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  1. Indeed. Still, you can see why it might be a bit confusing for people who have only bought the tank module and haven't therefore ticked Joystick Control in the options. Overall it seems like finding a Tank Crew-supported server with good uptime isn't easy. I know the development resources are limited for a niche product but it would be great to see an officially hosted dedicated server with support for the latest Tank Crew vehicles. Nothing fancy, just one of the standard maps it comes with an two teams (and maybe some AI?) battling end to end. I think such a server would more than make it's money back in terms of the videos, streamed battles, etc. that would circulate in the tank-minded gaming communities. And for early adopters at $70 buy-in, it would be nice to have at least one haunt to drop in on and have a chance to meet other tankers (the resulting feedback of which surely helps development).
  2. For those of us who are trying Tank Crew but have little experience of IL2 as a whole, it would be great to get some feedback on which servers people here are gravitating towards. One thing I note as being immediately confusing is that mouse-disabled servers (of which there are many) do in fact work fine when controlling a tank with the mouse (simply by selecting joystick control in the options). Any particular servers where people have been going regularly for either a tank or a combined-arms fix?
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