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  1. Doodlebug Career, of course. (nicht anfassen) That is indeed Major T.J. "King" Kong from Dr. S'love. "Toe to Toe with the....."
  2. Dateline: Clervaux Castle. Spotting issues resolved. (If you think that title sucks, you should see the original. To wit: But for the lack of sufficient water, all this would be inundated.)
  3. Watching over Big Buddies at evening RTB.
  4. 150 Octane thanks for a brilliant SC. Also, thanks for the use of your P-38. Should be good as new in a couple of months, provided you don't mind #2 being a P&W Double Wasp. On one of the intense bombing runs, while evading AAA and attempting to maintain formation, I saw this (image attached). Thought it might be Aachen-Saar programme Type 39 of the Westwall. But maybe just tents. Or tents being used to represent Dragons' Teeth. At any rate, Good Show, all around.
  5. It was more of an AOOOOOOOOOOGA, than the sound of a freight train. We had a good deal of fun with these ballistic Horches in the Foo Fighters thread in this sub forum: and I posted it here:
  6. The evening skies over Venray are alive with Search Lights, Tracers and a Kurfürst Kerze in this depiction provided by the incomperable SYN_Vander EMG.
  7. Early evening RTB over Moscow. Please click twice to see full size. The compression corrupts the image.
  8. Shooting the now famous FORD1 STAR (HARSN Transition) into the 18th at Pebble Beach (never Prokhorovka).
  9. Guess who didn't get their first choice for Duty Assignment.
  10. Keeping old Pierre Henri away from all that 'pUrtY Gla5s' is no trivial matter. Royal Museum of the Armed Forces and Military History (L) in Cinquantenaire Park in Brussels, Belgium. (Arcade du Cinquantenaire in background center)
  11. Thanks a bunch for this, DFLion, I enjoyed the stuffin' out of this one. The cherry-on-top was the A.I. saving me the trouble and expense of ramming the last 190.
  12. Tempest Moon (really go for the moon glow on the cloud tops.)
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