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  1. I want to see Bubi land. I think the RW is going to be forked.
  2. Wurfrahmen 40 (Heulende Kuh) mounted on Sonderkraftfahrzeug 251, launching
  3. In other Rhineland News, de Saint-Exupéry reviews the new Kodachrome ASA 400, Type A (ASA 12.7/20 mm) film stating, "Princely performance", while test model, Fritz Möller was less than enthusiastic. I'm careful about the paint (the paint don't usually enter into it), Rap, but, honor bright, it's more the ventilation and bending of parts big enough to have Serial Numbers that seems to be my major downfall. Got Comprehensive Assurance, though. and,....that's a Rap. Both are, actually.
  4. Rathaus der Stadt Münster at Dawn And Danziger's beautiful "Memphis Mustang" Asia Stripes, to boot.
  5. The most remarkable case of C.F.I.T. in the case files of the N.T.S.B. @~0:40
  6. The Ides of December (13th), 1944 over Malmedy, Belgium. Blood red sunrise, dark storm clouds and an east wind coming.
  7. Indeed, we find the modified Feynman diagram (below) helpful in getting our heads around the Mirror enigma. Where the -ig mu lambda/(q-p)^2 term is replaced by 2xMG 81Z
  8. Onze-Lieve-Vrouwekathedraal at Dawn
  9. Welcome to the New Age....... A WAVE.
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