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  1. CB77Don246

    Problem with Windows 10

    Looks like the Laptop graphics card I am using is not up to IL2 Battles requirments. Laptop is old. I was thought it was to do with the DirectX that was not running DirectX 11 so I run the DXDIAG and found I had DirectX 12 installed so it not that.
  2. My main IL2 Battles is on my PC Windows 7 and works OK, so I thought I would try it on my laptop a Samsung R530 Windows 10 a new download and install but keep getting this error come up. I understand this is not a IL2 problem but a Windows 10 problem just thought some one maybe help me.
  3. CB77Don246

    Steam yes or no

    Have had steam on my PC for Train simulator and Cliff of Dover and I have had so much problems with it that is Steam I am so glad I did not buy IL2 Battles on Steam. So in my opinion they can stuff Steam up were the sun don't shine for me RUBBISH so much trouble. It is coming off my PC I can live without CLOD and TS, I have the best simulator in the world with IL2 Battles.
  4. CB77Don246

    U-2VS or Not?

    I was not going to purchase but I did and have not regretted it if you only use for site seeing it is so much fun. This has to be the best sim by far and I am not a well off (rich) person on state pension but have sold stuff I treasure on EBAY to fund my IL2 battles purchases and having a ball. So YES YES buy the PO-2 take the work of a very old man.
  5. Well Hellbender I was not going to buy the U-2VS but after seeing your lovely lady she has sold it to me.
  6. CB77Don246

    I have doubled my FPS

    What you see is my graphics settings, I only changed the landscape filter the only other thing I did not mention in my PC spec is I am running SSD drives and boy do they make a difference.
  7. CB77Don246

    I have doubled my FPS

    Have found the campaign and flown the first mission FPS in the air was in the 100 to 140 over a burning Starlingrad in combat mid 80s. I like that little iL16 have not flown it much looks a great campaign.
  8. CB77Don246

    I have doubled my FPS

    That is what I would like to know, looking at the terrain it looks no different to me. I do not have it can you link it for me.
  9. I have doubled my FPS here's how by setting the Terrain from High to Blurred. My FPS were a steady 60 now I have anything up to 130 most in QM it is in the mid 80's My Pc setup is WINDOWS 7 64 BIT, / CPU INTEL i5 - 4690K (STD) / 12GB RAM, / GTX 1060 3GB. GAME SETTINGS AND A PIC SEE UPPER RIGHT HAND CORNER 137 FPS hope you can see it (very rare mainly around mid 80s)
  10. CB77Don246

    WOW what a sim

    Thank you Voyager for that, I do have Trackir but rarely use it I prefer to padlock the enemy planes. I have a hearing problem and only can hear using headphones and I wear glasses (getting old I am old) would this be a problem with VR. Just checked the price of the HTC VIVE and it is way beyond me at the moment I will stay with what I have.
  11. CB77Don246

    WOW what a sim

    No I do not have VR a little confused by it old man (me) and new tec, the cost is also a consideration and what to buy.
  12. CB77Don246

    WOW what a sim

    Ok I know I am preaching to the converted but just have to tell the world, I have just flown the second mission in Blazing Steppe in a Yak 1s I recorded it so as to look and see the other planes in the mission wow I was blown away this is one great sim just love it ho and I downed two 109s. So anyone that thinks the old iL2 is just as good you must be on another planet. iL2 Great Battles rocks in all departments and they have not finished yet. I have ROF and WW1 is my drug so looking forward to any up dates on FC. Ok must go to bed now no need to get up early I am retired ☺️
  13. Hi I have a new Thrustmaster 16000m FCS and I am tring to get the BF109s to fly level I understand the trim for up/down is diffrent is it the Ajustsable stabalizer axis I have ti use I have tried it and do I have to config two buttons or one very confused on this. It will only use one button and the plane go's up and down on it own thanks for any help. EDIT Have it sorted by trial and error.
  14. Thanks great update, love the two new planes in FC I just have to up my savings for the Bodenplatte .
  15. CB77Don246

    Anyone thinks they should give us a Storch?

    No to the Storch let them finish what they are working on at the moment.