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  1. Yeah but it's fun in a more novelty way and when your opponent has the Bf 109 it's not as amusing
  2. PLEASE give Russian pilots at least the P40 right from the start during the early war maps NO ONE wants to fly I-16 especially when the Germans have the Bf109 E It's not even close to fair or more importantly fun!
  3. Hey guys, I've noticed while playing on the Kuban map today that the location of the Russian targets is unfair compared to the location of the German ones. This is because the German Targets are all relatively close together. Meanwhile The Russians have targets way to the north, South as well as the ones close to the the battle lines. This means the German pilots Defending only have to fly in the middle of their forward most targets and they'll be able to catch just about any planes going in to attack them. Or at the very least be a short flight away to the one that's under attack. But what makes this unfair is that The Russian Fighters have to choose between going North or south to Defend those targets and then they can't Defend the others because they're too far away. I don't know how everyone else feels about this or if it's even a bother to most people but I did feel like a potential Improvement to this Map would be locating the different Objectives so they're more evenly Spaced out compared to the Opposite team.
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