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  1. Thanks for that info, F/JG300_Gruber. I've now mapped it properly so that I don't need to do the file switching. With planes, I use TrackIR for head movement, so mouse head movement is unwanted and disorienting, - I guess I'll have to remember to switch it off for planes, - at least i know where to do it now. Like you say, the controls need to be addressed.
  2. Possibly, thanks for the suggestion. Anyway I've fixed it now using a suggestion by Thad on another post: "The keymapping 'input' folder is in the games 'data' folder. Once you have all of your tank keymapping completed and everything is working the way you desire... save a copy of the 'input' folder in a well known safe place. You could place it in a Tank folder for future use. Afterwards, setup all of your keymapping for aircraft as desire. The input folder will be automatically updated for aircraft. When you desire to go tanking... copy and paste your saved input folder into the games data folder. Your ready to go blow things up." So I basically have two input/data/current ACTIONS files, - one for planes (heavily modified) and one for tanks, where everything is set to defaut and the turret works. Thanks, Dave.
  3. That's what I've been doing, - Shift T is nestling to the gun.
  4. In the tiger, I can select the gunner position, nestle to the gun and take control (T toggle) and fire, but the mouse does nothing to turn the turret or elevate/depress the gun. Taking control makes the gun go down a bit. I can use numpad numbers to move the view, which shifts the gun but when I stop pressing it, it goes back to a neutral position, stowed I guess. It won't stay in one place except aligned with the body of the tank Mouse control is selected in Input Devices. Any idea what I'm doing wrong?
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