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  1. my question is have things been improved since this? Also same with spit flaps and nose behavior?
  2. Video above is specifically about 190 and a d9 at that and the controller. So from my understanding is that system was designed to be utilized eyeballing rpm. As far as what this game models on timers no clue I would always fly tech chat off and to the real world specifications per bird. Generally don’t run into problems that way.
  3. D9 absolutely fly by rpm and not ata. https://youtu.be/US2uktcxolQ as had been said the pilot manual didn’t make it to the pilots and they use ata as reference, but it is suppose to be rpm as this video explains very well why.
  4. the cars I have shot down range with a 50 cal never did that darnet..
  5. I concur i think having 2 zoom factors native to the game will be as much a welcome as the IPD adjust native in the game is.
  6. Fxaa generally works best on Fences and trees, where as MSAA works more full picture.
  7. yes you have the best case scenario ballistics for the 50 and no tumbling, but in reality many things can contribute to this, one being bad lot of ammo from the depot....., I fully agree since at most 300M engagement range against another Aircraft you should be spot on nail driver, matter of fact most engagements would still fall in the rising branch before hitting max ord so lots of power upon impact. Sorry Feet and Yards dont compute in my Marksmanship brain. Meters it is for me.
  8. yup all depends on what it hits, should punch through most stuff in a 109 minus the engine block and the receiver of a mk108 sort of stuff
  9. true but its something to consider, even after the round has penetrated it will follow path of least resistance and hopefully that path will create cavitation and critical damage to other components on its route. If a 50 cal round is tumbling it still will easily pass through the weak skin of an airplane and or light skinned vehicle. I wish i had pics of stuff from real world comparing a nail driver hole vs and tumbled 50 cal round hole. But anyways as far as aerodynamic affects i would imagine with enough holes in the right place it should affect many aspects of flight, but nothing compared to a cannon round blast hole.
  10. as I Have shot many of AP and API rounds out of a M2 and some Rifles that would be considered sniper rifles in the real, the AP is very effective at that, Armor penetrating, but the Incendiary round is so much more magical. This is a crucial missing feature of our M2 Ammo belts in Game. It wont make it into a Doom God weapon but it brings the very important chemical component to the terminal ballistics, and when we are talking these rounds hitting Air frames and fuel sources this is a very good combo. Those incendiary rounds did magic against many a train, ammo depot, and fuel depots when these fellas went looking for tgts of opportunity. Now the AP round can tumble as not all AP rounds are created equal, the penetrator in the round itself is not always inlay-ed perfectly and can have a critical effect at or past the max ord of the round. So in other words the rounds can tumble mid flight for more than one reason or another and when that happens and hits fuselage and wings it wont create the perfect nail driver holes as a round that had no issues in flight and or manufacture. I think as much as i would love full terminal ballistics being modeled per round and round type its just reality we will have to settle for a compromise in sim. So at the very least have the API chemical component added to the mix. m2 is is a nail driver just like a good 1911 is
  11. Tech chat is the dumbest, degrading thing for a WW2 Warbird SIM. If you cant fly off the Gauges in the sim and are reliant upon Some cheat tech chat give me a break. The Air Quake force is too strong.... gee i wonder why the Real pilots didn't have magic tech chat but had real world limitations and knew them like back of their hands....
  12. Number one priority, Incendiary Ammo for the Usaaf Birds. Hope it happens along with the beautiful flash of the API round hitting metal.
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