if I can find the poll when it was added to see what resources were provided.
  7. Oh man, I meant S13_RFC19_JUN13! 🙄 Anyway, I suppose my use of the word "similar" was a tad vague ... To be specific, the FC names would be : Spad13_RFC19_JUN17 & Spad13_RFC_(date yet to be determined)
  8. Absolutely, but more importantly, here is a squadron default that exists for RFC19 and if it (and its later counterpart) were named as such, everyone will be able to find and use them in game. The more of these we can get, the better!
  9. What's the consequence of not building a binary mission? Thanks. Pat, I've been getting strange white textures (buildings and ground trails) in PWCG. It only happens with PWCG (I'm using 9.0.0, but this has been going on for me long before the past few updates). Thanks.
  10. Hi, Aussie. This skin (the early/striped version) existed in Rise of Flight as: S13_RFC19_JUN17 Would you be opposed of using a similar naming convention in @GCFs Historical skin bundle? If so, what approximate date would the dumbbell version have been introduced? You wouldn't need to update the names or these downloads as Paul (GCF) will make sure it gets done in his skin bundle. Thanks!
  11. Hi, Aussie. This link is for Franz Hailer's skin, but I'd like to download this one. Any chance you could update the link? Also, the Franz Hailer link seems to be broken, but I think I got the latest from this post. Thanks!
  12. Yes, and the Slatter skin was named: SP_RNAS_Slatter Unfortunately, we don't have in-game skin titles like we did in RoF, and we should keep skin names (especially squadron designations) as concise and uniform as possible. Plus, not everything that was done in RoF was perfect either. For example, some RNAS skins were listed as 10RNAS (which is closer to their actual title), while other skins were (correctly) named RNAS10, which would ensure they are grouped together alphabetically in the game menu. Would CAM be a viable French squadron abbreviation? It seems fine to me. I don't know of any other other CAM squadrons in WWI besides Dunkirk? Anyway, my examples above are not complete by any means. I think everyone involved in creating historical skins needs to contribute and work together to keep things orderly, especially those with good historical resources that can help fill in the missing pieces, like yourself @Oliver88 Cheers!
  13. Yes, nice catch @Oliver88. This was a late 1918 Camel used in training. I mentioned this in the original thread, but we didn't have the X prefix system in place at that time. S!
  14. Well ... I'm not familiar with them, nor could I find anything about those squads in the Rise of Flight historical skins. Can't they just be RNAS? If not, maybe extend the RNAS like you did with the C; RNASAC, RNASSPD, RNASM Also, I'm not 100% sure what Paul's intent was on Mediterranean skins. I thought they fall into the "X" category and would be able to follow their own naming system. Let's see what he thinks. Either way, I'm glad you brought it up. S! Edit: so, I had a chance to research these examples. I think RNASC is fine. It appears there were many RNAS squads with Letter designations from A to Z, so: SC_ RNASC_Fowler would be correct in my opinion. Brandon's aircraft is listed as: SC_NAS_Brandon in Rise of Flight, so that's probably the best option. https://riseofflight.com/forum/topic/11559-poll-nas-fl-af-brandon/?p=133464 Collishaw's aircraft is named SC_RCollishaw in RoF, even though it was posted as "Sopwith Camel No 13 Sqn RNAS of Ltn Raymond Collishaw". If that was correct, then I believe the name should be SC_RNAS13_Collishaw https://riseofflight.com/forum/topic/19655-sopwith-camel-no-13-sqn-rnas-ltn-raymond-collishaw/?p=251961
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