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  1. I still can not understand why this great sim has been abandoned at one time it was my whole world (AND STILL IS), still I live in hope that one day someone will take it over. If I live that long.
  2. Nice video but why put music to it not every one like your type of music but they do like the engine sounds so many videos have music I just turn the sound off.
  3. I just have all the settings on easy at least I can enjoy the plane. thanks all for the reply's.
  4. Sorry to say this as it will upset some, I have just the basic DCS I just wanted to see what it was about so I purchased Normandy and in MY opinion what a waist of money it is no were as good as ROF Chanel Map and thats 10 years old ok not the same area. From now on I will stay with Great Battles knowing ICC there Normandy will blow DCS into touch.
  5. Thanks for the reply so how do's the front wheel steer is it linked to the rudders ? I have just tried the P39 and that steers ok
  6. How dos one steer the P38 for taxing to the runway I do not see any key in the Plane control setting my P38 just go's round and round rudder pedals do not steer it.
  7. Thank you so much I am on the 5th mission and what a great mission it is. Please Please more more. I am going to get my act together and try to make a mission.
  8. My opinion of DCS well its not a patch on IL2 GB. Trying to set up controls are a nightmare, and the aircraft are not in the same league as IL2 that is the few WW2 stuff cockpits are not as good, ho I am not going on I think you know how I see DCS this is my opinion. Back to my first love IL2 Sturmovik I only wish they would be a little quicker giving us more add-ons and then I could say it is the best in the world
  9. Thanks for reply DD_FT- will give it a try.
  10. I am finding COD so difficult to get it how I want it. 1 I have a white box in the top left hand side of the screen how do i get rid of it. 2 How can I turn on or off the plane icons 3 The repeating voice overs I tried turning the voice sound down but still there. 4 How can I turn off all the messages and just have a plane in the sky. Over the years so much has been done to improve it but it seems the obvious has been missed for the new first timer it would be a real miss and would just move on and that is a shame as this sim has so much to offer there is no other BOB sim as good as this.
  11. Thanks Sokol1 will give it a try.
  12. Thank you for your reply, but have had no luck it seems that a lot of work has gone into this sim but for me the menu is not the best part if I can not select a plane and a airfield for a quick mission then it's not for me I do like to just fly around and view the great terrain and this sim has some of the best of southern England. I purchased CLOD many years ago from Steam so I just thought I would download it again to see how it has improved and it has a lot it is a very nice looking sim on par with IL2 GB for looks. Well it,s back to IL2 GB for me.
  13. Just purchased COD works perfect no problems, all I wish to do is select a plane and airfield and take off and view the lovely landscape so how can I do that. I am not new to flight sims have many but this COD has left me strugling please don't say I have to use the mission builder I do not wish to make a mission I just want to take off and fly around and try out the planes first. thanks.
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