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  1. CB77Don246

    Anyone thinks they should give us a Storch?

    No to the Storch let them finish what they are working on at the moment.
  2. Thank you Jade Monkey, Just one quick one do I put the Audio files in the High-Med-or low folder.
  3. CB77Don246

    Moscow a no fly zone.

    On the Battle of Moscow I did do a bit of sight seeing and what a great job too all but I could not fly over the city of Moscow it tells me to turn west as I am leaving the combat area do's seem a let down after all it is the BOM and the city do's look good in the distance.
  4. CB77Don246

    pre order how long

    Thank you Jason I would not want to miss this Battle add-on that will give me long enough to save my pension up.
  5. CB77Don246

    pre order how long

    Can any one know how long the early access pre order of Battle of Bodenplatte is likely to last silly question I know but you see I am trying to save for it and I will never save for the total once the 10% offer is ended. I suppose only the dev will know the answer.
  6. CB77Don246

    Work in Progress

    Cant wait for this, thank you for your time working on FC what will (hopefully) a great WW1 SIM one day now work has stopped on ROF
  7. CB77Don246


    Thanks guys for the info install smoother clouds mod and they look a little better for now, it seems iL2 had better clouds but BOS has better terrain and more.
  8. CB77Don246


    Is there any way of improving the clouds for me they are not as good as the orignal IL2 I have a GTX 1060 3GB card, Windows 7 64BIT Here are some of my settings in the game 1 Dynamic Res Factor -full 2 Cloud Quality -High 3 Antilasing -4 4 Use 4K -ticked 5 Sharpen -ticked 6 HDR - ticked 7 SSAO - ticked 8 Vsync - ticked I have NO stuttering game runs fine here's a pic of my clouds in BSG and IL2
  9. CB77Don246

    The clouds issue examined

    I did not install my JSGME correctly all ok now and your mod works fine enclosed a pic the planes seem clearer even at short range, I also noticed I have lost the gun sight on the plane is this right?, while im here is there anything else the mod do I ? And Thank you for taking the time to reply and the mod.
  10. CB77Don246

    The clouds issue examined

  11. CB77Don246

    The clouds issue examined

    I have the same problem my card is a GTX 1060 3GB The Yak 1b I can not see and it is close.
  12. CB77Don246

    Paypal urgent

    Thanks for that but the sales over now so Looks like I will wait for the next sale, the old pension do's not go very far.
  13. CB77Don246

    Paypal urgent

    How many more missing the sale ?
  14. CB77Don246

    Paypal urgent

    This is the error I get 1092: Your payment was declined for security reasons. Please contact our customer support for further assistance at help.xsolla.com.
  15. CB77Don246

    Paypal urgent

    I can no longer use PayPal for the purchase of any items in the sale, I have used Paypal in the past but not now have tried several times with no luck.