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  1. Very nice, @Off_Winters. You modded the Alpha channel I presume? You should share it because it's really well done. Cheers!
  2. I’ve been trying to keep up with all the historical skins created up until now, @TG-55Panthercules and I was able to populate nearly all of the squads and most of the aces for the current version of PWCG for Flying Circus. I’m hoping all future historical skin submissions will be included in HSD since that will certainly make it easier to locate and incorporate into the game. It would be extremely helpful to have your insight and support, Panthercules, so hopefully they reach out to you. Cheers!
  3. @migmadmarine I’m only going to be involved with WWI most likely. I feel like the future career mode for FC2 would definitely be lacking if no one configured squadron defaults and ace skins.
  4. I've had this problem in the past, and deleting everything in the .../IL-2 Sturmovik/updates/ folder solved the problem for me (if I remember correctly ... it was an older update).
  5. I was thinking the same with regards to the US squads. What was that huge airfield they shared with a bunch of other squads for a period down there? I can't wait to see that field in FC2.
  6. But the description really points to a complete, large map that adjoins all the different sectors: Flying Circus: Volume II Map The map we will build for FC2 will be much larger than our FC1 map and will aim to re-create the huge Western Front battlefield we created in our original WWI title – Rise of Flight. Of course, this map will use our latest map technologies which is currently showcased in our Arras map of Flying Circus: Volume I. This new map will be built in two phases. Phase I which is the Arras Map, was the testbed for making a WWI map in the Sturmovik engine and has
  7. Just wondering ... (and I may have missed this question being asked before), but do we know if the FC2 map with be one big map like RoF, or three separate maps; Arras, Verdun, and Reims. I seem to remember hearing Jason state that it will be one big map, but then how could they roll it out in phases? Are we going to have a big "hole" in the map where the Reims part will be for an extended period? I don't see how they plan to implement this. S!
  8. Yes, very frustrating mate!
  9. Thanks everyone for the replies. I'm guessing it might take a little work, but I would imagine those that get it sorted out will be able to pass along what they've been able to code for the skins. This community is pretty good for that type of stuff. S!
  10. Hi, all. It is my understanding that IL-2 GB doesn't currently assign squadron default or Ace skins to AI planes in its career mode, correct? Just wondering because I don't fly any of the WW2 titles, so I have no idea how the current career mode uses skins. I'd like to know how skins will be handled in Flying Circus II since it is planned to implement a career mode of its own. I can't imagine a WWI career mode without the colorful aircraft of the Great War, but 1C doesn't manage Historical skins the way 777 used to, so I can't see how all of the available community created skins would be used.
  11. Great work, @RFC_Maqui! Consider yourself enlisted! 😃
  12. @RFC_MaquiGood luck, mate! This is the reason I didn't want to tackle this one!
  13. Tomi, you can use this for the serial numbers.
  14. @J5_Rumey the white grill border pokes through the engine cover in some areas, so you would need to add the black stripes to that part of the grill. I'll try to find an image of that area in Photoshop. S!
  15. Great news, but I’m quite surprised by the omission of the R.E.8, especially since we’re getting its rival DFW. Those two are the biggest pieces missing from FC1, and it seems we’ll still be short one. But enough complaining ... where’s my wallet?!
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