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  1. the_dudeWG

    An Flying Circus related interview with Jason Williams

    And I would welcome that with open arms. I just don't want to see the same thing happen to FC that happened to RoF; new projects started before the completion of the content already provided.
  2. the_dudeWG

    An Flying Circus related interview with Jason Williams

    Jason: “Assuming we can get a Volume 2 going, that is indeed my hope, but it’s a big job. “ ("a big job" in reference to a career mode for FC) Not the most encouraging sign on the probability of FC2, which if doesn't happen, makes Flying Circus a total waste of time and effort ... in my opinion. It's not even about money at this point. Just finish one WWI product for goodness sake. I don't need zeppelins, I don't need flying boats, I don't need an Italian map, just a complete 1917 -1918 plane set with 2-seaters. I'll trust Pat Wilson with the career stuff, especially compared to what we ended up with from 777 in RoF.
  3. the_dudeWG

    Please, please, please

    Is anybody working on this? If not, I'll give it a shot. It's pretty awesome. S!
  4. the_dudeWG

    FDR1 4K Skins from the dude

    Here is the Dr1 of Oblt. Robert Greim of Jasta 34b. Note: I know there already is an "official" skin of this aircraft in FC, however, it isn't correct as depicted with a white tail and, according to information I discovered from Greg VanWyngarden, it does not have the correct Jasta 11 red colored spars. See the screenshot of his post attached below. S! http://www.mediafire.com/file/deirhzjsfez8a69/FDR1_J34_Greim.dds/file Here is the Dr1 of Vzfw. Johann Putz of Jasta 34b. Note: It is described as having the older Iron Cross on the wing undersides when photographed according the Osprey's Fokker Dr1 Aces of WW1. Since it was an older JG1 aircraft, I used the common white cross field for the underside and the olive cross field for the wing upper since I do not have that photograph. S! http://www.mediafire.com/file/ih5epxcbh49ii1w/FDR1_J34_Putz.dds/file
  5. Hey, Paul. I think u missed my J12 Tutschek skin. Cheers!
  6. the_dudeWG

    FDR1 4K Skins from the dude

    Here is the Dr1 of Ltn. Richard Wenzl of Jasta 11 https://www.mediafire.com/file/x92y3g63y5gd3q2/FDR1_J11_Wenzl.dds/file Here is the Dr1 of Ltn. Gunther Paster of Jasta 11 https://www.mediafire.com/file/76vuz80h3b2nd1d/FDR1_J11_Paster.dds/file Note: Not much information exists for this aircraft, but it was reported as having standard Jasta 11 markings but with a brushed aluminum cowling similar to the photos below. It was a skin that existed in RoF so I thought I'd try making a 4k version of it. S!
  7. the_dudeWG

    FDR1 4K Skins from the dude

    SP1969, maybe a dumb question, but did you turn on the lighting in the new viewer? It's not on by default. I find it too bright, or (more likely) the FC in-game lighting is too dark, hence all the RoF skins appear dark in FC in comparison to RoF. That's why we have to brighten RoF skins if we want to use them for FC. In fact, early on I thought the shaded areas in FC seem to be lacking ambient light. I thought it was just me or my graphics settings, but I'm starting to wonder if there's something to it. S!
  8. the_dudeWG

    FDR1 4K Skins from the dude

    Here is the Dr1 of JGII Hptm. Adolf von Tutschek https://www.mediafire.com/file/v0wk2meo9bl0u2d/FDR1_J12_Tutschek.dds/file
  9. the_dudeWG

    FDR1 4K Skins from the dude

    Ya, this viewer is pretty bad for judging colors and brightness levels. I use it for mostly checking detail alignment and some texture effects. I don't remember the disparity from RoF and its viewer being so bad, but I could be wrong. S!
  10. the_dudeWG

    FDR1 4K Skins from the dude

    Here are the early and late versions of Jasta 11's Ltn. Werner Steinhauser's Dr1. Note: I followed the illustrations from the Osprey Publishing's Fokker Dr1 Aces of WW1 for the most part, only widening the red stripe thicknesses on the fuselage due to the photograph of this machine. S! http://www.mediafire.com/file/4st7eu154wql84q/FDR1_J11_Steinhau_E.dds/file https://www.mediafire.com/file/7c4gur8qsjrlltn/FDR1_J11_Steinhau_L.dds/file
  11. the_dudeWG

    FDR1 4K Skins from the dude

    Here is MvR's Dr1 #152/17 Note: I've update the other two Jasta 11 skins (see above) in order to keep the J11 red color more uniform. http://www.mediafire.com/file/l5n2ntslxo845f4/FDR1_J11_MvR152.dds/file
  12. Hey, Paul. FYI - I've updated my J11_Weiss and J11_HJ_Wolff skins yet again, so be sure to grab the latest for your next update. Thanks mate! S!
  13. the_dudeWG

    FDR1 4K Skins from the dude

    Yup, all 8 skins. Thanks for looking after these, sir. S!
  14. the_dudeWG

    Central Serial Number Font

    Not sure if all the skin creators have these fonts, but I think they should find them pretty useful. S! http://www.mediafire.com/file/3daq7475xtx4dcl/C%26MFonts+Request.zip Edit: forgot to credit the creator ... From the Read Me file: "If you find these fonts particularly helpful to you, and are inclined to contribute something, please feel free to make a donation to my PayPal account miknikle@earthlink.net. This is entirely voluntary, and at your discretion. These fonts may be distributed free to anybody, providing you include my plea for a contribution. You may not sell them in any case, but you may sell products in which you have used the fonts, and best of luck to you in that pursuit."
  15. the_dudeWG

    FDR1 4K Skins from the dude

    Note: I've updated a lot of minor details to all of my previous skins, mostly shading and texture fixes to the Dr1 template, along with my previously mentioned early cross border thickness. All of the above links have been updated and a few of the preview images have been redone. It's definitely not necessary to download the new skins if already downloaded, but the names are the same so I would recommend just replacing the old ones with the new versions at GCF's next update. S!