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  1. I've not used that aircraft much, but if I remember rightly I had it set so I was slightly too low for the sight at rest; that way I could duck to either side for instruments or sit up straight for the gunsight, but it does just seem to be an artefact of an incredibly tight fitting cockpit for the most part.
  2. F10 to set a new default position does work with trackir enabled too, so if it's easier for you, just lift up a little, hit F10, sit comfortably again and then hit recenter. I've used that exact method to centre my view in all the 109 and 190 variants, so I'm not sat with a permanent rightwards lean all the time.
  3. Therizinosaurus gets my vote, the original Wolverine! I'd put my hand up for Havoc over the Kuban, and a massive happy birthday to you!
  4. Well if you can let me know what squadron skin it should be for your career, I'm sure I can make a few variations thereof for personal skins in PWCG. Also if you're just getting back into the swing of things then in single player I'd highly recommend a Spitfire Vb career on Kuban, or the excellent Night Fighters Over the Kuban scripted campaign for a real taste of just what this sim can provide. That being said, my biggest recommendation would be for PWCG, and it seems you've already got that covered!
  5. Now I'm not certain about how PWCG assigns skins at the coding level, but I can tell you a little about how it's implemented in BoX itself. Squadron and individual codes are part of the skin, and are not applied over the top of it like in 1946 or that other sim. Now that's out of the way, there are workarounds: 1) You can have the squadron colours edited in photoshop with the codes for a squadron's worth of aircraft, and assign those skins individually to pilots in PWCG 2) In BoX itself, you can assign all those same skins to one squadron with equal weighting, and they'll be spread evenly. In this case, you have to omit your own skin or it'll end up on AI. 3) Accept a compromise - accurate squadron colours, crests, markings etc... but nothing individual. Getting a little more in depth, you could make a skin with appropriate markings for a particular squadron, green hearts on the nose for JG.54 for example, the national markings, the unit markings (which in RAF use would be the two-letter code, such as JG, LQ, MX and so forth). You could plug that into PWCG as a squadron skin for JG.54 and then all your JG.54 aircraft would fly with that same skin, but there's nowhere for the individual markings to come from. Since BoX doesn't apply markings over the top of existing skins, there's no way to add that randomisation with only a single skin to draw from. For my own use I made 26 individual skins with the appropriate markings for a fictional RAF squadron, and just assigned aircraft to pilots within my squadron in PWCG, like so:
  6. The 109 has a narrow undercart which makes this problem more noticeable than in other aircraft, but it's a part of the torque reaction. It's the same reason you have to apply right rudder on takeoff, but exacerbated by the fact that you need to overcome the aircraft's inertia to immediately turn right; thawhile the aircraft is trying to turn left. Your best bet is to get going forwards first, and then turn right in relatively wide arc. That's actually easier to control than it sounds, as the torque will cause a slow turn to correct itself rather than turn into a spin!
  7. Unfortunately not, I discovered this the hard way.
  8. The problem with a respawn time penalty is twofold, really; To a lesser extent, it's an annoyance when you're wanting to get back into the fight, although of course it could be argued that's the whole point; To a much greater extent, it really punishes new players more than experienced players. MP is not a forgiving environment for new players in any case, but for a new player who just wants to get into the scrap so they can learn what to do, it both punishes them for engine management mistakes in combat (in this case leaving the engine at full emergency power for too long) and delays their re-entry into combat immediately after they inevitably get shot down. I'll be straight with you, I've not got any better ideas either, but there's my two penn'orth!
  9. Corrected that one for you 😉
  10. This is just my first attempt at a skin for the A-20B, and it is of course entirely fictional. Download here if you want it! https://drive.google.com/open?id=1tLiBORwEeOtPG6yTuj8Cr9SQbfyLRmJ-
  11. In Carrier Pilot by Norman Hanson, he recalls the symptoms of blacking out as a result of sustained G; Alarming heaviness of the limbs and head, inability to lift feet from rudder bar; Greying of vision; Vision darkening still further, hearing impairment; Blindness and near total deafness - still able to control the aircraft; True unconsciousness. Of course this is anecdotal and different people have different degrees of ability to withstand G in any case, but it does suggest the sim at present corresponds with everything up to actual unconsciousness. Once the 262 is in it'll be properly easy to make sure you're well and truly over-G, so it'll be interesting to see whether the sim will actually render your pilot unconscious at some point, or whether it's simply not in there yet.
  12. Part of it will be graphical representation of damage states too. There are only so many damage states that can reasonably be shown, so in cases where an aircraft would become outright dangerous to fly with wing root damage, the game has to choose between two damage states shown; it's simpler and easier to have bits fall off, as well as making sure it doesn't look ridiculous from the cockpit! Obviously these are all connected to the physical attributes of the individual components as modelled, but there has to be simplification there too; as a result you'll never get total realism, and you'll probably see extremes one way or another more often (lots of rounds into an enemy for no visible effect, or a few rounds and a wing comes off) than you really would.
  13. A lot of aircraft had the whole hydraulic system running from one engine, and in plenty of cases there was a hand pump to build accumulator pressure for the hydraulic systems. If I recall correctly the P-47 had a hand pump you could use to force the gear down; the Corsair did not, and instead had a CO2 bottle you could use to blow it down with instead. Different strokes for different folks of course, but as BoX doesn't have secondary bindings like "emergency gear down" and similar in other sims, I suspect it simply uses the same binding to simulate you or your crew pumping by hand. It's also equally possible you still have hydraulic pressure, because unless you're doing something to lose pressure in the accumulator it should, at least theoretically, remain available to you.
  14. Hey Hayraddin, that's relatively easy, except for one thing: It'll replace an existing air regiment. That's not an issue, except all I'm doing is swapping one aircraft assignment for another, so the types of mission flown will be roughly similar. For that reason, for Moscow at least I'll use an I-16 regiment so you fly fewer ground attack missions, for Stalingrad it'll take a little more sorting through, but I'll be able to get something to you hopefully tomorrow for sure~ No worries! That might actually have been me who put the spit into Stalingrad, if I've done that one already it'll be an easy upload! I do not currently have a set of 629 squadron skins for the Spitfire Mk.Vb however, so you'd be flying as the soviets if you don't want to wait. Assuming you're happy to fly as the Soviets; Spitfire Mk.Vb over Moscow: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1YdyU9rMrpyDiYAgRQyiQ4X_5s9Ef5h8R Spitfire Mk.Vb over Stalingrad: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1VLn9CUKP8q7A0e_tJc18lcgmAjb1aL1E For Moscow, you want 27 IAP to begin with. For Stalingrad, it's 11 IAP. I don't recall off the top of my head which one it's in, but in at least one of those cases the career for the regiment ends short of the end date for the map. In whichever case that turns out to be, you can switch to another regiment on that same date that I've set to also fly the Spit. Anybody's guess which at this point, so have fun finding out!
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