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  1. For me new rule (no strafing) is without sense, because it will be many claims of players already taking off that they wouldn't be high enough to be attacked. Strafing is so deadly option which shouldn't be forbidden as the percentage of being survived or undamaged is about 15-20%. With three airfields to use we can avoid strafing easily. Just my two cents.
  2. In addition, I find the stats ranking points system/algorithm is a little bit stupid. I know the key is to survive and gain some points but I've played Kuban once then Lapino map. On Kuban as always I gained big ranking points for destroying the ships and reached rank 1090K points. Then I was on Lapino map where I destroyed 7 airfield objects for 35 points - no death. My rank after Lapino shows 1089K, so it was decreased despite of not being shot down or bailed out. Landed safely. For me it doesn't work properly.
  3. Complaining about plane balance is without sense on Normal settings. Typical B'nZ planes like Fw's and Bf's lose its advantage because T'n'Z plane can easily react Blue dives due to external views and icons. In other words, Red planes have greater situational assessement plus greater maneuverability. In addition, I will never understand how Spit IX or La-5 can keep Fw 190 speed after hard turn while Fw 190 flies almost straight. Mystery like no overheating Spit IX engine in long Fw 190 chase (over 10 minutes of full throttle). But ok, we are on Normal server. Let's forget it.
  4. DED Normal needs only server permanently working, adding more ground targets and massive targets for carpet bombing (lot of trucks and other stuff giving points - now using Ju 88 or He 111 with the biggest bombs is pointless because Bf 110 or Il-2 can destroy much more targets in a single sortie) - it would also cancel stupid one sortie mission-ending (some missions last only 5 minutes with many targets left to destroy). Ergo: No moderators needed - only somobody involved with server making has to read this part of forum. Yes, if it starts from airstart far away from the frontline. I propose to put Me 262 on the map with airfields near frontline, starting only from runway. It takes much time to reach proper speed and altitude, so it can be used in restricted numbers.
  5. One question about targets. Please explain one thing - how does somebody destroy approx. 40 targets with one or two bombs, I mean "airfield objects". I saw other people stats they have hundreds of airfield objects destroyed. I have 9 in whole August despite of bombing different targets (mainly marked with red dot). Does some mystery exist there? Example: somebody destroyed 40 airfield objects in one mission with two big bombs in Lapino mission. I don't see such targets, where to aim?
  6. Serious combat flight WW2 sim without Hurricane is like soldier without the gun. Mk.IIb or bettr Mk.IIc version needed. In addition, I-153, Hs 123 and P-47B "Razorback" on Eastern Front (with Hurri of course). I dream about British-Vichy conflict theatre: attack on Mers el-Kebir and bombing run on Gibraltar: British P-40, Hurri, Swordfish, Skua against French-Vichy D.520, LeO 451, Martin 167F, Amiot, Potez, etc.
  7. It looks like DED server is switched to DEAD server currently again. Frustrating.
  8. Jeez people... Just bring back the server, keep it online whole month to have statistics up, don't change actual planeset and place much more ground targets to destroy. The most curious thing is I don't know any other server with Normal settings and stats page. Do you know it?
  9. I don't understand or missed something. Each time I go on any server I read the rules carefully. I didn't read here vulching or strafing is prohibited that means EU Official is "total war" server. I personally was shot down many times once I was on server with 1:9 balance. As I started my Spit many times there was a few Axis planes around and they attacked me badly. I recorded some tracks with RK online but I didn't see it yet. I must check how to kill 3 or more enemies within of one minute. Very impressive. I saw only RK is very precise pilot so it helps him to gain the streak quickly for sure. I don't care about Me 262 threat. For me D-9 is much more dangerous as I fly Tbolt or Spit. We miss the main essence of the community: WHERE THE HELL IS THE SERVER? 😃
  10. Stats page looks impressive now. 7-days-hiatus-and-off was a good idea. 😃
  11. I do the same Rayeu. You are banned because server doesn't save player stats. I flew online yesterday and had 0 points for the mission I destroyed 6x AAA guns.
  12. Why not name calling? If I would do something wrong or weird I would know it and response if needed. Prople are going to disappear from their positions in stats. Pity for me because I reached quite good result this month. But what we are talking about? Up to 200 peeps online, maybe another 1000 play offline. Within 6 billions on Earth it makes this game true niche with no interest. It's ridiculous too that there is only ONE normal server existing on lobby with nice settings and statistics system. And also this server has own issues and is temporarily off. Just curious...
  13. I personally don't see any problem with Spit IX or Me 262. With proper flown Fw 190A-3 all Spits can kiss my ass. I got killed only as I want some fun or action or I'm impatient. Properly flown Anton or Dora are hunters, if you fly low with these planes you will become a target. It's simple fact. The Me 262 issue is nothing. It's so hard to aim in this jet so flying defensive against Me 262 is easy to do. I'm calm and easy during my P-47 bombruns if there are Me 262 around instead D-9 or K-4. But... Where the hell is the server? What happened with it?
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