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  1. Thanks all! It's nice to know I'm not the only one having issues with true blacks in Rift. I'll also admit that doing full pattern work at midnight with no runway lights had me starring harder than normal into the night sky - speaking of which, is there no way to turn on runway lights in free flight? 💡
  2. Fellow Rift users, Is there any way to remove/reduce the "grainy" look especially noticeable during night flights? I just tried to do some night pattern work for fun but with Rift it feels like I'm looking through a screen door - much more noticeable than flying during the day. It was so bad I actually started to get motion sickness (which hasn't happened to me using VR yet). I did a search of the forum and couldn't find anything related to this specific issue, so please feel free to link a fix thread if there is one.
  3. Real pilots ftw 😀 I'll definitely check out the mod. Honestly the only problems I'm having is with distant spotting.
  4. To be fair IL-2's settings are a mess. The settings I'm using were actually copied from an IL-2 sub-reddit for VR Rift users. Anyway, I did find SCG_Fenris_Wolf's Copy/Paste settings and I'll probably give them a try tonight.
  5. Hey all, Finally got around to setting up the Rift last week and as a pilot IRL, I can say it's one of the most authentic experiences I've ever had in a simulator (excluding full motion). I did experience some slowdowns and "screen tearing", especially while flying around an area of the map with a lot going on. I messed around with the settings for a couple hours and landed on these (see image). The game is pretty smooth now and only slows down a little from time to time. I will say that it's difficult to spot far away objects but I attribute this to the Rift's display. Does anyone else have settings that work even better? Oh and here are my specs - i7-4770K GTX1080 16 GB RAM
  6. I completely agree with both of you. I'm just over here dreaming of a pitching deck
  7. lol let me rephrase, I don't care about down-to-the rivet realism but I remember having to hit the arresting cables in Aces of the Pacific when I was like 6 years old. So yeah, I think we can set the bar north of that.
  8. As a pilot IRL, it's all about pitching decks. I really hope they put some thought into what goes into landing on a carrier (arresting cables, barricades, recovery systems, etc). If all they do is put some stationary decks above the water with a high friction coefficient, I doubt I'll be a buyer.
  9. My theory is it just makes more sense to purchase directly from the developer if possible. That being said, for the publicity they gain I don't think the cut Steam takes is hurting 1C that much either. Carry on o7
  10. I have a related question. I also purchased BOS off the IL2 store and then added it to my Steam library by using the "add a non-Steam game to my library" option. It's a little odd though, Steam doesn't keep track of my hours played nor does it think I really own it because it still gives me the option to buy the game in their store. This begs the question - will airplanes or additional maps I buy on Steam work with my copy of BOS purchased from the IL2 store? I'd be pretty pissed if I bought a bunch of stuff on the next Steam sale and then find out Steam wants me to rebuy BOS from them for everything to work right together...
  11. I remember reading that we can transfer our IL-2 Store purchases to Steam if we want. In otherwords, I actually prefer launching through Steam (I like the tracking and visibility with my friends). Can we still do this? Disregard, I figured it out. Thank you everyone for the information! I am now a proud owner of IL-2 BoS. Now to set up this Oculus Rift...
  12. Thanks for all the speedy replies! When I say "dynamic", I just mean not scripted. Anyway, does anyone know if the 25% discount that's currently being offered can be applied to Steam purchases?
  13. I own Rise Of Flight, have for years. How do I obtain my discount code on a purchase of Kuban? The store doesn't know I own ROF...
  14. Thank you for the clarity Psyrion! I didn't know about the Steam restriction. Regarding the pilot career, I'm only talking about the dynamic career. I don't want anything scripted, like the campaigns that were available earlier.
  15. Hey all, I've been a fan of 1C and 777 since before I was a commercial pilot. Work has slowed down a little and I'm looking to put my crispy new Oculus Rift to good use on an IL-2 title. But here's my question - I understand that you need to own BOS before purchasing BOM or BOK. Will the newest version of BOS come with the dynamic campaign or is it only available for the Kuban map? One of the biggest attractions for me is the dynamic campaign, which kept me going in Rise of Flight.
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