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  1. I Have no instrument dials in the LA5-FN SER2 all other aircraft look OK any ideas, if I have to reinstall how do I save my settings for Joystick ect.,
  2. WW2 ground units on the WW1 map what about that for a hotfix for a starter. Don't get me wrong it is one great update we waited a long time for it, but for a WW1 fan it has a long way to go to match the content in ROF.
  3. In QM on the WW1 map I click ground units and a I only see WW2 UNITS and they are so accurate and down a WW1 plane easy so how can I see WW1 UNITS on the Arras map, or is this a bug.
  4. I have sorted it out, I reinstalled the game. What a GREAT sim love the WW1 stuff
  5. I have a problem I updated my IL2 GB with the latest update worked fine that was last night now today I find it will not load. Windows 10 did a update and im wondering if that is the problem ROF works ok here is the screen shot of the error message. Is it a game or Windows problem ? Please help desperate to play the new up date.
  6. Thanks for the campaign, please can you tell me the Bodenplatte map is this the final version or will there be a update it seems to not to have many trees or other auto gen on the landscape ?.
  7. Had that several times I just deleted the updates folder contents and all went well with the download, you may have to reset the graphics all my joystick settings were ok.
  8. I think it maybe the update that has stopped the excellent single missions Fortress Stalingrad from working can anyone help to get it working again I am half way through it.
  9. Thanks Luger1969 for the reply, a lot of reading there.
  10. Please can any one tell me the best graphic settings for me, I have a GTX 1070 8gb and I get between 90 and 100 FPS. I have a screen shot of my settings would it be worth me ticking any other box's thanks.
  11. Thanks guys for replys it is the only way I know how to fly FC in QC. I do need my WW1 shot I will just have to fly my modded First Eagles for a while. I hope when the WW1 terrain is here they make some missions for FC, don't get me wrong I do like WW2 but I am a old WW1 addict.
  12. Here is what I refer to, I set up 4x Spads 4x Camels my flight was 8x Fokkers and all the Camels fly in line only one Spad came to attack my 8 wingmen. I left icons on so you can see them top left hand very strange.
  13. Ok I don't want to start off at a bad rate I know this has been discussed many times but I now do not fly the quick mission (only to try out a new plane) when I set up the max enemy they fly in formation and do NOT attack what a waist of a lovely looking sim, for the Ai they think it is a flight show demonstration what a wait of a good sim.
  14. Thank you for that guys.
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