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  1. Hello everybody, I know that Thad - hello! - has made a mission (and posted it here somewhere, I just can't remember where exactly…), and since there's no stickies or any structure here by now, why not take matter in our own hands - and post any user made missions, which you want to share, in here?
  2. I tried the free T-34/76 in the QMB just out of curiosity - and actually like what I saw. It's good fun to plan an ambush, looking for both good cover and good firing positions - and wait for enemies to appear. I purchased this Early Access title just right now to see how the other KV-1 performs and like it as well. But after destroying a couple enemy tanks, I drove that thing down a hillside - and turned it upside down in the end....
  3. Three very helpful replies within 16 minutes, and all questions answered, even the ones I forgot to ask! (I already merged the Steam/Il-2 accounts) What a fine community! Many thanks guys!
  4. Hello everybody, I am a newcomer to Il-2. During the last 3 months, on Steam, I purchased RoF content (all what was available), Cliffs of Dover - and BOS recently. Now, I received promo codes for ROF, and a 25%-OFF code. Now I want to purchase BOK, the Premium Edition, here, using the 25% promo code. But HOW does a purchase here integrate with the Steam version of BOS? 1.) Does a "IL-2 Store" BOK combine fully with "Steam" BOS, in other words, can I fly the "Steam" BOS Yak-1 series 69 also in "IL-2 Store" BOK, just as it is possible when getting both title on Steam? 2.) Does "IL-2 Store" BOK (or any other title of the series) always install separately, or can it be installed into the Steam BOS folder? 3.) Do any purchases of the series, either via Steam or here, fully combine when playing? Yes, English isn't my first language…
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