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  1. Yesterday my internet was down and I found I could not play my IL2 GB/FE so can one play offline ?, my ROF I can play without internet.
  2. Can I just say I know a lot of you are into the real thing and how good it is BUT we need to consider new flyers to the sim (and old ones me) they are going to be put off buying new planes if they can not get them off the ground, in the end a flight sim what ever it is has to be about having fun (well it is to me) and I have spent so many hours trying to get some of the multi engine planes off the ground that I will not buy any new multi engine planes now and that is not good for my favorite sim. And they say flying WW1 planes were not easy well I have more fun with WW1 planes and I find all of them easy to fly, as to some WW2 planes.
  3. Thanks guys for your help but still struggling looks like I will have to use some help settings for some of the planes you see for me it is all about having fun and if I have to spend hours trying to get some of the planes off the ground then I will not fly them and I am a tight old bugger after I have purchased something I will want to use it. At the ripe old age of 76 you would not think I have been into flight sims for so many many years and still enjoying it. Thanks again and stay safe.
  4. Hi I am looking for any manuals or files or what ever on the take off of some of the WW2 planes most of them I have no problems with my main take off problems are the HS 129 / HE111 / JU88 / Spitfire can be a problem. I have mastered the FW190's triming the prop. Many as happy hour can be spent trying to take off. STAY SAFE GUYS AND GALS PLEASE at this difficult times.
  5. Just downloaded DCS not very impressed with it compared to IL2 in my opinion IL2 and FE (ok I know FE is WW1) well I will not be spending any of my pension on DCS. I am sure DCS has many fans. So if you want jets then DCS and you have a fast computer is for you. Be prepared for a big download and a long time installing it. I am off to uninstall DCS
  6. I sure hope something can be done to add to the map in FC it very much looks like FC is now the one at the bottom of the pack when it comes to updating, I no longer fly in FC and use ROF for me it has so much more in the way of content I know this topic has been round for sometime but like my beloved wife if we do not keep on and on then nothing will happen. Now were did I put my paint brushes coming love.
  7. I would just like to see any thing for FC I have a nasty feeling FC VOL1 will end like ROF and at 76 I will not be around for ever to see my dreams fulfilled WW1 is the only thing for me. I do hope I am wrong, so ANY WW1 stuff is ok by me.
  8. Shame that, thanks for reply.
  9. Do I need a steam account for COD.
  10. Well I am glad I have made someone happy and it makes you chuckle, for me I have to get out sometime so I do not read ALL the posting as you say they've explained all this before. For me it's a case of the Emperor's new clothes.
  11. Ok I am no expert at how flight sims work but surely it can't be that much of a problem to take a aircraft from ROF and transfer it to FC for the development team and then they charge us for it, the two sims are so much alike. Maybe someone can shoot me down and say it is a big job I don't know, one thing I do know and I have all ROF content and FC and ok FC is the better sim BUT ROF still has a lot to offer just look at the channel map probably in my opinion the best offering of Dover in any sim today including X-plane and P3D, WOFF, ect.
  12. Thank you so much for this campaign and so easy to install for me WW1 seems to be neglected by 777 compaired to WW2.
  13. Do the Ai ever run out of ammo ? I do not wish to start trouble BUT when I am shot by a Ai I nearly always go down 9 times out of 10 now when I put some lead into the Ai they can take one hell of a lot before they go down in FC it is a wonder the wight of the lead alone would bring a plane down. How well I still love this sim and only hope they do not abandon it like they did ROF .
  14. Thank you all so much you are all very kind to take the time to reply, I have completed mission 1 and 2 in Achtung Spitfire so I am getting there. With regarding the Simplified controls, Physics, Physiology, I have never ever had them ticked in my view now that is cheating (only joking if you have them ticked). In all my years of combat sims and you name it I have flown it, the Spit in here is one of the hardest to tame. but I am getting there. Thank you all again.
  15. Well I have had no luck, it's not a problem I will not fly the Spit my only grip is any new person buying into IL2 may find the learning curve just a little to steep and move on to something else and we don't want that to happen. There seems to be a lack of explanation for a lot of the settings (no manuals or have I missed them. Like what is the Simplified controls, Simplified physics, Simplified Physiology. Well will keep flying.
  16. Thank you all for your replys will act on them see what happens I do think the rudder pedals maybe to blame as Redkestral explains. thanks.
  17. I have purchased the Achtung Spitfire. Please can any one give me any tips as to how I can taxi the plane I have tried for several hours with no luck. I have a no problems with most of the other planes and all WW1 aircraft that are my favorites. I have a Thrustmaster T160000M FCS with CH PRO PEDALS my settings ticked for IL2 are Pilot assistance, Eng auto control, Radiator assistance, throttle auto assistance, warmed up eng, I know what you may say this is not real but I like to have fun and can not be bothered unticking the boxs after all why are they there for me flight sims are to be enjoyed and at 75 I do not have the will to learn I am ok with the WW1 aircraft with full realisum but not the WW2 stuff. So is it possible to taxi with the boxs above ticked at the moment the Spit sways to left or right. Thanks for any help.
  18. Thank you so much for the WW1 Missions FC for me is my favorite I wished they would give it more content. thank you again.
  19. Thanks Thanks for the reply, at 75 I find it all a bit confusing. I have never had a credit card I do have a debit card so I will go for your number 2 with a separate account than you again.
  20. CB77Don246


    I have purchased all using Paypal but I do not have a Paypal account now as I had a lot of problems with them and it was so hard to get in touch with them so if I purchase any more like Normandy hows the best way to pay, I do not like giving out my bank card details online so can any one tell me a safe alternative?
  21. Just had one hell of a battle in FC QM and the ai are much better now none flew round and round, I set the ai skill up as random. Lets have more WW1 stuff.
  22. Keep up the good work and a big thank you for all your time and work.
  23. Dream on you can always use ROF more aircraft, better and larger maps, a career mode and is very well made it is to, balloons, a better sky (in my opinion), in fact a sim devoted to WW1 need I go on. Or you could wait a few years and with a bit of luck you may have FC with all the ROF content in it. Ok FC aircraft look better and and and.
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