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  1. First things first, love the server and have done since i started with IL2 this autumn. Secondly, why it is still running? I am still flying on expert even though it is supposed to be shut down :S ? Anyways thank you coconut for this server and your work.
  2. 109s everyday and i don't know why.. but i love the E7, i just have so much fun in it.
  3. I would love an Italian theatre of war! Battle for Sicily would be awesome or even the Gustavline. But as someone else putted it in another thread, i would love any theatre and any plane from the WW2 era put into this game ^^.. Must admit though, earlier war theatre in Italy would be more appealing to me personally (like Sicily).
  4. Thank you, i have been searching like a fool to find information about specific aircrafts. This is wonderful!
  5. Hey! Im fairly new to IL2 and have been playing single player for a while now. Im playing single player to learn the basics and after that i want to start playing multiplayer. One thing i am having problems with is the AI fighters, i know that i shouldn't turn fight a yak-1 with a fw 190 and stuff like that, but i still find the AI challenging to say the least. They just turn and turn and turn, they turn better than you and they use their engines more efficient (throttling from 60-0-87-49-90-100-40 to not overheat but still push the engine) than me somehow. For example, i dive in with my bf-1
  6. With this tool, is it possible to work around a completed career? Ive just completed a career on Stalingrad that I've played since Moscow. I can't prolong to Kuban because of a bug of some sort. I get a grey blank screen when i try to prolong and i really want to keep this career going in battle of Kuban. I tried this tool to set the date back to before the last day of the unit at Stalingrad. That worked fine but the campaign is still shown as completed and is just still moving to 1943.02.02... Is there a way to delete "battle completed" and try to get back a few days before the last day. I wa
  7. Brief description: Can't prolong my career from Stalingrad to Kuban. Detailed description, conditions: I started my career with the Germans at Moscow and have been playing for 100+ hours. I just finished Stalingrad and was about to prolong to Kuban but the page is just blank, I can't prolong the career and i can't pick the geschwadmer or anything like when i start a new career. I have tried to turn on and off the game, computer and i have been trying to uninstall Kuban and reinstall it but it is still blank and i can't prolong it. Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): Your PC conf
  8. When flying missions on the setting scattered or medium the AI often shows up after mission is completed. So a lot of the missions (like cover a bridge crossing or whatever) when i have returned or am about to return our airfield i see messages pop up that a IL-2 has shot down a "truck" or what not. Usually i stay a bit longer providing overwatch and usually a dozen of YAKs or something shows up. Problem there is that your squad is already at the airfield and you will have to do the work yourself. At least that is my experience of most missions. My advice is to stick around. If not p
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