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  1. Phases of Flight 1. TO 2. Climb 3. Cruise 4. Ingress In rapid succession, and in whatever order situations allow; Egress, Descent, Approach, Pre Crash Briefing, Crash, Scrape to Ramp
  2. Adverse yaw, you say. Pshaw, you just........ You see, #2 has scampered, prompting an inclination to dial in some L rudder. V stab (and presumably rudder and r trim) has gone AWOL. Bupkis >>>> Bugger
  3. ...and Best Performance in an animated series with episode duration 15 minutes or less, and whose main character's name is oddly semi-pharaonic, (shut up Gervais, this is serious),...
  4. Antoine Marie Jean-Baptiste Roger, comte de Saint-Exupéry P-38. I'm messing around writing in a 7th planet in Little Prince. I'm sure it would be more than OK if the recce model had all of the guns. Happy New Year Rap and Ms. Rap.
  5. I was so taken by Busdriver's Solsticean Generosity that I made a Luft Lofting video. Perhaps only he will get my feeble attempt at a LABS, even at full rich I had slightly under 132 kN thrust. Let me tell you, an Over-the-Shoulder loft is dang right problematic with that SC 1000, I'd go so far as to say precarious.
  6. You chaps put me to shame with your burgeoning imaginations. I just remained with historical pilots: Jürgen Hauffe Heltmut Braunsweiger Ivan Mariaskaya Fritz Ivanchwottar Gunther Schwienhunt Duke Nukem Bryan Bollocks Bud Babedenter Willi Winkel Wainright Fishbottom Major M. Major (Not currently authorized to divulge rank)
  7. You did not understand my post. I have 'reported' this multiple times here in a more humorous vein. Bug Squashing 101. Is the bug reproducible? No, however it is widely reported, the sequence of steps is not defined, yet. Is there more than one use case in which the bug can be demonstrated, and if so, how does one recover from the bug condition? Here I show the bug can be triggered in the Flight Records player, in a Flight that had been recorded with the bug NOT in evidence, and then recovered from the bug condition by changing the time point of play on the player. I offered this for Jason and the Aeronauts' consumption as a possible datum. Recovery from a bug condition from different use cases can often elucidate the root cause of the bug. It could also be that restarting the flight and changing the point of play are identical steps.
  8. Understandably similar to the other ways. Hopefully, this assists eradication of the meddlesome pr.... insect. No complaint or derision of any type is intended, only assistance. I should point out that I started this mission, without doubt, having the 'feature' disabled, ie., the pilot was comfortably seated IN the cockpit, as were his mates.
  9. Probably not as applicable to the WW2 aircraft, with the higher wing loading, but perhaps a helpful adjunct for the FC crowd. Leastways, historicaly interesting.
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