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  1. Thanks for the suggestions, but I have this sim on digital download direct not Steam. I'm old. I was born when Eisenhower was President. I'm not as skilled with tech as some in this forum, but I know a disappointment when I see one. The in-the-cockpit experience is cool, but VR is sucking it for air combat. Perhaps that is a bit harsh. I think a large monitor and TrackIR is better for situational awareness in air combat. I'll say this, crashing in VR is a more realistic treat. Or should I say "crash landing." It freaked me out in a good way, in VR, to skid through really tall grass.
  2. Well, I finally got VR going in IL2GB using my Quest 2. I can't totally explain it, but I'm a bit disappointed. Being more closer to experiencing the actual cockpit is pretty cool, but it isn't as earth-shaking as I thought it would be. Yes, it is visually more realistic, I guess? I didn't have to turn down my graphics settings from 2D at all (Ultra and 4K). My RTX 2080 runs VR mode very well. Flying is totally smooth. I thought the VR combat experience would be more satisfying, but so far (this is my first day with VR) it is not. I didn't try ejecting while in VR. Maybe that will be re
  3. Thank you for the suggestions. I got it to work. I downloaded and installed STeamVR then opened it. That seems to be necessary even if you don't have the Steam version of IL2, which I do not.
  4. Steam is open. I have "allow unknown sources" checked. Oculus Link is working. Where is the button that will enable me to jump into the 3D/VR cockpit? All I see in my headset is a gigantic screen version of the same thing on my computer screen. I'm not actually IN the cockpit VR style. What am I not doing to make this work? Just to be clear, I have the digital version of IL2 GB not the Steam version.
  5. Total VR noob here. I can't seem to get my new Quest 2 to work with IL2 Great Battles. I have gotten to work with MSFS 2020, but I think it is easier due to "Switch to VR mode" within the game itself. IL2 doesn't have anything like that kind of button inside the game. I do have enable VR mode checked when first starting IL2 from the desktop but that doesn't make it connect. I have the digital version of IL2GB not Steam. I do VR with MSFS 2020 using the Link cable. The closest I get to VR with IL2 is to see my computer screen inside the headset. What do I have to do to make it go into V
  6. Thank you, Sokol1. You saved me! The hat view I wanted was the "snap" view, left, right, behind, forward which are under the Pilot head movement as you indicated.
  7. Thank you, Sokol1. I deleted that file. The sim now recognizes the flight stick. However, key-mapping does not work for some controls. Specifically, the hat switch on the stick. No matter how many times I program the hat switch under Camera Controls to look left, right, up and down it does not work. I have axis control with the flight stick and Fire All Guns, but that is all. What is the problem with the hat switch? It is driving me crazy.
  8. Just picked up this HOTAS to replace my X55. I can't get IL2 Great Battles to recognize either the stick or the throttle. What is the solution? I tried the HOTAS with other flight sims, military and civilian, and it works like a dream. No matter what I do in INPUT Devices or Key Mapping nothing works. Help! Re-booting doesn't work. Plugging and unplugging and replugging doesn't work.
  9. What is so special about it? What does 4-channel RAM CPU mean that is special?
  10. Thanks very much, dburne. Yes, I have Amazon Prime. I will check it out. I now have Windows 10. Hopefully, Amazon Prime is a better price than the HP website which lists the Reverb Pro for $649 USD.
  11. Damn, I so want to try it. I want to try the Reverb because I WILL notice the screen door effect with a different brand. When I bought my new Jaguar, I had an option to have a heated windshield. Jaguar said I wouldn't notice the tiny squiggly lines in the windshield because I would be having too much fun driving. I refused. This was the only option I did not get. Later when my car went in for an oil change, I was given a loaner Jaguar to drive for the day. This one had the heated windshield. Well, I DID see the lines in the glass. It drove me crazy. So, I know I would notice screen doo
  12. Oh great. Now I need to read up on WMR. I assume the initials stand for Windows Mixed Reality? I have no idea what it is, but I suppose the burden is on me to find out. My God, I hope this is all worth it. I hope VR knocks my socks off.
  13. Thanks There appears to be 2.75 inches from the center of one of my pupils to the center of the other. According to the conversion table 2.75 inches is the 69.85mm. Too big for any top VR? I can't get the HP Reverb? What do I do now?
  14. I now have Windows 10. Do you mean the distance between the nearest edge of each pupil, or the distance from the center of one pupil to the center of the other pupil?
  15. Which version of Windows are you running VR with Reverb at 60Hz? I have Windows 7 and considering purchasing Reverb for VR.
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