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  1. The function "Invert" applied to TURRET Gunsight View Vertical: Mouse Y ist not working! Is it a bug?
  2. If the fact that off-airfield emergency landings in WW2 were made with the gear up was not the subject of discussion. So regardless of what happens when the gear snaps in low or high speed, this emergency release is a realistic asset, therefore should be complemented if missing. That was my argument. ...well when practicing ground attacks trying to eliminate AAA groups defending for example an airport, I still have in this case a 50% quota of getting shot down at a low level.
  3. Joystick like my SAITEK X55 are more apt in modern airplane to fly by wire. The originale control stick in I-16 has a higher circle rotation than a common spring-loaded Joystick and is not subject to suspension. In this sense, the proposed solution is just a virtual compensation and not real and has been applied often in many other Simulation's airplane... Sorry this is a lame excuse... The cable cutter is real and has been used in emergencies. Snapping the gear at high speed could flip the aircraft, therefore should only be applied in the range of the permitted landing speed. With higher speed, you should firmly pitch up while cutting the landing cable as countermeasure against flip flops.
  4. The lack of pitch trimmer control in the I-16 makes it permanently stressful on the wrist when using a spring-loaded Joystick (more apt to fly by wire) by keeping a constant pressure to level up the plane's inherent stability. We need a kind of one-click trimmer option to virtually center the Joystick and release as a relief for the wrest’s strain. Also, a cable cutter was provided for the pilot to extend the landing gear quickly in case of an emergency landing. The pilot is doomed when having an engine problem, or shot on low level altitude and is forced to make a quick landing. This option should also be embedded in I-16.
  5. My problem with the Tail Wheel was caused by my SAITEK x55 advanced command. Due to a weird reason the SHIFT input wasn't recognized in IL, that's why the landing gear was activated instead. Sorry for that - my bad... As to the DB-Prop, now I understand why no Input Device was assigned. Never flew a plane with that system before. Thanks a lot for the default keys info, it's working now fine. Yet it remains a riddle how the pilot in real life can check the Prop status, since there is no gauge that shows the Prop angle's position/RPM!
  6. Finally, someone heard my howling... Thanks A good thing to have two keys for the landing gear now. I assume the changes will take place automatically in the next update. I presume Shift_G & Ctrl_G keys are now assigned for the Landing Gear... ...Remains the question what key is now assigned to unlock the Tail/Wheel? I'll experiment a little with Alt_G or Win_G to check it out. What about why the propellers handle is not functioning as it's supposed to do like in other planes, even though pressing Right-Shift_P, do toggle the knob to manual! Any idea?
  7. Is anybody out there? Not one single reply or solution tip? Seems like this Forum turned into a graveyard.... R.I.P
  8. 1. When I press Shift_G to unlock the Tail/Wheel, the Landing Gear is instead activated. Why? (How am I supposed to taxi if the tail is always locked?) 2. when I press Right-Shift_P, I see the propellers knob toggles to manual, but the propellers handle does not react to the hardware yoke quadrant. Why? (It does work as propeller though with all other plane) I do prefer to propel manually. Thanks
  9. There are two columns for controllers available to be assigned and they work for all the other axis with the exception of Pitch & Roll. In all other Sims I own, I have my Joystick & Yoke assigned and they work just fine. (in DCS I have my X55, x52 & Yoke assigned at the same time for Pitch & Roll) Even in the old FSX Dinosaur you could assign more than one control. I guess then you can ask them how is the game supposed to know which one you are using... Sorry IL, this is a weak spot in your spinal column and a Prosthesis won't help to fill the gap. You need to invest a little programming before getting overhauled by the competition.
  10. I cannot use the SAITEK X55 Rhino Joystick & the Yoke at the same time! I have bind them in Settings/Key Mappings/Plane Controls/Pitch + Roll, but it either one of them that functions, not both at the same time. Why? For most plane I use the Joystick, but for big one like the JU 88 A-4, the Yoke is more appropriate, but every time I want to fly it, I must go into the Settings/Key Mappings/Plane Controls/ and bind them again. On the long term it is irritating. I hope using only one at a time is not a rule of thumb.
  11. Got it, it works with this configuration. But is there a way to re-use the small Map in spite of the this realistic setting? With VR the clarity is not good enough to detect targets without cheating a little bit...
  12. I've done exactly what Goffik depicted, but I don't see any difference in the clouds...
  13. JSGME generated the MODS folder. (C:\Program Files (x86)\1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles\MODS) Then yes, I placed the Better Clouds\data\graphics\sky folder in it. In JSGME interface I added Better Clouds. How else can JSGME acknowledge and activate sky if it is not there? I also added sky to graphics folder. (C:\Program Files (x86)\1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles\data\graphics\sky). Again it Didn't work. If I understood you right, I should delete sky from MODS?
  14. Noticed in my first flight of the P-40 today, that Throttle and Propeller handles are automatically interconnected and could not manually be separately operated. Tried from the Main Menu/Settings/Controls/Plane Engine Controls/Interconnect throttle and prop controls on/off LShift+I but it did not disconnect them. Why is it not working? Or is there another way to disconnect them?
  15. Oooops - I thought THAT was what I've been expecting too... (standard in DCS) You're right, if hands & feet are not synchronized with the HOTAS, it would look like displaying a crush test-dummy in the pit!
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