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  1. You are absolutely right. We try to gather up lone wolfs and organize the war effort (coconut expert). The results are very good to excellent. You dont need to be part of a squad, just dont fly alone. Dont look for trouble, be the trouble.
  2. I think this thread deserves a response from the Devˋs. Please evaluate the damage model for buildings and ”dumb” objects such as static tanks etc... I rather have fewer objects and functions in the sim that makes sense than lots of stuff that works questionable.. A couple of observations: 1.Static tanks are more vulnurable to HE shots than AP shots. (for a given durability value) That makes no sense at all?? 2.Building damage threshold has been dramatically changed (with same durability values). Near hits with 250/500 kg bombs do not destroy buildings now. (After latest 3 patches or so.) 3. Buildings can now appear or get animated from operational to destroyed but still be only damaged in the logs and do not change to destroyed. Bombing a destroyed building further will change it to destroyed and kill message will appear. (Also since the latest patches) This below end result would be ideal and I believe you devs are devoted to realism! An IL2 can destroy a standard german pzIII tank (static tank) with 37mm AP shots. (one or a few). -The same tank should also be destructible with 23mm AP but with few or several to many shots. -The same tank should be indestructible from fine calibre fire (mg). -The same tank would also be destroyed by a direct hit from a 100kg bomb or above sizes. -A 50Kg bomb would probably cause major damage if hit directly and fuse on contact (since static tanks cant be damaged only live or dead it can be overseen). - Rockets, same there... they appear to do no damage to objects if durability is set too high. Setting the durability to the point where they do break things leads to a value that will have the object get destroyed by mg fire. Regarding the cannons Same would go for the Stuka, The Hs129 and the Bf110G antitank weapons for the Axis side. Many missionbuilders use the static tanks in their scenarios. Also, the rendering distance for static tanks are for some reason extremely short, is there a particular reason for this? In general the damage modelling of objects would need to go through a review imo. Maybe each object could have a section with ticbox where it could be selected what weapon from damage would be accepted and with what ammount or rate? My idea exemplified below: A small wooden house: MG : 5.0 Cannons HE : 2.0 Cannons AP : 4.0 Bomb : 1.0 Rocket : 1.0 Splash damage durability : 2500 And a medium Hangar: MG : 20.0 Cannons HE : 5.0 Cannons AP : 17.0 Bomb : 1.0 Rocket : 2.5 Splash damage durability : 10000 And finally a tank: MG : no Cannons HE : 10.0 Cannons AP : 2.0 Bomb : 1.5 Rocket : 1.0 Splash damage durability : 20000 For the most parts, the beginners of the IL2 series will have challenge in hitting the targets. But when you spend so much time to practice and start to hit targets with direct hits, you should be awarded, not punished.
  3. Brief description: Player gets killed after succesful landing in multiplayer DF server Detailed description, conditions: After a successful and uneventful landing, players get sudden KIA message after looking on the mapscreen for a while. It first gets the landing successful symbol (green) but after some time it changes to red KIA. The logs also reflects this as pilot being killed after a few minutes. Starting to happen quite commonly now... so others might upvote if youre getting this too! Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): Screenshot:
  4. Brief description: Unable to rearm guns in gunner stations when unlimited ammo is ON Detailed description, conditions: After doing some testing of durability of objects I tried flying a quick mission and setting planes with unlimited ammo. When doing so, I relize that ammo is depleted in all turrets or gunners and it is not possible to reload on gunner stations. Tried in both Ju87 and He111, I assume it is universal on all planes. (Did not test flare guns) Suggestion for fix is that the ammo never runs out, like in main guns. Alternatively that the reload function is activated again and player has unlimited magazines. Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): N/A Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): N/A
  5. I had some issues when playing on a coop mission and pressing end flight. Game locked up.
  6. YES! FINALLY! + Some cool icons on events, like XXXX was killed (and a little tombstone next to it)
  7. Yes, good question... That below was written yesterday: "Friends, we are aware of Tiger troubles, to be fixed tomorrow. Also, many positive changes are coming in GUI. "
  8. Everybody calm down. Take a couple of breaths, smile and lets stick to the facts. We have problems and we have solutions and also we could have yet to be solutions. (technical challenges / progress / evolution ) Problem#1 (for the unhappy guys picking on the devs) People like to have their skin visible to others and vice versa online. Is there a solution? yes ofc there is. You can download them on before hand outside of the game, in the sense that devs mentioned, heavier skins... more traffic.. This works perfectly, and actually I prefer this instead of the old method with this being downloaded by the game in the duration of playing... thats not very sensible. Problem#2 (for the devs that obviously has not understood ppls point and why they are unhappy) For each skin that needs to be predownloaded, it needs to be installed in the custom skin directory. What you dear developers need to understand is the following: With a skin that is Pilot_no.X_skin he also need to have all other skins that of his fellow pilots installed as well.... So for one plane with a squad of 10 ppl there will be 10 custom skins, of only pilot_no.X wants to select one of those. You can imagine and multiply with the number of skins and the number of pilots and quickly realize that this is driving ppl mad if they want to go full creative (like it was possible in the old days.) In short, finding your 4 skins amongst 40 other skins is madness. (if you fly with 10 other ppl that have 4 custom skins) Earlier, you could have a standard skin and use the decals.. (yes I know what you will go on about now kicking on a dead horse) but thats not my point. The point is, that with these fantastic 4k skins and that they are downloadble on beforehand, it becomes very nice to not need the "decals"... as whoever creates the skins for squads or groups usually is part of the group and take a great deal of pride and dedication to skin for his/her fellow comrades!! Now, where am I getting at? An idea of a solution ofc.... The current way of things allows us to almost get what we want, we are soo close.. but not there fully yet. My idea is this... Since every skin will be pre downloaded by the user anyway, you dont need to develop a fancy system for this. Please consider a system where IL2BoX can differentiate between skins (thats already downloaded by the user) that are named with a symbol (I.e contains # in the skin name to automatically filter them out of the skin list. This way, you dont see them in your list, and they are seen ingame = problem solved...everybody happy.) Example: Skin_X_bf109f4 (your skin) Skin_Y#_bf109f4 (your mates skin) both skins installed in same repository, but only Skin_X_bf109f4 is seen in the list and selectable as the one(s) with # is filtered out You wont need to alter much at all, well not YOU at least, it will go to a coder who probably dont have too much of headache for such a solution. Perhaps, later in the future, there could be a more GUI friendly solution where user can tick a button on each skin in the menu with a show/hide functionality for this purpose? Lets look forward! Customers, come with valid ideas! Developers, listen to valid ideas. In both cases, be polite. EDIT: Oh, almost forgot... Thank you Hellhound for the time you have invested into this!
