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  1. OMG! That was my problem! I had unchecked "Allow Spectators." Who knew that had anything at all to do with my external views? Finally I can again enjoy this sim. Thanks very much.
  2. Good news! I found the solution. Apparently, I have to check "Allow Spectators" or all external views are turned off. So weird! What does one have to do with the other? Anyway, I'm happy again.
  3. I thought I should post my terrible problem here too. I wasn't sure the best place to post. My F keys are no longer functional in game. Nothing wrong with my keyboard. I switched keyboards twice and experience the same thing--a total blackout of my F keys. Basically, since I did the 4.0002 update a couple of days ago the external views no longer, neither the single F keys nor any key combination requiring an F key in the default setup. It doesn't work to re-program the external views to a different non-F key--it still doesn't work. What do I do? Without the external views I am not enjoying this sim at all. I have Windows 7 and have enjoyed IL2 Great Battles for over a year with no problem and after every update--until this last one. Alternative camera views seem to be zapped. Gone. I am not a techie. I turn on my computer, double-click the game icon, and play. My setup is "Custom" which is how I've always played. I am not in "Expert" or "Normal" mode. I don't go into folders because I wouldn't know how. PLEASE HELP.
  4. Oh boy. Ghost666, I do appreciate the suggestion, but I do not know how to do that. What would cause my F keys to stop working for this sim only? They've been working with this sim for a couple of years. Art-J, thank you. I'll leave the mouse alone, I guess and move it to another part of the desk far out of the way. Surely, someone must have encountered this problem and can instruct a non-techie how to fix it? Everything was fine until I updated the sim to 4.0002 I even tried a different keyboard. Same thing. The sim refuses to recognize my F keys, which is ruining the experience entirely. I need my external views and flybys. Also, NONE of the F keys work in this sim after the update. I can't do any of the external views. Key combinations involving the F keys don't work. Re-programming the external views to non-F keys doesn't work. The update refuses to give me external views. Why?
  5. I sometimes accidentally bump the mouse on my small desktop and my forward cockpit view suddenly is looking straight down or some other direction just when I'm about to fire. It is annoying. I want to deactivate mouse view somehow. How could my game be set in Expert mode? I never changed it. I'll go back in and search for "Expert" setting. Thanks. Well, that didn't work. I am not on "Expert" mode, I"m on "Custom" mode where I've always been. Certain keys don't work anymore, and re-programming doesn't work. The F keys are not working since the last IL2 GB update. I tried a different flight sim and the F keys work as normal. It is only this sim. What did the latest update do to de-recognize my F keys?
  6. I've updated to version 4.002. But now my keyboard F keys no longer work. The default F1, F2, F3 ain't working anymore. I went into key mapping to "re-map" those keys and they still don't work. I have no external views or flyby either offline or online single-player. What is going on? Please help. Also, if someone has the answer to disabling the mouse before flying a mission please tell me how to do it. I want the mouse for menu navigation but not in game. Thanks.
  7. The soundtrack is absolutely SUPERB! The music by Matt Milne when in the menu screens is major studio quality. It sets the mood and is very period immersive. Just fantastic. Sometimes, I boot up either WOTR or WOFF Platinum Edition and instead of playing the sim, I just turn up the music for an hour or so to hear all tracks before I actually play. By then, I feel like I am actually in 1915 or 1942.
  8. What difference does it make if it is a 17 year old game or a 17 month old game? If you want WOFF and WOTR, get it. Obviously, you are not interested in those two quality historical combat flight sims.
  9. I don't mess with Geforce Experience either. I just play the games basically with everything on default. How do you do an "integrity check?" Sorry, I'm not very knowledgeable about PC technology. I don't understand why all of a sudden the game stops loading all the way.
  10. I got into the game (fully updated) to the initial screens before launching but did not play because my dog had an emergency. So I exited the game back to the Windows desktop (I'm running Win 7 64 bit). I came back two hours later and double clicked to restart the game. The usually black screen with "Loading... please wait" comes up, only this time the red line at the bottom of the screen freezes with progress at only an eigth of an inch. Stays that way, so after more than 30 minutes, I rebooted and tried it again. Same thing happens, only this time I wait an hour (ate lunch) then returned to see the screen was still stuck. Tried restarting my PC again, and again it froze. I tried system restore. Same result. Frozen on "Loading...please wait." All my other programs work normally. Please help. I love IL2GB! I am running RTX 2080.
  11. I think I might have posted this originally in the wrong technical forum. Why am I getting a "FAILED TO UPDATE" message after a long automatic download of 3.102? This has never happened before.
  12. I clicked on the desk top icon to play the sim and it begins to download 3.102? 2.16 GB later it says "FAILED TO UPDATE." The game won't run. I restarted my PC and tried it again. It immediately starts to download and IMMEDIATELY this time says "FAILED TO UPDATE." This has never happened before. All my other programs are running correctly. What is going on? Please help!!!!!
  13. I try to keep up with the updates even though they are a pain because there appears to be an update every time I log on to play which is about once every couple of months. Wit this latest update, the sim won't run at all! Here is what happens. I click on the desktop icon and the usual window opens and says "Play" at the bottom bar. I click on Play. The screen goes black except for IL2 Sturmovik in the middle of the dark screen (as usual) with "Loading- Please wait" at the top of the screen. The problem is it stays locked in that state--forever. Normally, I would see loading progress at the bottom of the screen, and in seconds the game screen appears. What do I do to fix this? Why won't the sim load? I have a normal desktop PC. i7 4000 something, tons of RAM, and an RTX 2080 GPU. Very normal. I've been running this sim for over a year with the same PC. The only change was updating the GPU a few months ago, but I've played the sim with the RTX a few times without a problem so it can't be that. Please help!
  14. I was going to laugh, but then I realized this device is absolute genius. Thanks for the tip.
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