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  1. Feedback left requesting API for SimShaker type software. Hopefully they get on it.
  2. Honestly, this is the deciding factor for me. Before I had Sim Shaker for Aviators with my transducer setup, I would have played IL2 far more than DCS. After installing my setup, IL2 feels dead, it gets played less than DCS or even X-Plane now. I definitely won't be spending any more money on IL2 until she has vibes.
  3. Thanks coconut, Art-J, AeroAce, Cpt_Cool, and others for being helpful to this noob. Wow this sim is fun! Although, having the most OP planes in the dogfight server sure helps, I went 30 and 3 on my third day 😁. I can see why the fanboyism is so strong here amongst some. 6./ZG26_Asgar and 15th_JonRedcorn, I never attacked or blamed OUR precious sim for anything and I indicated in my very first post that I knew I was getting into pre-release territory. The one server I can join just wasn't active (and I didn't even know it was "the one" yet) when I tried the first few days. I was getting tired of quickstart, and didn't know about the mission editor in the game files, KUDOS on that one Cpt_Cool. Three plane quickstart with terrible "Ace" AI and ONE *sometimes* active server IS an empty game, deal with it, I am happily for now. Apart from my previously answered sim questions, I just wanted to know when I could expect more. 6./ZG26_Asgar, 15th_JonRedcorn, and Thad, instead of telling me to go away and how rude, stupid, and lazy I am, you should have just kept your mouths shut or answered the question. A simple "I don't really know" would suffice if you really feel the need to respond when you don't know the answer. A toxic community like you three will push noobs away and ruin developer's lives while killing the sim. Some founders and members of this community are very helpful and kind, without them I was going to hang this one up and request a refund because of you. I like this game, don't kill it with your inadequate reading comprehension skills and emotional text vomit. If anyone wants to bring up how I was rude when defending myself here or from Assgar's response earlier, save your time. If anyone needs further clarification on why "How long should I expect to wait for another plane, a campaign, or a mission?" is NOT an attack on this game and does NOT require any fault assignment, find the nearest warm body older than 5 and have them explain it to you. PS: The flight model is growing on me a little, I think full aft stick flight is a thing in DCS's Bf-109 at higher speeds too. IDK though, I haven't touched DCS WWII at all lately for some reason 😉.
  4. What about the Dogfight and Duel server? I only have BoBP so that one is my only option.
  5. Why can't one of you just answer that question? "How long should I expect to wait for another plane, a campaign, or a mission?" The answer would take less effort than your useless rant. I'm trying to get into IL-2 here, and bought the pack with planes I will enjoy. The three I get right now are among my top five and the rest should be covered at some unknown point in the future. That is the only reason I am here so, yes, that is my fault. Enjoy your dead game in 2 years if you keep pushing noobs away. coconut was very helpful though. Don't get me wrong, I am pleased with this game, so much so that I want more and his response gives me hope for this community. If you just bought the DCS Hornet on pre-release, I could tell you that it would come with a powerful mission editor, dozens of active servers to choose from and actually fly in, several quickstart missions, training missions, and more. I could tell you that you should expect new features, weapons, systems, functionality, and general updates just about every week or two. Maybe IL-2 isn't like that? I don't think I just bought a "pre-release" that is just a dead demo that won't evolve until the full version releases, so answer the question; How long should I expect wait for feature updates? PS: The views were already explained to me by coconut, I set the hardest difficulty wanting to test the flight model and didn't think about what that would do to the views. I was in single player because almost nobody lets me fly in any of the 6 active servers (I found a good Russian dogfight and duel server though that has people sometimes).
  6. How long should I expect to wait for another plane, a campaign, or a mission? I only have BoBP so I don't get most of IL-2's supposed "best features".
  7. I just started getting into the IL2 series but didn't have enough money to spend on multiple modules. I really like the plane list for BOBP MUCH more than any of the others and purchased it for $70. I knew it was pre-release with only a few planes but I didn't realize what an empty game it is, nothing but quickstart and being a gunner in MP maps... Now I come here and it sounds like development is very slow from the way you guys are talking... I fly strictly VR and the multiplayer chat seems broken, I can hear dings but don't see text anywhere (show multiplayer chat or w/e it is called is checked in options) and I don't get any external views in VR. The damage model is superb and so is the VR performance, there is just no content at all and the VR experience seems broken. I know many people hold the IL2 flight model in high regard but I find it is subpar compared to DCS, it reminds me more of War Thunder with all the BF-109 full aft stick flying I do. Hopefully that is because these 3 planes are pre-release. Hopefully someone here can put me at ease.
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