  9. The startup sequence on the A-20 is imo not correct. It´s not a major thing but the A-20 (Wright R-2600-23) does not have a flywheel/clutch starter like the single row radials like T6-Harvard. (P&W R-1340). The dual radial plus the massive propellers of these attackers / bombers is too much mass to move with such an arrangement of a flywheel and thats why they operate on an electric starter motor system. Pay attention to the starter. When it engages, the propeller will move instantly, depending on the condition of the motor (how much its primed with fuel) and how the pilot sets the fuel cock (not pre-run, heated or other issues) the startup itself can be somewhat different. This engine starts up pretty much after 7-10 blades, as this is the time the pilot sets fuel cock on. Some engines require a bit of priming however. The engine usually sounds less metallic and purrs more, a completely different sound when warmed up after about 10minutes. You can see some nice startup videos of the same engine that goes into the A-20: (Bench arrangement and probably not the orignal starter system, but still electrical) ) (B-25 startup and not as grumpy as the video claims....they dont know what grumpy is) And finally the A-20 itself.... (skip to 11 minutes 53 seconds) The right engine starts abnormally quick, probably pre run performed earlier on this engine, its really not normal on a first startup. The left one is either a cold start, or the pilot is cranking the engine a bit before activating fuel cocks... The video posted on the preview is imo not really a good representation of this engine, again nothing major.. but It would be nice if you got it right since this engine is quite common still today installed in veteran airplanes that you can still see flying. You can hear a flywheel spinning up on the IL2 representation of this engine and this just doesnt seem right.. also the engine spins up a bit too high imo. On my free time I work on vintage warbirds so I´m quite used to these radials, so not making things up here! For fun, I added a video from a couple of clips when I work with a A-26 Invader: (the A-20 is its grandfather) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DqOkBCTm6Tw The same plane seen here with my friend Jesper behind the camera... (he knows cameras better than I do)
  10. Some heavy fighting going on today.. I ran into some ppl helping out setting up a CAP over our tanks. LP1888 & Motoadve Thank you!
  11. ALL COCO PLAYERS, READ THIS: 1. Please use this thread: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/32801-coconuts-dynamic-campaign-expert-and-normal/ <------------- This is it Why? Because this thread is somewhat outdated, and coconut prefers to use the above one instead. 2. Read the manual. For almost 95% of your questions regarding server, campaign or mission logic, they can be found in the manual. The Manual is on the first page of the thread above. I am not going to post a link to it, as it might be updated. Again, use the thread link above. 3. Also, be wise to download and install Discord. It´s free. It´s awesome.. and if you like the server that´s the place to hang around in coconuts discord server/channel. You will find most regular players there and if you have a question you probably get an answer within a few minutes. You will find the discord details in the thread above. I feel like I am stuck on repeat. So for the last time... use the above thread! At the start of a mission rotation there is a specific number of planes on bases. As planes are being taken into flight, they are reduced. They can only be put back there by landing them safely on their home airfield OR if you land the aircraft on another base that has support for that plane type. If you land a plane that has not support for a specific plane type it will become available in the next mission. This would be like you are moving assets. If you were not able to select the plane you flew there it must be : 1. The aircraft was damaged heavily. (engine damage etc... plane will be repaired though for next mission) 2. The base you landed did not support the aircraft type in the current mission. 3. Someone took the plane as you went back into briefing screen and went to get a coffee? Aircraft can be added to bases: 1. By production from resources, in between missions there is a resupply of planes & tanks etc. However, they are mostly resupplied to the rear bases. 2. By moving them from one base to another. 3. By AI moving them during transfer flights. Also note, there are static planes on airbases. If a static plane of a specific type i.e a MiG3 is destroyed, one MiG3 will be subtracted from the airbase into the next mission. So don´t be surprised if your efforts did not do any changes... the enemy could have strafed a plane during a mission.
  12. Nice to see some new players on that have discovered how good this is. Dont forget, the Coconut server runs a Discord! Use it! The last few weeks I have teamed up with some extraordinary people, achieving extraordinary goals. So you better ask yourself, Do you feel extraordinary? https://discord.gg/9wKKd8
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