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  1. Jason, Thank you for the quick reply. I did indeed buy here and linked my account on Steam to BOS. It shows in the upper right corner, in red, but in library it does not show as purchased. So, will I now have access to the full TC content inside BOS as I would in GBs? I would like to delete the GB install and save some HD space. Also, thank you for the great update. The videos I've seen are fantastic!
  2. I asked in another thread, but can the version bought here be activated on Steam too? I would rather have one install that updates regularly, almost automatically.
  3. So, now that Tank Crew is officially released, it does not show up as being in my Steam library. I thought it would link up in my account. I tried using the activation key from this site, but it does not work. Do I need to convert it to a Steam key somehow? Anyone else? Is there no way to combine into Steam, now that it's officially released?
  4. So, how does one apply their ordered copy of Tank Crew from this site, apply the Tank crew module on Steam? Are you inferring that the current key on my purchase also works as a steam key? If that is the correct answer, it's not working. I know there are a few tanks that have been offered for quite some time on the IL2BOS engine, but they are not part of the Tank Crew module, or am I mistaken? After looking at my Steam account, I think I have linked the IL2GB (non-steam) with my steam account. It does indeed show Battle of Prokhorokva in the game menu, but steam library shows N/A. I think I have only made a mess but not holding out till 20 NOV and it's associated release date. Thanks gents for your patience and explanations.
  5. I ordered Tank Crew when initially offered on this site. It required a separate install of IL2BOS to use Tank Crew alone (or so I thought). I also had the Steam version of IL2BOS originally and that was my primary account to fly IL2BOS because we were told that Tank Crew was not supported by the Steam install. Now that TC is listed on the Steam IL2BOS store page, will we get a Steam key for Tank Crew to install and add to the Steam IL2BOS? That would then allow me to delete the duplicate non-Steam IL2BOS on my HHD and only be concerned with updating one IL2BOS file. Hope that makes more sense, though a bit wordy, apologies.
  6. Now that Tank Crew shows up in Steam, can we link this module with Steam/IL2BOS now and receive updates. This would eliminate an additional install of IL2BOS on my laptop. Thanks in advance and also for finally showing up in Steam.
  7. Thanks for the advice. I have played with those settings as well unfortunately, multiple times. Cannot get beyond about 90% of the download at mind boggling slow download speeds. Is there not a direct link or a way to add my key to Steam? And, why in the heck does the download not save to a download folder in Windows, avoiding the duplicate download attempts? Everything about this GUI is so 1990's and non-user friendly.
  8. Hi all! I bought the Tank Crew – Clash at Prokhorovka module, installed the Game Launcher and all worked great, until the last update. I have tried multiple times to install the update but a few problems arise. First, the download speed is horrendous! It took me about 36 hours to download 95% of the update. Second, the Game Launcher does not ever download beyond about 95% before the D/L speed shows 1-2 KBs....really? Atrocious server speeds and I live/work in South Korea, where download speeds are measured in MBs, usually in the 15-18 MBs range, except IL-2. So, have deleted and reinstalled but that seems to just waste more time. Can my key be converted to a Steam key? Steam is far more efficient in both terms of download speed and updating. Thoughts or suggestions?
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