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  1. I think I might have posted this originally in the wrong technical forum. Why am I getting a "FAILED TO UPDATE" message after a long automatic download of 3.102? This has never happened before.
  2. I clicked on the desk top icon to play the sim and it begins to download 3.102? 2.16 GB later it says "FAILED TO UPDATE." The game won't run. I restarted my PC and tried it again. It immediately starts to download and IMMEDIATELY this time says "FAILED TO UPDATE." This has never happened before. All my other programs are running correctly. What is going on? Please help!!!!!
  3. I try to keep up with the updates even though they are a pain because there appears to be an update every time I log on to play which is about once every couple of months. Wit this latest update, the sim won't run at all! Here is what happens. I click on the desktop icon and the usual window opens and says "Play" at the bottom bar. I click on Play. The screen goes black except for IL2 Sturmovik in the middle of the dark screen (as usual) with "Loading- Please wait" at the top of the screen. The problem is it stays locked in that state--forever. Normally, I would see loading progress at the bottom of the screen, and in seconds the game screen appears. What do I do to fix this? Why won't the sim load? I have a normal desktop PC. i7 4000 something, tons of RAM, and an RTX 2080 GPU. Very normal. I've been running this sim for over a year with the same PC. The only change was updating the GPU a few months ago, but I've played the sim with the RTX a few times without a problem so it can't be that. Please help!
  4. I was going to laugh, but then I realized this device is absolute genius. Thanks for the tip.
  5. Ideas like Papua New Guinea are commendable, but for the Pacific Theatre, Pearl Harbor would be the ultimate sim scenario.
  6. There really is no alternative to Pacific Theater. That's the one most of us want. Do the best you can with it. Other developers have done Pacific War fighters for almost 20 years. How did they do it? How did they get data on Japanese planes? Remember Combat Flight Sim II, the Microsoft sim based on the allies war with Japan? I even have a Pearl Harbor add-on mod someone created. It was awesome graphically and otherwise for its day. You could play as the Japanese or intercept them at any time literally over Pearl Harbor. Loved it. It just doesn't work anymore with Windows 10 PCs and GPUs like my Geforce RTX 2080.
  7. Can someone help me, please? When I try to play the sim offline, I get the message that a new version is available please update. But when I go into the game online, the version shows as 3.010c. Isn't this the latest version? I don't recall downloading 3.010 before I downloaded and installed 3.010c. I assumed the "c" version included 3.010 and 3.010b as well as "c." Was I correct?
  8. My thanks to all. I didn't know there was a manual. Special thanks to Haza for the links. By the way, I love your country. I've been to Melbourne and Sydney. Just a taste of your country but very much enjoyed being there. I"ve only been to Canberra in FSX and P3D V4.2. ☺️
  9. I was flying a mission in an IL2 variant with a rear gunner. I switched to rear gunner position correctly, but I tried moving and firing the turret gun with my game controller (Saitek X55 HOTAS) but nothing happened. The mouse doesn't operate the rear gun either. What am I doing wrong? How do I operate the rear gun?
  10. If you can fly this "sim" in third person outside the plane, how is that more realistic than first person with absolutely no cock pit graphics? If you fly FSX or P3D, there are certain planes that have this option. How does that reduce the hard core nature of the sim for those who elect not to use it in single player mode? How did you create that view?
  11. My thanks to everyone who took the time to respond. This is a very helpful forum. Actually, I am not totally new to flight sims. I go all way back to the very first MS Flight Simulator and military sims like the original Red Baron, Flight of the Intruder, the first Falcon, and even F-A Interceptor on the Commodore Amiga 500, which came out when some of you guys were probably in Elementary School. I"m old. I've owned ROF (had the same problem with that sim). I currently own P3D v.4.2 with a ton of ORBX add-ons, and WOFF Champagne Edition. So, I'm not new to flight sims just flight SIMMING. In other words, I always fly on "easy" settings to try to recapture the most fun I've ever had in single or multiplayer: the old Janes Combat Flight Sims, like F-15 and WWII, and MS Combat Flight Simulator 1 and 2. I don't like pure arcade flight games because they are too unrealistic, but I've never been able to dedicate the time to learn complex engine management that is required to fly high fidelity sims at the most realistic settings. That is why I don't do multiplayer anymore (I just get shot down because I can't climb and zoom like everyone else). I'm ready to give up on DCS for just that reason. Yes, I have DCS World 2.5. Perhaps "sim-lite" is more my thing. Something between arcade and detailed hard core sims. But they don't make those anymore. Janes is gone. MS Combat Sims are gone. Microprose is gone. Heck, Spectrum Holobyte (the original Falcon) is gone. I will study Requiem's videos as most of you have advised. Thank you.
  12. Is there any way to fly in first person without the cockpit? You can do this in WOFF and with some planes in Prepared 3D.
  13. Okay, I had this problem with 1946 and it made me quit. I don't quite get flight dynamics and need advice. Here is what I mean. I'm flying with full throttle and the AI zooms up to a higher altitude. I try to zoom and my plane drops instead. The second thing is turning. I try to bank and turn with the enemy AI (also happened in multi with ROF years ago) and my plane shudders and drops into a spin. It almost doesn't matter which plane I'm flying. The point being, I don't know what to do to compensate. Does adjusting the propeller help me climb? Do I lower the angle or raise it? What about mixture? I have no idea what to do with it. There is no instruction manual for this sim just key mapping, but I don't know what some of the keys like propeller and mixture actually do. I'm afraid to try multi until I can figure out how to climb like A.I. and use all these features. Helpful advice would be much appreciated.
  14. My thanks to both of you. New question: Why do some people in this forum have those gold bars with stripes under their avatars? Some have one, while others have four or five. What is that about and how do you get them?
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