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  1. To be found just outboard of the dihedral inflection. The basking shark image was inspired by the gape of the air intake. Upon further investigation in the Royal Archives, it was apparently S.L. Bollocks idea that the basking shark motif would lull the opposition into a sense of complacency. Along the lines of, "Don't mind that silly thing on my six at Angels 15, its just a lousy plankton eater", don't you know.
  2. First known photo of an early prototype of now famous Royal Navy "Air Shark Camouflage" initiative, proposed by Squadron Leader Singen Smithe Bollocks, O.B.E., (ret.).
  3. Wonderful turn of events. Perfectly positioned for my next sortie. Lads, let's raise one for Julian57. Kindly charge your glasses..... Alright, Bottoms Up!! Almost said I'll take mine sunny side up........
  4. A shrew, a shrew, my kingdom for a shrew.
  5. Wassenberg Crop Circles Confirmed. Films at 11. New visibility system not without considerable aerodynamic cost.
  6. Got me envisioning DiCaprio humming some insipid Dion crooning.
  7. Amazing attention to detail Ouky1991. Noticed the gasoline stains around the fuel caps were asymmetric port/starboard. Thank You.
  8. Köln Play | Missing Files | Outro Ploești Hommage
  9. I say, is that a..........Steigy old chap, you shall burn thrice for this one.
  10. Thanks a bunch for this Patrick. And, thanks for attending to the late war AAR situvation Unrelated, I voted necessary, ~ a month ago.
  11. If wishing to use GIMP, this is how I've been doing it. I'm sure there are many ways. 1. Get GIMP 2. Get dds plug-in (Google) 3. Place "dds plug-in" application in a directory in Local Disk\Program Files\GIMP 2\lib\gimp\2.0\plug-ins (you may have to make "dds" folder within plug-ins with Make Folder, to maintain consistency with the other applications.) 4. Open your image with GIMP 5. Select the crop tool (4th tool second row) 6. Select "Fixed aspect ratio" and "1024x1024" 7. Left click and hold in the image, drag mouse to select the portion of the image you wish to keep. Reposition your square by click, hold and drag mouse. Finalize your crop with pressing "Enter" key. 8. Under Image menu, select "Scale Image". Image resize by "Pixel" and "1024x1024". "X and Y" resolution" to "300 pixels/in". "Cubic interpolation". Press "scale". 9. Under File menu, select "Export as..." , and name it whatever you wish .dds. 10. "Click Select File Type (by extension)", and choose "DDS" image. (if DDS is not listed, check steps 2 and 3 above.) 11. Click Export and watch for the Save as DDS box to open. Under Compression, choose BC3/DXT5, and under Mipmaps choose Generate mipmaps. Click OK. 12. Go to Program Files (x86)\1c Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles\data\graphics\Planes\"Your Plane you wish the picture to appear in"\Textures. 13. Rename the custom_photo in the Texture directory "custom_photo_original" 14. Place your brand new spankn' image here, and rename it custom_photo. NOT custom_photo.dds. Check properties on your new custom_photo. It should be ~1.3 MB, and a DDS file. 15. Just prior to spawning into IL2 with your chosen plane, hit the AP configure button lower right corner. Click the new 3rd button "Pilot Stuff", and click the photo. The image icon will not depict your new photo. Start and admire your new cockpit photo. Many theme and variations of this method work. Image below is in a G 14 I just made with the above.
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