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  1. I'm game, 26 year old male with a relatively mild Yorkshire accent. The latter can, thankfully, be toned down if needs be.
  2. Bloody nice job! If I remember rightly, you can replace a collector plane in campaign (for example the Spit.V in BoK) with a non-collector aircraft, but that squadron will remain locked unless you have the license for the collector plane that the authorisation server thinks that squadron will fly. My first attempt to put the Dora into a career was over Stalingrad, and I popped it into the place of the 190A3, which I did not yet own. Because the career is online only, the server checked my account and knew I shouldn't have access to that squadron, regardless of which aircraft I was using. You'll still be able to fly everything without the collector planes in there as far as I'm aware, just not from the collector plane squadrons, so if you seem to be stuck, try a few different squadrons with the BoBP aircraft of your choice and you should be able to get into one!
  3. JSGME is a great piece of kit, helps tremendously when games and sims update too! Thus far at least I would highly recommend Bodenplatte, an excellent job has been done making the Dora feel the same yet different to the other 190s, and the 262 is honestly spectacularly well done. Don't get me wrong, it's never going to turn BoX into a study sim, but it's absolutely taking everything BoX is and has been so far, and turning it up to eleven.
  4. Quite all right, hopefully it'll get us all an opportunity to learn the aircraft a little better in SP before we're facing fighters that'll really be able to punish silly mistakes!
  5. Ah, the issue here is simple; JSGME doesn't go in the data folder, but one level above that, in the IL-2 Battle of Stalingrad folder. That's where the MODS folder goes too. What JSGME does, and all it does, is take the contents of the mod and copy paste them according to the folder structure in that mod. Because your JSGME is in the data folder, it's copying another data folder from the mod; that's why you're seeing another folder called data in there! Here, it'll be easier to show than to tell: I'm on the non-steam version, but that won't matter, the only difference there is that your main directory is named "Battle of Stalingrad" while mine is "Great Battles". What you need to do is disable the mod in JSGME, then cut and paste your JSGME install including the MODS folder into your main directory, so it should look roughly like mine above. Then re-enable the mod, and it should show up just fine. Also; JSGME will flag up a warning if you try and enable more than one of these mods, but you should be able to safely ignore it in this case, as the files altered are all in their own folders or differently named, and shouldn't conflict. If, for some reason, you want both the Kuban and Stalingrad mod enabled, you can go right ahead! Also you can ignore the "PWCGCampaign" folder on the screenshot there, that's something entirely different and unrelated to this particular install or problem.
  6. No worries Hallex, a guy called Piro and I had been talking this over for a while, it just seemed like a good thing to do! I've added versions for BoM and BoK too now as well, and the latter is probably the best for planeset, you'll need to be rather more careful with your energy management than you do over Moscow.
  7. Hey, if you have JSGME installed then just activate in there as usual, if not; This mod is packaged following the same structure as the game's install. You can open up "262 over Stalingrad" and copy paste "data" into your game directory, which will then merge with your existing data folder. If you were then to open up the data folder, everything would appear as normal except for a folder entitled, if I remember rightly, "swg". That's where the modified files are, so uninstall is as simple as removing that folder. I would however recommend downloading JSGME, as it's a tremendously useful mod manager and will back up your original files when a mod is enabled, as well as ensuring you can still remember how to uninstall in a month's time! I don't know if you'll need to have mods enabled in game for this to work, but I would imagine you do, and it certainly does work with mods enabled at least. Happy flying!
  8. crigby46

    ME 262

    Oh yes, it's possible. This was without the valve modification by the way, but if you lower your rpm sufficiently (say landing for example) and then throw the throttles forwards, you'll just flood it with raw fuel and this happens. In air restarts are also eminently possible, you need to be travelling reasonably fast, and in decently thick air, but so long as both of those requirements are met, start the engine the same way you do on the ground. It's also possible if you hold the ignition switch too long on startup, or hold it without moving the throttle, that you'll just spray burning fuel out the back of the engine and cause a fire that way. While the in-flight failures are ones I deliberately instigated myself in the spirit of enquiry, the ground fire was accidental, and not recommended.
