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  1. IL2 1946 Still has a lot to offer.
  2. Thanks for showing. But it's not for me ok they have worked wonders on CFS3 but it is still a 20th century sim the terrain still has painted on trench's and I have reservations about FS after flying MSFS new sim I know it's not combat and it has a long way to go to before it is finished but what's is in it now blows me away now there is a 21st century sim. Good luck to WOFF and FS but they will not be getting any more of my pension.
  3. I have just returned to IL2 after a long time and set up a quick mission a Pfalz vs SE5a and the SE5a just did not want to fight he just ran away even when I shot at him at close range what can I say. Sorry I may upset a few but how long has this sim being going and nothing has changed NO more of my pension from me. And please do not say go online I did not buy to go online, 76 and played so many sims and this has the worst ai of all.
  4. Ho I thought I had it with the beta 3 so there is another mod the MALTA MOD. ? Ok so I have found the Malta beta 2 zip then can I run it with the north African mod ?
  5. I have downloaded a number of the Malta missions but I only get green terrain and not desert is there any way you could upload Beta 2 please that worked just great as I deleted it. Sorry to be a pain I did try a quick mission on the Kuban map in Autumn and I had the desert terrain so it must be the missions I downloaded that were to blame so if any one has some missions for the beta 3 please can they link me thanks.
  6. I deleted the Beta 2 and installed Beta 3 but Beta 3 has no missions unlike beta 2 is this so ? Thank you for this mod I was enjoying the Beta 2 untill I uninstalled it.
  7. I have it now its working, also the FW190 tail wheel is locked by pulling back on the joystick. For anyone having the problem with the binding Thrustmaster Pedal toe brake this worked for me before clicking ADD NEW ACTION HOLD DOWN THE PEDAL THEN CLICK ADD NEW ACTION worked for me.
  8. I deleted all all bindings on both brakes on FW 190 and plane still steered to the left. I will check out again looking down in cockpit. Thanks for your replys guys very kind of you.
  9. I have not used the WW2 part for a very long time only the WW1 my reason is the brakes I can not bind the left and right brakes on my Thustmaster TFRP Pedals the rudder is ok but will not bind the brakes. I have the Thrustmaster T16000 joystick and throttle and that works ok. Each time I seem to get it right the next time I fire up they the brakes are all over the place tried a FW190 and it seems the left brake is on all the time the plane gos round and round, I have run out of ideas it looks like I am flying MSFS 2020 now all the time no problems with the pedals there. Why after all
  10. I can not bind the left and right brakes on my Thustmaster TFRP Pedals the rudder is ok but will not bind the brakes. I have the Thrustmaster T16000 joystick and throttle and that works ok. any one had this problem with the foot brakes EDIT I have it sorted now thanks
  11. In carrier mode crash to desk top twice. More details - Started a new carrier in Battle of Rheinland No 401 squadron RCAF GOT TO BRIEFING OK THEN PLANE SETTINGS OK CLICK ACCEPT CLICK START then CTD A quick mission ok. Another carrier I had going was OK.
  12. They don't tell me that (if you are correct with the time scale) when I preordered and all the time our money lies were ? try ordering any other item of the internet and have to wait 2 years the company would not last long. When one is in there late 70s one has to think in the short term. Thanks for the reply.
  13. What about getting on with the Normandy and aircraft I paid for so long ago.
  14. Thanks for quick reply I have sorted it out I just deleted all folders in the campaigns folder restarted and there were the campaigns. Thank you again.
  15. Not played IL2 for a wile it is up to date, the Scripted Campaigns are not working the mission discription says loading but but do's not load when I click start (green button) nothing happens this is the same for all campaigns. Any ideas guys.
  16. + 1 I feel cheated after buying FC in the hope that FC was the new R.O.F. How wrong could I have been a few planes and a small map. Back to MSFS 2020 I now have the world what a sim.
  17. First off I am not the best at explaining things so here go's. I purchased MSFS 2020 the dvd version it came with ten dvds. and I had 3 go's at installing the dvds on the 3rd atempt after 5 hours loading ten dvds it was serposed to open up on the Microsoft store web site sO I could enter the code on the card but it did not, I Googled Microsoft activation code so I entered the code on the card that came with the game then I got a Radeem code and it saved it for me to paste when needed then it took me to the page to purchase the game what it should have done download the rest of the game an
  18. The two Twin Lewis lower wing guns point up can one alter them to point down is there a key to lower them ,as the Dolfin has to go into a very steep dive to aim the guns.
  19. Yes and they say the Spitfire is one of the best WW2 planes in GB it is one of the worst for me all the single engine Russian , German are a lot easy to fly than the Spitfires on the ground the Spit is a pig to control.
  20. Can I change the game to take JPEG screen shots and not BMAP ?
  21. Thank you guys or gals for the replys
  22. I have what looks like a hundred Mission report files in my GB folder some are only 1KB can I delete them?
  23. So you are saying GB Planes are not as detailed as DCS, well for me GB planes look stunning.
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