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  1. They don't tell me that (if you are correct with the time scale) when I preordered and all the time our money lies were ? try ordering any other item of the internet and have to wait 2 years the company would not last long. When one is in there late 70s one has to think in the short term. Thanks for the reply.
  2. What about getting on with the Normandy and aircraft I paid for so long ago.
  3. Thanks for quick reply I have sorted it out I just deleted all folders in the campaigns folder restarted and there were the campaigns. Thank you again.
  4. Not played IL2 for a wile it is up to date, the Scripted Campaigns are not working the mission discription says loading but but do's not load when I click start (green button) nothing happens this is the same for all campaigns. Any ideas guys.
  5. + 1 I feel cheated after buying FC in the hope that FC was the new R.O.F. How wrong could I have been a few planes and a small map. Back to MSFS 2020 I now have the world what a sim.
  6. First off I am not the best at explaining things so here go's. I purchased MSFS 2020 the dvd version it came with ten dvds. and I had 3 go's at installing the dvds on the 3rd atempt after 5 hours loading ten dvds it was serposed to open up on the Microsoft store web site sO I could enter the code on the card but it did not, I Googled Microsoft activation code so I entered the code on the card that came with the game then I got a Radeem code and it saved it for me to paste when needed then it took me to the page to purchase the game what it should have done download the rest of the game and the launcher. To cut a very long story short I now have the boxed sim and the 10 dvds installed on my pc but can not find out how to get MS to download the rest of it I did speak to MS and they said they would phone me but they did not so now I am £55.00 down and to me at 76 that is a lot of money. So if you are thinking of buying the install takes over 5 hours (dont know the full time as MS never finished off ) if I purchased it again I would download it from the MS site. I hope all that makes sense A very unhappy old man.
  7. Thanks guys for the replys
  8. The two Twin Lewis lower wing guns point up can one alter them to point down is there a key to lower them ,as the Dolfin has to go into a very steep dive to aim the guns.
  9. Yes and they say the Spitfire is one of the best WW2 planes in GB it is one of the worst for me all the single engine Russian , German are a lot easy to fly than the Spitfires on the ground the Spit is a pig to control.
  10. Can I change the game to take JPEG screen shots and not BMAP ?
  11. Thank you guys or gals for the replys
  12. I have what looks like a hundred Mission report files in my GB folder some are only 1KB can I delete them?
  13. So you are saying GB Planes are not as detailed as DCS, well for me GB planes look stunning.
  14. DCS world (not my cup of tea) has just released P-47D and retails on steam at £32.99 our Battle of Normandy with 10 planes and terrain looks like a real bargain.
  15. I remember the CFS 3 intro movie NOTHING LIKE THE SIM worse than CFS 2
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