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  1. For the life of me, I could never figure out why Peter Jackson hasn't produced a modern film based on WWI aviation. Just imagine an actual GOOD movie based on The Red Baron, or any squadron or pilot(s) from WWI. There are so many great and interesting possibilities available to him yet nothing has ever materialized ...
  2. What we need is what we had in the “No Ambient Flak with Active Front” mod. It replaced the ambient flak with ambient shelling in NML. It really brought the front alive and made it seem like there was actually a war going on. S!
  3. I'm with Lucas. I know people don't want to see ZZZ in front of fictional skins, but we had a Z prefix in RoF and it seemed to work fine (if I remember correctly ... I deleted all RoF fictional skins years ago.) Also, the general RoF naming format was simple and kept everything well organized and easy to find. If we aren't restricted to 17 characters like we were back then, I would think there wouldn't be any confusion over what a skin is based on its name: planename (abrv.)_unit_pilot_period (when needed - E for early, L for late, etc.) For the record, I would love to see a way to get the skin preview images incorporated for FC like we had in RoF as well! S! I don't think including the pilot's rank in the skin name would be helpful ... (cue the Big Lebowski "opinion" clip) 😎 Cheers!
  4. Hate to complain, but this update thing is ridiculous. I've tried every day since the last update but to no avail. I'm starting to lose all interest in this franchise ...
  5. Yes, the Entente get their “2-seater” that can outrun anyone who would be bothered to give chase. Should make for some exciting missions. 🙄 If there is a FC2, let’s hope we get a more diverse plane set that can better represent WWI missions.
  6. Thanks, @Tatzlwurm. I’ll definitely check it out. S!
  7. Hi, all! I finally upgraded my pc to Windows 10 and reinstalled IL-2 with the intent to do more than just skinning. I picked up an Odyssey+ and have begun my conversion to FC from RoF. Here are some of my first impressions and wonder if others have noticed the same: 1) VR makes flying SO MUCH easier than TrackIR. I haven’t had a rough landing yet and haven’t even bothered to read my airspeed or altitude on approaches. Your depth perception just does it automatically without really thinking. The “feel” is incredible.And although I have an iron stomach, I was caught a bit off guard on my first 90 degree bank. Whoahhh!!! 2) What happened to FFB?!? I have my settings at 100%, but all the forces are really weak. My stick is the MS Sidewinder FFB2 for what it’s worth. 3) The enemy ai puts up a better fight, but I can’t get any friendly ai to join me. I’d like to see if my old rig can handle a 10 plane furball in quick mission, but all friendly ai RTB as soon as the mission starts. I’ve tried using flight leader commands but it’s all to no avail. 4) I do love VR, but maybe only for single player. The simple 2x zoom and lower resolution and blurry vision (outside of the sweet spot) actually feels more realistic, like wearing goggles, but I would get my ass handed to me in multiplayer. 5) The FC planes feel way more docile than RoF, even the Dr1, but the Camel and Dr1 speeds ... really? I can’t catch a Camel with a Dvii. If these speeds were correct, Richthofen wouldn’t have even bothered to give chase to May on his final flight. 6) Effects like smoke, fire, bullet strikes and such are really nice in FC. And the first close pass to some trees made me laugh out load with delight! Just awesome! Overall I’ve only had a few days with it and still haven’t tried the Entente ac yet. I cannot wait to get our map. I’m sure it will be incredible. S!
  8. Hi, all. Is there a way to invert an assigned axis in IL-2 such as we had in RoF? For whatever reason, IL-2 will not recognize my throttle or rudder pedals when assigning the initial up or right direction, no matter how many re-try’s I attempt, it always assigns the axis on the downstroke... leaving my rudder and engine controls reversed. My pedals (MFG) and throttle (Saitek) have been calibrated and are working fine. IL-2 even recognizes the movements in both directions when you inspect the curve graph. The problem is only in the assigning operation. Has anyone ever experienced/fixed this? Thanks. S!
  9. Thanks, Gordon and Redcloud. I'm glad I'm at fault, believe me! I only have one follow up ... how do I enter 2D mode? Even if the Odyssey+ is sitting on the table, "off" (even though I never unplug it ... which I guess is another question I'm ignorant on ... to unplug or not to unplug) WMR wakes up my headset when I start IL2 and my screen splits in two and I seem "forced" into using VR. Should I just simply turn off "Enable VR" in the launcher when I need to set up my head positions, and to spectate skins I'm working on? Cheers! S!
  10. Just tried my Odyssey+ for the first time, and I'm quite disheartened. I could NOT get a comfortable gun sight view to save my life. Is there a calibration I don't know of? All I know to do is to switch to my Mixed Reality Portal window, setup room boundary visuals, choose seated or standing, hold my headset in front of me and select "Center" , go back to IL-2 and see how poorly it adjusted my head, and repeat the process all over again holding my headset in weird places. After about a dozen tries I had to hold my headset on my left shoulder to get a somewhat flyable position with the Dva. Then, thinking everything would OK from then on, I loaded a Dr1 to see if the head position was good, but it's not even close. What a giant pain this is! Is this normal? I wasted a half hour and never got a position as good as I can with TrackIR in two minutes. I really hope I'm doing something wrong, otherwise I'd have to reconsider ever using VR for this sim. S!
  11. Great work! Thanks for pointing this out in the FC forum (we really need our own FC skins forum....) S!
  12. Note: All Jasta 11 skins & J34b Greim skin (8 in total) updated with a brighter red color as discussed in this thread: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/45802-richthofen-red-opinions-welcomed/ All skin names are the same as original, so existing files should be replaced when/if downloaded. S!
  13. LOL ... that's exactly where I wanted to go with it @Picchio, maybe I saw that post in 2014! (5 years ago?!? Was that in RoF?)
  14. Neither campaign nor career mode is listed in the FC features section in the IL-2 store. I think Pat Wilson will be our best (only) hope.
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