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  1. I second this. What is wrong with the server as it crashes more regularly than he works.
  2. Me 262 is easy to operate due to automatic throttle. Without this it would be harder for newbies to fly. I personally don't whin about killing servers by Me 262. Almost each mission is won by Allies because with the sky full of Me 262 Allied bombing runs are easy to perform. The fact is no one Allied plane can catch properly flown Me 262 but the opposite fact is: flying Me 262 it's so hard to shoot Spit IXe or any other plane being low and making turns. Of course I speak about Normal server with icons. The server is ok for me: fast action, pure fun. The cons are: too less ground targets, maps go to the end too fast and the main minor thing - there is no server often.
  3. The server was back yesterday, I flew few sorties in 2 missions, but unfortunately no stats were recorded at the website. I hope all stats will be restored as the server will be back finally and permanently. Now it's off. P.S.: Does anybody feel aircraft performances are changed? Bf 109 are little more "muddy" with elevator work as you turn horizontally.
  4. P-47 is not properly modelled. It should be master of high altutudes but German planes like D-9 or K-4 do whatever they want with P-47. P-47 should reach 680 kph at 10.000 m.
  5. Do you mean first I make config for acmi to save? Then (with configured BoS) I record the track and trk and acmi files are saved? Am I correct? It bothers me no so much, these all problems, but I just want to know how to score. For example, I decided to bomb some places. I took Ju 87 and flew towards Shkolny airfield (red). I saw other people have points for destroyed buildings, control tower, etc. I bombed control tower at Shkolny and nothing happened. Opposite fact: my friend Hawx took some big points everytime he bombs buildings on (a map with the bay and airstart, distant static airfields with near ships, many artillery on the ground near the harbour placed at that bay - I don't remember the name of the map). What is going on? Can someone describe whose targets are destroyable on each map?
  6. What do you mean "respawn"? Getting disco and back? Or return to base and click "finish mission"? Normally I as I fly, I start from airfield, hunt, go back and land, then click "finish mission" and again. Is there different way? Last time I tried to stay alive and currently flew 13 sorties in few missions (8 aerial kill streak), not dying even once, 10 times successfully landed. I didn't notice any points gaining that way comparing with the other pilots who died often. Interesting thing: I flew in 3 missions with 9 aerial kills (2-4-3 kills) marked on final mission statistics. Then I looked at kill streak and it showed only 4 kill streak.
  7. #CUJO_1970 Thnx for kind words. Actually, I learn BoX planes and they performances, that's why I fly not always to save the pilot. Sometimes I want to try how my plane will behave in some situation comparing to enemy plane (altitude, incoming speed, etc.). As I tried to save the life I did 11 aerial streak which was ended by P-40 pilot being at desperate climb lower than me who did a headshot from almost 1500 m distance. That was the most curious thing in this game since I begun to play. In addition, I lost most of "lives" flying bombers or attackers. Soviet AAA mainly defrag my Bf 110 or Hs 129 much earlier than it should be done. #RAY-EU Russian things were always overmodelled and proper way would be to change it a little. Anyway, God Bless them for making such a beautiful game. I wonder what will happen as Me 262 will appear on server.
  8. For me missions ended too fast. 50-minute mission ended in 15 minutes, because some tanks captured something. FLAK is too heavy and too precise IMHO (expert?) - maybe should be decreased a little. The one thing that I have in mind is scoring. I have 32 aerial kills actually, 723 score and I'm 53rd in rating (2166 rating points). Some good pilots have less aerial kills, much less score and they are much higher in rating (around 20th place) - having over 5000 rating points. Is it in common with lower death factor or something? I didn't notice my surviving would give me more points than normal, despite of having 11 aerial kills in one streak. Very curious thing. Can somebody explain me what's going on with it?
  9. AK77, how did you run TacView with Il2? It works with DCS, but I cannot run it with Sturmovik, because it prevents running TacView due to position showing on non-external servers. The second question is: how the "top guys" collect their points with quantity so big? How to destroy 40 targets in one flight with Fw 190's equipped with one bomb? There is 4-6 AAA on enemy airfield, some other stuff, but... what you destroy the most to collect big points? Third case: will be the server restored soon? Russian AI-gunners and AAA are overmodelled. Thank God they (producers) didn't put their planes so overmodelled in BoS comparing to old Il2 game. Flak is the hell, especially Russian ones. How is possible to aim so precisely on incoming dot flying approx. 700 kph (diving Fw 190 or Bf 109)? I'm usually shot down with single shot - first shot one kill with aiming so precise like only Vassily Zaitsev could do.
  10. I have issue with my account. I will present it with following steps: 1. I bought BoS on Steam. 2. I registered on il2sturmovik site separately from Steam, didn't logged via Steam. 3. Logging via il2sturmovik site I set "Blackmessiah1975" as my profile name. I'm writing on forum under that name. 4. I cannot change my in-game nickname, so I logged on il2sturmovik site via Steam. Changed my Steam name "Fireball1975" to "Blackmessiah" (notice: it is different from "Blackmessiah1975" - my first profile on il2sturmovik site. 5. Alongside with my Steam il2sturmovik content (BoS, BoM, P-40 DLC and Fw 190A-3 DLC) I am going to buy Battle of Bodenplatte, so I downloaded game installation content from il2sturmovik site, because Steam doesn't support Bodenplatte at the moment. 6. I installed the game from GreatBattles.exe installer and click "play". 7. Game asks me about email and password. I'm typing my email and password given at il2sturmovik site first registration (see point 2). Game shows it's invalid. I understand it, because I didn't buy any item from il2sturmovik store as "Blackmessiah1975". 8. I tried to type email and password from Steam but it shows it's invalid too. 9. Now it seems I have two or one doubled account. Now my questions: 1. Can I buy Battle of Bodenplatte at il2sturmovik site store and use the serial numer or activate code on Steam? 2. If not, can I move my il2 Steam content here and can I use only il2sturmovik site as default? Please help me with it as soon as possible. Regards
  11. I hope stats will be restored soon. Flying without stats is like drinking alcohol-free beer.
  12. Does anybody know when will the stats be on? Anyone cares about it?
  13. #EpeeNoire The same to you and Hurricanenik. I had around 10 minutes fight and he was down finally but it could be me as well. Very good fighter, like you. I tested Yak-1 for the first time and I'm happy: 11 kills and 7 deaths. One run was outstanding: 3 plane kills, 2 assists and succesfully evacuated from danger zone and landed. That's why pity it happened when stats were down at the moment. Interesting if they will be restored. It would be nice. #HerrMurf I understand AAA efficiency is set to expert but I think there could be lighter AAA as well (I don't know what types are possible in game). Howitzers or whatever large caliber AAA are SW blasters and they are damn too accurate anyway. Generally, as I descrided the reasons I'm on that server, it should be more equalised by rotating planeset. Of course it's not possible beacuse of one reason: not all players have all Battles Of's> I have personnally BoS and BoM and I wouldn't fly missions with modern planeset. Anyway, for me is a good training if I fly Yak and P-40 against Bf 109K or Fw 190. No problem for me.
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