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  1. Ugra is tied up with Syria map for dcs, then they are also currently working on fixing the Normandy map in dcs. So if they did Rhineland here which I think they didn’t as it doesn’t show up on their website... on dcs side people are certainly not happy with their performance thus shown. If they did do this Rhineland map then it’s no surprise it’s lacking allot of the hate to call it small details but ya small details. For me the maps are the most important outside the Fm and DM, the ground battle and air to ground needs the proper representation and fidelity just as much as the quake cloud dancing stuff.
  2. Ya Kuban is amazing map, gorgeous. Rhineland is a disappointment to me, seriously hope the time is taken to flesh it out to the standard Kuban set. I think what has been discovered is bigger is not better, so keep the maps smaller and segmented with much higher levels of detail.
  3. Thank you for the review and thank you for not holding back and listing the areas that could use improvement, aka P47...
  4. Yup best videos and a joy to watch and learn!
  5. Over pressure is a real thing, especially when blood is rushing to your head under G’s
  6. So as cool as warbirds are, I’m curious and hope Tank crew is a much bigger aspect to il2 Normandy. As the Breakout is key and it was the ground guys that did the heavy lifting. Plus tank crew is just amazing in vr. i want to drive my Sherman from the shores of Normandy to the streets of Berlin..... I think it will happen
  7. It’s a valid concern, damage model and flight model need some work on our Jug. Hope time is devoted to it
  8. Fully agree, this whole concept of quick kill satisfaction of air quake really needs to go away. This games huge selling point for me was the campaigns, both dynamic and scripted. Does anybody have an example mission of a more atmospheric come to life airfield or air drome?
  9. if you look up Bunyap channel on youtube he does a great study session of the Canadians in Normandy and day to day flight operations and totally mapped out with google earth and other resources.
  10. ya Bomber escorts where a big thing, and You need the airfields in England for that... So good call
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