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  1. What is so special about it? What does 4-channel RAM CPU mean that is special?
  2. Thanks very much, dburne. Yes, I have Amazon Prime. I will check it out. I now have Windows 10. Hopefully, Amazon Prime is a better price than the HP website which lists the Reverb Pro for $649 USD.
  3. Damn, I so want to try it. I want to try the Reverb because I WILL notice the screen door effect with a different brand. When I bought my new Jaguar, I had an option to have a heated windshield. Jaguar said I wouldn't notice the tiny squiggly lines in the windshield because I would be having too much fun driving. I refused. This was the only option I did not get. Later when my car went in for an oil change, I was given a loaner Jaguar to drive for the day. This one had the heated windshield. Well, I DID see the lines in the glass. It drove me crazy. So, I know I would notice screen door if it is there and it will bother me. But now I'm more worried about this IPD thing. There always seems to be something that will kill the fun. I do remember putting on the VR headset (I don't remember which one it was) at the mall VR game room. I notice the 3D effect, which allowed me to drive much better in Project Cars, the only sim they had with VR. I also notice the screen door effect which I hated. And unfortunately, I now realize I was suffering from this IPD thing because there were blurry areas around the perimeter. At the time, which was a couple of years ago, I didn't understand why there were blurry areas. Now I realize it was the IPD thing. Damn. I have no idea where to buy this device in USA that will allow a person to return it just because they don't like it.
  4. Oh great. Now I need to read up on WMR. I assume the initials stand for Windows Mixed Reality? I have no idea what it is, but I suppose the burden is on me to find out. My God, I hope this is all worth it. I hope VR knocks my socks off.
  5. Thanks There appears to be 2.75 inches from the center of one of my pupils to the center of the other. According to the conversion table 2.75 inches is the 69.85mm. Too big for any top VR? I can't get the HP Reverb? What do I do now?
  6. I now have Windows 10. Do you mean the distance between the nearest edge of each pupil, or the distance from the center of one pupil to the center of the other pupil?
  7. Which version of Windows are you running VR with Reverb at 60Hz? I have Windows 7 and considering purchasing Reverb for VR.
  8. Yes, I am going to upgrade to Win 10 this week, before I go out and purchase Reverb. One other question. I don't understand this IPD. Is that the distance between the nearest edges of your eyes or between the center of one eye to the center of the other? What is the IPD required for Reverb? If my IPD does not match Reverb, should I forget about this VR rig?
  9. Thank you. I did not know about HP reverb. I will have to Google it.
  10. Algy-Lacey, thank you very much for your explanation. I can overclock my CPU safely to 4.5GHz, although it runs naturally at 3.3GHz, which according to you will also work. If IL2 GB runs fine with Win 7, why would adding VR not work? I have watched some reviews on YouTube of Occulus Rift S, Samsung Odyssey Plus, HTC Vive Pro. I think my purchase decision is easy. Vive Pro is the best but way too expensive; the Odyssey Plus has the anti-screen door effect capability but is incompatible without pain in the butt adjustments with Steam; the Occulus Rift S has the poorest onboard sound but is the best, dollar for dollar, of all three systems, for clarity and software compatibility, and the Rift S is a huge improvement over the original Rift. The Rift S does not require or come with something called light towers and has improved visual clarity (no weird tint, and less screen door effect). I will buy the Occulus Rift S. Anyway, I am mainly looking to use VR with IL2 GB and Project Cars 2.
  11. Thanks Mitthrawnuruodo. But what is the best VR headset for flight sims (and racing sims) like IL2 GB?
  12. I've tried it only once--at a mall with an Occulus Something (or was it a Vive Something?). They had a bunch of VR setups. I tried it with a high-end racing sim because they didn't have a flight sim setup. While the 3-D effect was cool, I had a major issue with it. There was a weird "thing" across the screen like viewing the game through a screen door. I've heard some say nothing can be done about it, but it ultimately lowered my enjoyment, not fatally, but that was a big disappointment. This wasn't my home setup, however. At home I play IL2 Great Battles using a 4K monitor. I play the sim not quite as high as 4K, more like 3K. I have my settings on Ultra. I get super fast frame rates and the sim is so pretty in the standard 2D. I want to get VR for Christmas. My question is this: Will I see the "screen door" effect through the VR headgear? How bad is the screen door viewing? Is my four year old rig good enough? My rig: Core i7 5820 (six core), 16GB DDR4 2800MHz RAM, RTX 2080 (my only upgrade from the dual GTx 980s that came with it), Windows 7 (64Bit). Final question: What is the best VR set? Not the best for my rig, the best period, for IL2 GB? Thanks in advance.
  13. OMG! That was my problem! I had unchecked "Allow Spectators." Who knew that had anything at all to do with my external views? Finally I can again enjoy this sim. Thanks very much.
  14. Good news! I found the solution. Apparently, I have to check "Allow Spectators" or all external views are turned off. So weird! What does one have to do with the other? Anyway, I'm happy again.
  15. I thought I should post my terrible problem here too. I wasn't sure the best place to post. My F keys are no longer functional in game. Nothing wrong with my keyboard. I switched keyboards twice and experience the same thing--a total blackout of my F keys. Basically, since I did the 4.0002 update a couple of days ago the external views no longer, neither the single F keys nor any key combination requiring an F key in the default setup. It doesn't work to re-program the external views to a different non-F key--it still doesn't work. What do I do? Without the external views I am not enjoying this sim at all. I have Windows 7 and have enjoyed IL2 Great Battles for over a year with no problem and after every update--until this last one. Alternative camera views seem to be zapped. Gone. I am not a techie. I turn on my computer, double-click the game icon, and play. My setup is "Custom" which is how I've always played. I am not in "Expert" or "Normal" mode. I don't go into folders because I wouldn't know how. PLEASE HELP.
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