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  1. That and a p47 never had a wing shot off in any recorded combat sorties...
  2. Weird i never replaced any files for il2, just installed Open composite and ran it worked just fine.
  3. http://vintageaviationecho.com/p-47-thunderbolt-nellie/. Please read great write up. This bird is the best bird in this game please take the time to get her right
  4. Exactly this, I have a beefy system and was never happy with il2 with rift s and steam vr. Open composite is the bomb, such a better experience and performance.
  5. Dammit would hope it get some love.. maybe someday it will be a p-47
  6. Why timers? Things not actually simulated to atmospheric and run conditions but just a simple timer?
  7. if you read the first post, you will notice it is mentioned the mod will be broken once 262 is out...
  8. Yup should have some semi in depth manuals per aircraft and its proper procedures, especially since most in this community will find issues doing manual ish starts
  9. why on earth is it that expensive, helllll no.
  10. First time on server tonight. Best missions I have ever seen in il2. I will be back daily, keep up great work and others who where on super friendly!
  11. MercCrom175

    [MOD] Sound Adjust

    so is it possible you tweak the sounds to better utilize a Buttkicker device? Aka wing shudders sound before stall more pronounced sort of stuff so buttkicker kicks in on it? Plus well all other sounds inside the pit lol
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