  9. Just a simple little mod to switch out I.JG3's aircraft with the Me-262, throughout the timeline of the Stalingrad career. You can of course simply use air start, but there's enough runway for both takeoff and landing at Tusov; 20' flaps and tail-heavy stabiliser trim will get you off the ground nice and easy. I would recommend that you start career as the commander, as you can still assign other aircraft ahead of yourself in the flight order, but it will allow you to avoid the escort and ground cover mission types that are not particularly plausible in the Schwalbe. For the next few days I only have an hour or so to myself before it's time for work, but I'll be using those hours to add versions of this for both Moscow and Kuban, so that people who only own those modules can join in the action! https://drive.google.com/open?id=1swc_YsLpwB4jPtlmRg_gAbRx2Ib9Kxf_ Enjoy! EDIT: Career mode now available for the 262 over Moscow and Kuban respectively: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1FiTsoVEf4vlAv4rvz_ZjXsS4CPzxRNUB https://drive.google.com/open?id=1kP6XXam3H2Qtg9LGTrR4Ot0QHgjgs1Ek
  10. Quick thought too, if you've had a Windows reinstall you could well have a new internal IP address. I had issues hosting a server after a Windows reinstall, went to check my port forwarding, and found the ports were all now forwarded to a different IP to my own! Now port forwarding won't affect your downloads of course, but if you've got any parental controls or such on your router that limit downloads or bandwidth to certain devices, you might have swapped IP addresses with another device in the course of your reinstall. (In my case my IP had gone from ending in 12 to ending in 14, while my wife's PC had moved from 11 to 12. As a result she could have quite happily hosted a server, but the PC with the software installed on it for doing just that couldn't!)
  11. I'm using an x52 Pro, but I use the same stick for flying helicopters in that other sim too, so it's on a rather soft spring. Sensitivity is at 0 for everything except yaw, which is at 30 (because my pedals died and the twist grip gets mushier with age).
  12. LQ-T of the fictional 629 squadron, flying the Spitfire Mk.IXe; https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ZD0BB2xXC30A9Nk-TYmQquFd6QBY520x Sorry!
  13. I can't be certain, so I'd test this if I were you, but if you start a P-47 campaign and then go into advanced config, you can change mission type probability under the 'missions' tab. Just turn the non-ground-attack missions down to zero and you should be good to go! You can actually do the same thing in the default career, but it takes significantly more work for no significant benefit, I'd definitely stick to PWCG for that.
  14. Most often, enemy ground targets near settlements are occupying perhaps one street and a field or three at one corner of said settlement. Easiest way to get an idea on this is to fly a few ground troop protection missions in a fighter, you can see how the units are most often dispersed about roadways and settlements. In-air, no. Between missions, yes. As far as I remember (I mostly play fighters) only the pilots are named and listed on the squadron roster, so while you're flying a crew member who is killed will not magically reanimate; however, you'll have a full crew again for the next mission. Best not to get too attached. Successful missions, particularly for the Luftwaffe, lead to awards. A lot of German awards are given for consistently good performance, rather than necessarily for outstanding single actions. Note that you get awards in differing grades for completing X number of sorties too - though it doesn't say so explicitly, that's X number of SUCCESSFUL sorties. As such, the penalty for failure is that you have to fly more and more missions to achieve the same personal recognition. HUD is simple, hit 'i' for 'instruments'. M for minimap as well, and O for fullscreen briefing map. Kills are already confirmed when they appear in the mission end-screen, but those are done by a combination of the sim already knowing what aircraft has gone down where, who did most damage to what, and then a layer of fuzzy logic is applied. Sometimes you'll miss out on a kill because, while the aircraft in question is already spiralling down to the ground, an AI pilot snipes the enemy pilot in his already doomed aircraft. Sometimes a kill will simply be missing, and sometimes you'll get credited for an aircraft crashing a good 20 minutes after you've left the combat area as a result of running out of fuel because you punctured his tanks. For this aspect of the career, I'd most certainly recommend you look at PWCG, Pat Wilson's Campaign Generator, which is available right here on the forums under the Mods topic group. In this, you fly a career as normal, but you can assign custom skins and loadouts, scrub missions, change flight waypoints and cruise altitudes, change your flight's loadouts, etc. Note also that the routes tend to be geared more to historical missions than to gameplay, so you'll likely have longer missions and somewhat higher altitudes. That last point is not a criticism of the standard career mode by any means though, I actually fly both regularly, as sometimes I'd much, MUCH prefer a relatively short flight time at lower altitudes, and the integration of the default career mode of course makes things a lot easier to use.
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