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  1. Although posted in Aviation History, this missive is equally about linguistics. You see, heretofore I have considered the wacked-out speech of today's youth, with its faux self-deprecation and sloppy non committal style, a co-pathology of the Gen Z/Social Media blight. This Diction Documentary (!) from Oxford, or some shit like that, indicates the 'War on the King's English' to have a history going back at least as long ago as the WW2 British Aviator. (It's like racism against cowards.)
  2. Pöschendorf Phil says 6 more weeks of Winter Offensive. Thanks to SR603-Flowbee for this most excellent skin.
  3. Fun Fact: It wasn't the appearance of the P 51 over Berlin that caused Reichsmarschal Hermann Göring to utter his famous speculation regarding the outcome of the war. It was this picture.
  4. Now with barrage balloons. Fun for the whole family. Great SC, [DBS]Tx_Tip, Thank You muchly. RRR is a great addition to all the other toys.
  5. It is indeed, good eye there Rjel. Maybe it was meant to be edited out.
  6. Heck with harassing the enemy, we mean to discommode him.
  7. Couldn't help noticing a few having a chuckle at my expense prior to the DVD revelation, for having the expedient of taking some before shots of cathedral damage. So here we see a heavily damaged Tiger II Cathedral Tank beating a hasty retreat from Köln. Who's laughing now?
  8. Just in case we need before data for the possible new damage detailing, and just in case it also applies to cathedrals.......well...er, I have us covered.
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